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denver is 100€ cheaper per flight (thats 200€ for two)
i'm not very found of renting a car. the idea is not to waste to much gas (the plane beeing already too much....)
is there a public transport from around jackson to denver airport?

update : i found a flight plan, arriving at spokane july 26th, departure from jackson hole august 25th :)
(only 1500€ per person  ::) )
i'm ready to pull the trigger ! it's with british airways, it seems they take the bike as a standard luggage

i can get a "cheap" flight from Lyon (france :D) to spokane :)

no we have to decide if i go back from denver or Salt lake city !
salt lake city seems a better choice as a can take the shuttle :)

John (N) : can you give me the route from spokane to kooskia ?

You're so nice !
Portland to jackson seems very beautiful

But that's 2200km... I think too much for about 25 days riding (and some days to rest, hike)...
If we don't make it on time to jackson, is there a backup solution? Is it easy to hitchike with 2 bikes ?

Or maybe we can go southeast from portland to the transAm?

What is a shuttle, a inland flight?

Yes, east, sorry
Bagage service ? Damn, us are complicated !
Amtrack website says there's no train between portland and baker city. About to give up :(

Here's where i am.
I'd better cope with high temps than mosquitos or traffic.
It's not easy to find flights that can cary your bike for an affordable price.
Going to western us is a long trip so i don't think we'll donit again in the coming years. So we want the more "americanish" trip :)

So that could be:
Flight to portland
Train to baker city (there's a train ?)
Bike the transam westbound as long as we can go, at least to yellowstone qnd grand teton (that's 1200km), enjoy yelloStone if we have time. It seems to be a great part ?
Then Fly back from Denver or Saltlake city

I'm about to buy the flights, price are getting crazy...
What do you think?

Only you can decide if it is too hot for you.  A lot of west-bound cyclists are in the western USA in August but they have been riding for 2 months and are already acclimated to the temperatures. 

But to answer your question, I personally would be fine with the average temps in early August along the western US. But then I am used to hotter temps than you probably.

Checkout to get an idea as the what the climate is like in August for parts of the world you are considering.

Tailwinds, john
your jasper / missoula / spokane route seems great, i do have some questions of course ;)
-Is there a lot of traffic ? the jasper / missoula being along a higway ...
-is it easy to find food everyday and a place to camp ?
- what about mosquitos in the north ?
- camping ok ? bears ?

thanks !

so much too look at... i'm lost :D
would transAm really be too hot ? even with the altitude ?
crazyguyonabike says northern tier is not so great...

Whaa!! Some many answers already! You guys are great!
I will look at all your alternative routes.
We will leave france on july 26th and fly back around august 24th.

Hello !
It's my first post here :)
I'm french and i am planning a bike trip to the US.
This site has a lot of wonderfull information, so great !!! but i'd like to have some advice :)
Here are the details of my trip :
We are a couple, with some experiment in bike trips (500miles in norway, 500 miles i sweden, moutain ride in the alps...)
we have 1 month to ride, in august 2019 - including flight time from france.
I think we can aim at about 50miles a day (if not too steep!)

So we have no time to do the full pacific coast or transamerica...
We like nature and remote areas. We really don't like riding with traffic. We like to camp and will carry all the equipement.

I spotted 2 roads : pacific coast and transamerica. 1 month is not enough for the whole road.
My question are : which road would you recommend, and wich part ?
Right now i think the West part of the transamerica might be better (more remote, no traffic). In 1 month i should be able to do about 3 sections.
So : wich part would you advise ? 1-2-3 ?  i would miss yellowstone and Grand Teton...  3-4-5 ? great divide does not seem so good and no airport at the end of section 5...
Another thing is we'd like to be able to have a backup solution (take a bus?) if the trip is too long... or maybe it's possible to get help from people on the road that would take us and our bikes in their big SUV?

As for the pacific coast : it seems great too... here again it's too long, wich part would you recommand, and how's the traffic in august ?

Well that's a lot of questions for you guys :) Please help us make that trip come true! Thanks !!!

Pierre from france :)

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