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Routes / Bike Tour across America in june/july 2021
« on: July 11, 2020, 04:17:47 pm »
Hi everyone! My name is Prisha and I am a 17 year old Indian girl living in NJ. I am an avid biker and I love long bike rides! Next summer, I want to embark on a bike tour across america. I want to visit Cleveland, chicago, yellowstone, salt lake city, grand canyon, death valley, las Vegas, lake Tahoe, Yosemite, and finally San Francisco.

Where can I find other kids or adults to go on the trip with me?

How should I start making a route that lets me bike around 60 miles a day?

How do I know which towns in the Mid West are safe for people like me because I've heard of secret sundown towns that are dangerous for POC and although I am not African American, I am Indian and i'm scared of racially charged ecounters I may have in the mid west?

Is two and a half months a realistic time frame for around 4000 miles if I wont be doing much sightseeing for 1,500 miles between chicago and Yellowstone?

Could anyone please mentor me through the organization of this trip through email?

I would also appreciate it if I could schedule a call with someone so my parents and I could ease our concerns! Please help me out cause I dont know many bikers and I dont know where I could find bike clubs for people as committed as me.

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