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Routes / Re: Parks, Peaks and Prairies
« on: January 17, 2022, 01:26:38 pm »
The parts i'm talking about are:
Deer creek, WY in Buffalo, WY to possibly spotted horse(no camping or hotels on map)
In Basin WY is the closest place greybull?
I rode the PPP eastbound before it was officially the PPP.  I stayed in Greybull.  I recommend.  I don't know why they didn't go there as the roads are not bad to Greybull and the local road Orchard Bench Rd. is paved so it was fine also.  Greybull to Ten Sleep.

As I mentioned above, I would ride from Buffalo (home to Jamawani) to Leiter then to Gillette.  Yes, there are a couple of EMS related places between Buffalo and Gillette.  I have had luck with them and you being in "the family" I would think you would have better luck.  Perhaps, bring proof of some type to show you are in EMS, i.e. a business card, letter from a supervisor on laminated letterhead, etc. The town of Arvada might be a place to stay as it has a fire department I think.

After Gillette, I stayed at Keyhole SP on east side of Keyhole Reservoir.  I rode the fairly scenic but somewhat wash boardy CR-180/187 north back to US-14.  Basically, do not be worried about going "off route" in this part of the country as the  roads are mostly low-traffic.  Just be sure to confirm if your intended resupply place (grocery, cafe, motel, etc.) is open as it is not uncommon for places to permanently close and then a new place opens elsewhere but is not on the maps yet.  If truly remote, I call the day before and/or the morning of to re-confirm.  Libraries, Police Stations, and Post Offices are pretty good sources of information if "un-listed" places exist.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!


Thanks again for the information, I wish there was a way the interactive map could show city parks or other places that do welcome cyclists. Although I do understand it only takes one bad egg to ruin a spot for everyone following. I know all to well about mom and pop shops closing, this pandemic really did a toll on family run shops. What would you say is the most must see attraction that you remember along this route? Although my ride time is limited due to work I would like to spend a few afternoons sight seeing and making memories. Thanks again I appreciate the input.

Cheers, Christopher 

Routes / Re: Parks, Peaks and Prairies
« on: January 17, 2022, 01:19:31 pm »
Christopher -

Not rude at all - it just helps to know where you are at.
I live in Buffalo and have ridden every inch of a rather large and remote state.

I'm guessing you're planning west-to-east from the way you list things.

The Bighorns are nothing to sneeze at.
Because of ridges on the east side it's not 5000 ft. of elevation gain, but 7500.
Some people ride from Ten Sleep to Buffalo (68 mi.) in one killer day.
Two reasons not to 1) It's brutal. 2) Camping up top is glorious.


Yellowstone N.P. -
Canyon has the most stupendous hiker/biker sites - plus shower & laundry nearby.
And you have the visitors center, store, cafe.
Not to mention fabulous hiking in the area.

Madison - meh
Norris - pleasant, Norris Geyser Basin is sweet at dawn or dusk.
Bridge Bay - like a Walmart parking lot
Fishing Bridge - only RVs; closed for rebuilding in 2022 (?)

There is no tent camping betweem Bridge Bay in YNP and Rex Hale - 50 mi.
Grizzly regulations and thoughtless tourists is why.
National Forest campgrounds do not have hiker/biker camping.
You should try to plan your date and make reservations at either Rex Hale -
Or Clearwater which is a tent only campground - smaller, less used.
(But in mid-summer everything fills up.)
The Wapiti Valley east of the park is incredible cycling.

Cody is a mega-toutist town, but has quite a lot.
The Buffalo Bill Museum is world class - pricey, but worth a few hours.
History and art of the American West, the best Native American collections in the U.S.
Downtown is quaint - the Irma Hotel & Saloon is a must.
Private campgrounds and motels busy & expensive.

The stretch from Cody to Basin is remote and pretty darn empty.
There's the little Mormon community of Burlington.
General store, pizza place open to 9 in the summer.
In the past they have let cyclists camping the town park.
(Ask about when and where the sprinklers go off - it's what keeps the grass green.
Most newbies from back east get slammed by sprinklers at 3 in the morning.)
Otherwise there is BLM land out by the cemetery.

*Basin has a funky motel and a funkier RV park.
But it does have a fairly nice grocery store where you can stock up.

You can either do a long day to Ten Sleep or shorter to Medicine Lodge.
Medicine Lodge is not on the listed PPP route but is well worth it.
Native American petroglyphs on the cliff walls.
Beautiful red rocks and lush cottonwood-shaded creek coming out of the canyon.
Unbelievably peaceful after the crowds of Yellowstone.
Follow Hwy 31 almost to Hyattville, then paved county road to park.
(Hyattville has a bar/cafe)

Otherwise it is a long upgrade to Ten Sleep.
But Nowood Road is very quiet and scenic.
Ten Sleep has camping, motels, groceries & cafes.

Ideally, I would camp at the base of the  Bighorns at Leigh Creek before heding up.
You can ride the unpaved old road which has almost no traffic and more shade.
It's a little more work but quieter and with more expansive views.
US 16 isn't bad, either, with moderate shoulders.
(Although guardrails do make it harder riding a bike with panniers.)

Many places to camp -
Sitting Bull Campground - little store at the Meadowlark - great hiking into East Tensleep Lake
South Fork Campground has walk-in tenting on the creek and a lodge/cafe across the highway.
A ride/hike into Circle Park offers stunning views.

Late June is THE best time for wildflowers.
Because of the checkerboard pattern of meadows and forest,
one could argue that the Bighorns have the most magnificent wildflowers in the world.

Buffalo has all services including a bike shop at the Sports Lure.


Wow, thank you so much for the very detailed and through reply. So many different things to consider, I appreciate it. I do plan going from west to east, mainly for the wind factor plus figured pedaling towards home might give me some extra motivation rather than away. Do you know off hand if Covid has shut down any part of this route? I vaguely remember seeing camps closed when the pandemic first started but wasn’t sure if everything was back open to normal or not. Thank you again for taking the time an writing such a well response.

Cheers, Christopher

Routes / Re: Parks, Peaks and Prairies
« on: January 16, 2022, 01:26:29 pm »
I have ridden parts of the route (Yellowstone to Rapid City and parts of Minnesota).  When I rode thru the thriving metropolis of Leiter, WY, this summer, I stopped and had lunch at the bar.  They also have a free primative campground (donations are encouraged) but will let you shower if one of the cabins are available.  Check the ACA updates page for contact info/hours. This is a more reliable place than Spotted Horse. 

I also stopped at the The Spotted Horse.  While the owner was super great for me, she may not allow cyclists to camp there much longer.  She has gotten a bit fed up with cyclists who complain about having to pay for bottled water (the locals do not even drink the tap water as it will make you have an upset stomach due to the strong sulpher(?) smell/taste).  So if you stop at Spotted Horse, be polite, be willing to pay for the water, and if you are allowed to camp there, offer a donation. The food was pretty good at the bar/restaurant.

Beyond Rapid City, I did my own route which mostly paralleled I-90 along local or state roads with an occasional bit on the interstate (legal and it was fine).  As a result, I missed the other barren stretch between Rapid City to Interior.  However, I did drive this section in 2020 and it did lack many services at all.  Carry plenty of water and at least one day's supply of food.  When I stopped at "The Country Store" east of Caputa, SD, the owner was not there but the cashier said that "sometimes" cyclists can stay there, depending on the mood of the owner. 

It is due to this barren stretch and the others east of hear that I went from Rapid City to Wall before dipping down into the Badlands NP/Interior then back up to local/state roads that paralleled I90 all the way to LaCrosse, WI.  The services on my route were adequate overall with no really special planning and the traffic was very reasonable east of Box Elder, SD all the way to LaCrosse except a few portions near larger towns.

While I know this didn't answer all your questions, I hope it helped some.

Tailwinds, John

Thanks John,

I have heard of people staying at Spotted Horse before but being it's not on the interactive Map or paper maps I didn't want to bank on it and was looking at alternatives. I live in the rural area, and we have wells, I completely understand not wanting to drink the water from the tap and only using bottled. I have no Issue paying for water as long as it's not insanely expensive. I just don't want to find myself stuck somewhere between towns trying to race the sun.

I work in EMS and have also thought about calling ahead an seeing if the local Fire/Ambulance stations wouldn't mind if I set up a tent behind the station. Again, not something i'm banking on but I enjoy planning ahead. I understand bike issues, weather, health etc play a part in tours as well. Thanks again for all your input and advice. I appreciate it.


Routes / Re: Parks, Peaks and Prairies
« on: January 16, 2022, 01:18:01 pm »
I assisted in developing this route.
Where are you talking about in particular?
What's your experience level and average mileage?
40 mile days? 60 mile days? 80 mile days?
Do you prefer motels with the occasional campground?
Or camping with the occasional motel?
Are you willing to rough camp?
That would help me help you more.

The parts i'm talking about are:
Deer creek, WY in Buffalo, WY to possibly spotted horse(no camping or hotels on map)
In Basin WY is the closest place greybull?
Rapid City SD to Wall SD
Midland SD to Kennebec SD I didn't see anywhere with the exception of 1880 town
Huron SD to Redwood Falls MN (although I did find a camp in Hendricks today)

I'm on the newer side only doing smaller tours
I like to average around 60 miles per day but it 100% depends on elevation, wind, how I feel etc
I prefer to camp often and stay in a hotel/motel once per week for my rest day
I am open to stealth camping but wouldn't turn down a campground with a shower haha

I apologize if I missed places or if I came off rude, I'm a planner an enjoy setting stopping spots in advance even though I fully understand sometimes its out of my hands.

Thank you in advance,


Routes / Parks, Peaks and Prairies
« on: January 15, 2022, 07:04:05 pm »
I was gifted a set of Parks, Peaks and Prairies ACA maps for Christmas map 1-3. I was looking at them as well as the online interactive map and jotting notes down on where one could possibly stop for the evening. I noticed a few sections have large gaps where there's no camping spots or hotels. If anyone has done this route before and would like to share stopping spots, sights of interest not marked, or any tips I would greatly appreciate it. Would also love to see any pictures anyone has from this route if you are open to share them.

I do understand everyone treks different amounts of miles daily, which might place them in different areas or parts of the map. I'm mainly interested in peoples personal experience even if it might defer from mine.

Thanks, Christopher

Gear Talk / ActionBent Recumbent
« on: September 26, 2021, 12:09:35 am »
I have stumbled across a Actionbent recumbent in a local bike shop and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with one? The one in question looks similar to a Bacchetta Giro but slightly different frame. From what I can tell it seems like an older brand no longer in production. Any information would greatly be appreciated.

Are they reliable?
Tour worthy?
Something that can be easily fixed?

Routes / Re: Illinois to Idaho
« on: October 26, 2020, 01:35:25 pm »
Thanks BikeliciousBabe,

Yeah where i live (surrounded by corn and soy bean fields) the winds always play a factor in my rides. Recently the crops were taken down an you never realize how much a corn field protects you until its gone. I normally aim to ride against the wind on my way out an ride with it on my way home. Ideally I would rather have tailwinds the entire trip home from this ride i'm planning but I understand mother nature doesnt always play nice. Is there anything along the trip you did or along my path that is a "must see"? I have a wife and children an wont be able to do tons of long trips back to back an would like to get the most bang for my buck.


Routes / Re: Illinois to Idaho
« on: October 18, 2020, 05:44:09 pm »

Awesome thank you very much. I have thought of doing Black hills, i'll have to do more research into it. Thanks again

Routes / Re: Illinois to Idaho
« on: October 16, 2020, 02:05:02 am »
Thank you RetroGrouch and bbarrettx

Thank you so much for the route, i'll have fun looking through it and seeing what i can use. I know i do want to stop in West Yellowstone an stay for a day or two. I have talked to some friends in Spokane Washington that might come visit for a weekend. I still have some months to plan and gather the rest of the gear as well as test it before i do my long journey. Thank you for taking the time to add experience and advice for me. I'm worried about wind more than most things, that can make a great trip into a long long day quick. I will defiantly take going from west to east into consideration.

General Discussion / Re: Virtual Tours?
« on: October 06, 2020, 02:17:39 pm »
anyone have any links to virtual tours already made up? maybe even have them separated by distance. I have recently slacked in riding, while the weather is turning it would be something nice to motivate myself to get back out there an get a few hundred miles under my belt.

Gear Talk / Re: 2 wheeled trailer vs 1 wheel
« on: October 06, 2020, 11:14:18 am »
 Thank you canalligators & HobbesOnTour for your insight. I'm not very worried about speed just yet because my first upcoming tour will be on relatively flat ground 99% of it. I am mainly worried about hanging over an rear wheel integrity(being that aggie brought it up) if I switched to a single wheel.

Gear Talk / Re: 2 wheeled trailer vs 1 wheel
« on: October 03, 2020, 09:58:45 pm »
Thank you very much for your reply Aggie. I did a short test ride around town an had to keep looking back to ensure I still had it on my bike. It is rated to carry 88 pounds but I have no intention of carrying anything remotely close to that. Thank you for your input.

Gear Talk / 2 wheeled trailer vs 1 wheel
« on: October 02, 2020, 01:57:43 pm »
I recently was gifted a very nice 2 wheeled trailer for my birthday. My wife was trying to show support for my cycling while having no prior knowledge about cycling trailers. Although the trailer is awesome I do worry it’s too wide. Does anyone have experience with a two wheeled trailer vs a single wheeled one? I’m not worried about overpacking, mainly worried about hanging in or off the road. I understand single wheeled trailers follow the bicycles path while a two wheeled ones are on either side. My next tour isn’t for a while so I do have time to exchange it before then. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: not sure if it matters but over winter I plan on buying a recumbent bike. Once I do that the trailer will be used with that.

General Discussion / Re: Virtual Tours?
« on: October 01, 2020, 07:05:21 pm »
I live in a very rural area in Illinois. Although it is really easy to ride long distances an not have to worry about traffic since i travel by country roads it does get mind-numbing quite quick. I have recently packed a fishing pole in a backpack, bring bait, an only 1-2 hooks. I have been riding a few miles until i find a creek then fish for a little bit then ride to the next. While i don't always get a ton of miles its something to do to keep my mind busy. I look forward to when I can do a long tour(hoping 2021) an can see different parts of this amazing country. I intended to do a ride this year but the virus quickly put a stop to that. I work in the medical field so instead of getting some time off i got more hours than ever.

I find a virtual tour would be neat but I would want control over it in some aspects. I'll definitely have to do more research into them, thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Are you postponing a tour to 2021?
« on: October 01, 2020, 01:45:19 am »
I debated going on a short one this year but all the campgrounds that i planned on stopping at were closed at the time. From my understanding the county's had a extremely bad spike in Covid cases an closed down for the year. I plan on doing on next year but that could still be changed if Covid is still hanging around.

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