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If you haven't heard of RidewithGPS I assume that you are not familiar with using gps? (RWGPS is just one of many sites/apps used for route planning)

Depending on what EV route you are using, there will be very useful guidebooks available, usually in English with another language too. Bikeline are one brand. These will not cover the entire route, but sections of routes. Since the EV routes are not complete in all cases, the books are not either!  :) Some of the routes are well signposted, others are well signposted in sections. The books are handy not just from a navigation point of view but from a historical and cultural perspective, highlighting interesting detours and local sites of interest. is the goto place for maps and guidebooks.

Maybe throw up some more detail of your intended route?

I would also suggest Biroto - it's a fabulous resource for European routes.
But I'd stay a million miles away from Google - my experience (in Europe) is that it is not for planning anything except perhaps where's the nearest X?

I've just tested it quickly and downoading the simple gpx file from Biroto (EuroVelo 7) and uploading it to RidewithGPS will give you the elevation profile.

Similarly, RWGPS is sometimes very handy if other people have created a route you want to follow - just search - of course it may have been adapted from the "official" route.

If you want more accurate elevation info will show it for shorter routes - not for an entire EV route. As well as giving an indication of surfaces.

Hope that helps

Routes / Re: Southern Tier, Heading West, Novemberish...
« on: June 18, 2019, 06:55:33 am »
Thanks for the reply. It matches what I have found out myself - possible short delays. I agree about the shorter daylight hours, but needs must.

Routes / Southern Tier, Heading West, Novemberish...
« on: June 18, 2019, 04:56:46 am »
Hi, just looking for some feedback/info on covering part of the Southern Tier from about the New Orleans spur, heading west, starting say, mid November.

Ultimate aim is to turn south and head through Mexico at some point. I'm just wondering if anyone has local or direct experience of this area at this time of year?

My understanding is that the highest peaks are in New Mexico and therefore the most risk of snow/road closures. How far can I realistically expect to get before I'm more likely than less likely to be hit by snow?

As much as I'd like to all the way to San Diego before heading south I'm thinking that this is unrealistic and that I'd be better avoiding the border crossing at Tijuana. Agree or disagree?

Mant thanks from the other side of the pond!

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