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"Do you happen to have a GPS?"
Tailwinds, John

Yes.  I'm riding with a Garmin Edge 1030.  I would definitely be interested in your GPS data and the sheets as well.  That would be much appreciated. I assume you have my e-address from profile.  Let me know if you need other information. Thx.

Good evening -

60 yo from OH on first USA XC tour. Most of it Solo. 
(But toured in 80s in Europe and Canada - just things were different then).
Currently on BR66, West to East.
Camping gear is along, however, numerous campgrounds remain closed, I like a comfortable bed and warm shower, so that is currently primary accommodation mode.

Looking to migrate from the BR66 to the Southern Tier somewhere in the range between Amarillo and OKC/Tulsa.  Would be a plus to skirt Dallas, but not required.  Suggestions? Thoughts? Estimating mid- to late- July.   Thanks In Advance.

General Discussion / Re: 2020 Tours Where and when?
« on: June 20, 2020, 12:30:33 am »
On the road now.  BR 66 in AZ. First thing on and last thing off each day (around neck, ready to be pulled up over nose/mouth) is the bandanna. Hand sanitizer bottle strapped to stem. Camping supplies along and a few selected hotels - laundry... 

Not high risk group, but really not wanting to provide potential spread.  Missing some of the meeting and social aspects of being on the (typical) trail.

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