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General Discussion / Warmshowers now charging.....everyone!
« on: November 28, 2020, 11:03:31 am »
Just to let people know that Warmshowers will be charging for their new app come January.
From their latest email:
1.The new app will be available on both Android and iOS and will allow you to choose a monthly fee or a once a year fee ($2.99 USD or $17.99 USD)."

I find this to be a retrograde step. Many hosts on the platform never have the intention of actually using it for accommodation - they simply want to offer it. Now, they'll have to pay for that privilege!

Does anyone have anymore updates on the Outer Banks route?
Currently heading towards Kitty Hawk but have heard one of the ferries is "locals only"?

Any input gratefully appreciated.

Routes / Charleston S.C. To Nashville TN.
« on: June 24, 2019, 07:07:41 am »
Hi all,
Wondering if anybody has some local knowledge they'd care to share for this route?

I'll be travelling it most likely October on a loaded MTB. My preference is for quiet roads, no problem with with a bit of gentle off-road, daily distances 50-60 miles. I'll be camping as much as possible too.

Any routes, tips or must-see places would be appreciated.

For a bit of background, I'll be biking up from Florida, then after Nashville heading south again to New Orleans, then westwards until I drop into Mexico. I'll be using ACA maps for the Atlantic Coast/Southern Tier legs, it's the bit linking Charleston to Nashville that is blank.

It'll be my first time on a bike Stateside so all help gratefully accepted.

Routes / Southern Tier, Heading West, Novemberish...
« on: June 18, 2019, 04:56:46 am »
Hi, just looking for some feedback/info on covering part of the Southern Tier from about the New Orleans spur, heading west, starting say, mid November.

Ultimate aim is to turn south and head through Mexico at some point. I'm just wondering if anyone has local or direct experience of this area at this time of year?

My understanding is that the highest peaks are in New Mexico and therefore the most risk of snow/road closures. How far can I realistically expect to get before I'm more likely than less likely to be hit by snow?

As much as I'd like to all the way to San Diego before heading south I'm thinking that this is unrealistic and that I'd be better avoiding the border crossing at Tijuana. Agree or disagree?

Mant thanks from the other side of the pond!

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