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Hi. I am just beginning the planning for a Transcon Bike Trip. I have chosen the Southern Tier (San Diego to St. Augustine) for multiple reasons; one of which is that I plan to do it in one take, with my wife driving a van as a sag wagon. I purchased the map app for my iPhone and will somehow want to get it to show on my Garmin Edge 830.

I'm very curious about how to plan overnight stops, and how to plan for 60 to 100 miles per day. My wife will be driving a "support" vehicle and we will stay in hotels along the way.

For discussion purposes, here's my bio:  I'm now 61, living in Kansas City. It will likely be two years (spring of 2022) before I make the trip. In the 1980s & 1990s I was a competitive, amateur road cyclist in Colorado. I've never done any long distance touring. But, back in the day, I regularly rode 400 miles per week for race training. I recently bought a 2020 Trek Domane, and plan to use that bike or something like it for the trip (no packs or paniers). Currently, I am very comfortable on 45-50 mile rides at an average of 16 MPH.

Is there anybody out there who has done transcontinental bike trips in a similar way (no packs, with vehicle support)?

Keith Vasey
Overland Park, KS

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