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Greetings. My plans are somewhat fluid, governed by the need to get from Klamath Falls, Oregon, to Davis, California in 8 days, so that I can attend a conference there.

Also, Redding, California, is supposed to get up to 105 degrees. Yikes! Has anyone ever pedaled with a small solar panel on their helmet? (Just joking!)

BUT I am looking for route tips. I'm fluxuating between going south of Klamath Falls on 39, turning into 139 to 299 to Redding OR heading south on 97 from Klamath Falls to Weed, etc.   I've got AC's maps for two sections of the Sierra Cascades, sections 3 & 4, and one section of the Western Express, but they take me over some steep mountains.

I'm older now (I did a variation of this route some 35-40 years ago) and also don't want to be too isolated. I'm also travelling light--no tent, sleeping bag, stove.)

I'd welcome ASAP (I leave on 6/17) whatever tips/etc. folks might provide. I belong to Warmshowers but there aren't many folks in those areas.



Thanks for the advice. I am new (again) to this and forgot to check this forum. I missed Crater Lake last time too: around Memorial Day, there was some 8 feet of snow piled up against the side of the road and that was all you could see.

I have to start from Klamath Falls because I have eight days to get to Davis, and as near as I can see, it's some 330 miles. It's also beastly hot there now. Yesterday, in Redding, it was 105 degrees. I think I can ride downhill in that but uphill? Nope.


Greetings. I'm looking for route tips/hotel tips/etc. from Klamath Falls, Oregon, to Davis, California.

It's been 35 years since I trundled, fully loaded, from San Francisco to Seattle. My knees are not as young anymore, and I'm planning on taking off from Klamath Falls, Oregon (taking Amtrak there from Seattle) and bicycling with some gear but not camping/cooking gear from there to Davis, California.

I have eight days to do it, and I know leaving from Klamath means I start off with mountains/big hills. 

I'm not sure if I should stay inland and go that way to Davis or head for the coast.

However, I'd appreciate--greatly--route tips, hotel tips, etc.  I have connected with WarmShowers, so I might see what resources they have as well. 

In addition, I know I can't take my 6 pound Lenova laptop with me. Would love advice on a small, lightweight something or other that I can write on and get email on.

Thanks all.


PS I used to be a member of Adventure Cyclist when it was Bikecentennial and I worked, gazillion years ago, for LAW, when it was LAW.

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