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Routes / Re: Bike Tour across America in june/july 2021
« on: July 11, 2020, 09:24:47 pm »
Your route is not a bad route with the possible exception of Death Valley and Vegas.  This is primarily due to the heat which I am guessing would be late July or early August.

Thanks for the warm welcome Mr. Nettles. I enjoyed reading your responses along with the other responses. I have reviewed the logistics of this tour with my parents. We have decided that while I would love to revisit the grand canyon, Death valley and Las Vegas, the temperatures are unsafe. I have also taken Cleveland off of my tour because I want to focus on places I would really enjoy visiting.

My tour begins in NJ to Chicago where I will sight see for a day or two and live with my cousin, this will be a great transition for me since I can decide if im really up for whats ahead.

From Chicago, I wanted to go straight to Yellowstone because my "eastcoast" brain thought there would be nothing to see in the mid west. However, I have realized that there is a lot to see and I will be taking the PPP trail by ACA. I need to figure out how to get from Chicago to Minneapolis but that should be relatively easy.

At Yellowstone, I will sight see and have fun for two days and then I will embark on a trip straight to lake Tahoe. I havent found a well traveled bike route for this section yet because the transAmerica trail goes straight up to washington while I want to go to Francisco in Cali.

After having fun at Lake Tahoe, Ill bike straight to Yosemite and have fun looking at giant trees there and then im heading straight to Francisco!!!!!!! Then Ill spend a day or two relax and then hop on a plane and head back home!!!!

I cut out a lot of things in terms of places to visit! Do you guys still think this is way to ambitious if I go in a group of three, one being an experienced adult? Im only taking more than one day at Chicago, Yellowstone, tahoe, yosemite and San Francisco. After my AP exams and Sat in May, I will start my tour and miss a month of school!!! yayayay!! That should be plenty of time for me to come back in august for College Apps and Marching Band!

Is there anyway I could get free version of the ACA trails cause although I work and make a little money from lifeguarding I dont understand what comes with the trail maps. Do they lay out campgrounds and safe routes and food stops or am I just going to be paying for and extra safe google maps?

Routes / Bike Tour across America in june/july 2021
« on: July 11, 2020, 04:17:47 pm »
Hi everyone! My name is Prisha and I am a 17 year old Indian girl living in NJ. I am an avid biker and I love long bike rides! Next summer, I want to embark on a bike tour across america. I want to visit Cleveland, chicago, yellowstone, salt lake city, grand canyon, death valley, las Vegas, lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and finally San Francisco.

Where can I find other kids or adults to go on the trip with me?

How should I start making a route that lets me bike around 60 miles a day?

How do I know which towns in the Mid West are safe for people like me because I've heard of secret sundown towns that are dangerous for POC and although I am not African American, I am Indian and i'm scared of racially charged ecounters I may have in the mid west?

Is two and a half months a realistic time frame for around 4000 miles if I wont be doing much sightseeing for 1,500 miles between chicago and Yellowstone?

Could anyone please mentor me through the organization of this trip through email?

I would also appreciate it if I could schedule a call with someone so my parents and I could ease our concerns! Please help me out cause I dont know many bikers and I dont know where I could find bike clubs for people as committed as me.

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