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I'm planning a bikepacking trip in October starting in New Orleans and heading to Memphis. The plan is to stay as close to Highway 61 so as to take in the Delta blues along the highway. I know it's not the most picturesque, but it's not all just for the biking.

The Natchez Trace has some coverage but then heads out NE away from Highway 61 to Tupelo. I have some info from the Great Rivers South map.

Hoping to connect with some locals who could guide me to crafting a way. It's about 500 miles and we're taking 5 days so it's not too strenuous a trip.

This is the best resource i've found so far...


General Discussion / Road bike rental New Orleans to Memphis
« on: March 04, 2020, 10:12:39 pm »
I’m planning a trip in Oct from New Orleans to Memphis up (mostly) Highway 61 with a group and am looking to rent some road bikes in New Orleans ideally for a one way trip but more likely will ship them back to NOLA or the other way around.

Any advice on shops that make do road bike (not urban cruiser) rentals in New Orleans?

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