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Routes / Sierra Cascades NOBO, starting ~May 15, 2023
« on: May 09, 2023, 10:14:36 am »
Hey Friends,
I'd appreciate your thoughts on a mid-May start date from San Diego, so around May 15-19.  I have been tracking the temps, weather and snowpack/melt along the route. The latter two present some challenges that are a bit different than a typical year.  I am particularly interested in whether you know or surmise:

1. that the snowpack will make camping difficult for someone (me) who prefers to pitch a tent on bare ground.
2. that Yosemite, Kings Canyon and other marquis parks along the route will have limited access. 

I understand that this route is pretty challenging so I'm not setting any mileage goals.  Rather, I plan to listen to my body and carry enough food/water to stop when it tells me to stop. 

Thanks for any insight you might have.

Chris Thomas

South Atlantic / Re: ACA Touring Puerto Rico
« on: January 11, 2022, 09:03:58 pm »
Hi - did anyone reply?  I'm thinking about doing a trip around the island and would love to get some guidance

Routes / Re: FL Connector - Rt 26
« on: March 14, 2021, 08:26:35 pm »
Thanks. It’s FL, so there’s bound to be traffic and road riding. Having raced and toured for 35 years, I’m fine with some traffic but just don’t like being scared on crazy roads. Two years ago I went from Tallahassee to Mobile and then Natchez, and jumped on the trace. Good ride overall. Trace was great. Maybe I’ll get a download from ACA of their Atlantic Coast route, which I had assumed was pretty similar to the Greenway. Any other advice/thoughts you or others have is welcome. Thanks again.

Routes / Re: FL Connector - Rt 26
« on: March 14, 2021, 07:21:15 pm »
Thanks for the speedy response, John! So here’s my deal. I’m at Anna Maria vacationing with my lovely wife. I’m planning (assuming my bike arrives) to head down to Ft. Myers beach and take the ferry to KW. I’ll ride up the keys, hopefully staying in state campgrounds under the “we don’t turn cyclists away if there’s no other open campground policy” that I’ve read about. When I get to Miami, God willing, I will decide whether to stick with the East Coast Greenway or shoot inland on the Connector, or at least parts of it. I’m not really interested in headed back to Fort Myers so I was thinking I would skip that portion of the connector and head to Clewiston. There’s nothing in Clewiston that I care one whit about. I chose it only because it seems to be a way to get to a couple of the longer bike/walking paths in Central FL and enables me to get back on the ACA FL Connector, so that I can continue on to St. Augustine. One of the routes I found appears to travel parallel to Route 27 (you’re correct -27- my fat thumbs hit the 26) on what appears to be frontage/canal. I have zero interest in riding on an major route. To me, that defeats the purpose of cycle touring: relaxation and safely seeing the world pass at 14 mph. Can central FL meet that objective or is it mostly flat/fast/dangerous? Am I better off sticking to the Greenway along the coast? Thanks for any/all insight and opinions. Chris

Routes / FL Connector - Rt 26
« on: March 14, 2021, 05:23:06 pm »
Hey All - I’m thinking of riding the connector later this month or early next. Any thoughts on Rt. 26 from Miami up to Clewiston? Looks to have an off-the-road option, like a frontage road. 26 looks like it’s too much of a superhighway to ride enjoyably. Is there a frontage road that parallels? If so, how are its conditions. If there isn't, how bad is 26 and should I just stick to the Atlantic coast? Thanks!

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