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General Discussion / Re: Security - locking your bike
« on: May 14, 2020, 12:09:24 pm »
Lots of really good ideas here. My number one point is to always have a bag of stuff that you can't afford to loose (phone, wallet, keys, etc) that you never part with. My second point is to make my bike look like a hassle to steal. Usually that involves a buch of heavy baggage, plenty of dust and mud and duct tape (usually this is taken care of by being on tour for a couple of days). Additionally I'll run anything through the spokes when I'm parked. Usually just some webbing that is holding the panniers together. This makes it impossible to ride off on and isn't easy to see given the additional junk on my bike. If I'm on tour and I know that I'll be leaving the bike some place for a while to go hiking or something I'll bring some braided steel cable with a lock to wrap around a tree and a small lock. If I'm camping and just staying the night, I'll run some of my tent poles through the frame so it will wake me up if someone tries to move the bike. In summary make your bike look not worth stealing and if someone tries to make it difficult for them to get away. Typically thieves would rather abort an attempt then risk getting caught.

Not sure it still matters but I'd say it's not a great idea. Most trails are wide enough but the terrain is fairly harsh. Some parts are hike a bike and others are difficult to navigate even with a bike. Basically it's possible but I wouldn't do it even if you asked me nicely and said pretty please.

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