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Routes / Pacific Coast Route or Sierra Cascades Route?
« on: July 13, 2020, 04:11:21 pm »
Hello all-

Roughly between May 1 2021 and Aug 1 2021 I am planning on biking from Oklahoma City, OK to Medford, OR. I am creating a one man play on climate change that I will perform at campgrounds, schools, churches ect. along the way. This is my first biking tour.

I have been looking at bike routes and while taking Route 66 West seems like the best choice, I am not sure what I should do when I reach California. I do not know whether or not to take the Pacific Coast Route or the Sierra Cascades Route.

To provide some additional information I am looking for a mix of towns to perform my play in and natural spots to camp. I will be cooking meals and camping when needed and staying with a host and eating out when available.

Do you all have any tips on which California Route you would recommend?


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