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We are still on for departing Yorktown Westboundfor 2wks May 29-june12. It seems we are the first on the forum to do so. Going by RV is making it easier, as is the limited commitment to 2wks. Then we come home until at least July 1, then may pick it up again (at the KY endpoint ) for another 2-3wks. I know this sounds like a very odd way to do the TA but my wife is a non-cyclist, going without her isn’t anything Either of us would want (How odd: husband and wife who don’t like being apart, I know!) and we both get homesick. So little 2-3wk sections work for us. Whether we finish in 2020 or not is unknown, but damn it, we will start!


We are starting May 29 in Yorktown, headed to KY over two weeks.  Whether we do the whole TA this year or not is hugely unknown, but we will do 2 weeks.  "We" are three guys and a woman driving the RV, the couple will stay in the RV and the two other guys in their own tents.  We think we will be pretty socially distanced and safe.

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