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Routes / Re: GAP & C&O Trails
« on: June 25, 2023, 07:52:08 pm »
We just got back from the GAP/C&O. It was fabulous but we also had really nice weather. I could see having a lot of rain would make the trails not as pleasant.....
Other intel - Husky Haven is closed. Seems like for awhile. Not sure why.  The Paw-Paw tunnel is closed. You have to hike/push your bike up and over.  It's about 400' vertical.  We have the name of a super friendly guy who will shuttle you to the top and then it's easy to walk or ride down the other side (we went Pitt to DC direction).  Costs $20.  DM me if interested. 
Agree with others. Go in September. Better chance for better weather. August can be hot and humid.
Good luck and enjoy. You'll enjoy it.  JM

Routes / Re: How Early Is Too Early? Eastbound from Oregon/Washington
« on: February 18, 2023, 01:04:32 pm »
We did Florence Oregon to Sea Isle City NJ (my brother has a house there....). We left May 1, 2022 and finished July 31.  Spring in the PNW in 2022 was cold and wet.  2021 would have been totally fine to leave then.  We had 7 snow days - Cascades, Eastern Oregon and three days in Yellowstone (snowed 8" one night). We were able to find good shelter in hotels so was fine. Just sitting around waiting for passes to open and roads to be rideable. We prefer cold over heat so it worked out for us.   We did the TransAm from Florence to Yellowstone, then the Parks, Peaks, Prairies route to Minneapolis, then the North Lakes Route across the Great Lakes to the Lake Erie Connector then worked our way to central PA on the Chicago-NYC (Philly alternate). Last day was Philly to SIC, NJ.  Highly recommend this route. I grew-up in Central PA and wanted to stop to see my family and friends.  Next time, I would do the Pittsburgh to DC (GAP and O&C Trail). Sounds amazing. We plan to do it this year.  Riding in PA was by far the most difficult - the endless up and down, narrow roads and fast traffic.
Btw, this forum is really terrific. The two 'Johns' were VERY helpful to us during our planning, as well as others.  Thanks guyz. Much appreciated.  JM

This is terrific. I just sent you a PM.  Thank you.  JM

OK.  Thank you, John Nettles.  Much appreciated.  JM

ooops, I said John Nelson but I think it was John Nettles who responded with the alternative West Yellowstone route, eh? 


HI:  many many thanks for the good suggestions and ideas.  Very much appreciated.  I should have given you more background (note to self....).   We live in Eugene, oregon (past 28 years).  We grew-up in central PA and upstate NY, hence the family and friends in PA.  We spend most of our time backcountry skiing in the Cascades, Utah, Wyoming and BC, so we are used to the cold. But, riding in the cold wet is totally different, I realize and I get it. 
We are intrigued with the West Jellystone TA route to Milwaukie that John Nelson mentions.  John, should I reach out privately to you or how best to get more intel from you? 
Again, many thanks to all for some great advice.   J and L

HI:  we greatly enjoy reading all the really helpful suggestions/comments, etc that you all offer.  Thank you.  We are leaving around early May (you think a good time?) from Florence Oregon on the TransAm route to Missoula then the Northern Tier Route to the North Lakes to the Lake Erie Connector to Central PA then finish at the Jersey Shore (spending our last night in Philadelphia).  We have family and friends in PA, Philly, NJ.  Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions to share about this route(s)?  We've been bike touring more the past few years but this will be by far our longest.  Look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you.  John and Lisa  (ACA Lifetime Members)
p.s. Planning to camp, hotel, warm showers, etc along the way.

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