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General Discussion / Re: Texas Hill Country question
« on: July 15, 2023, 08:32:14 pm »
We rode it in April. We left our car (we didn't fly there) with one of the long-term parking companies near the airport and got a Uber back to our hotel, just west of the airport; all of the roads right around are not bike friendly. The path was looked like a long way to go our hotel, and the immediate roads are like interstate highways.
We went south-west the next morning and most of the roads were ok, but we used sidewalks for some sections because of traffic, or the bike paths were over grown.
The next morning from San Marcos (motel off route a few miles)/ Hunter was busy with trucks, as mentioned on the ACA map. We use rear-view mirrors and the cars and trucks were 99% fine, but I have a moderately high tolerance. Probably NOT ok for some. We rode with flashing lights and orange safety flags everyday.
The other days were fine:not 100%, there is always the busy intersection, etc., or driver passing a little close. I do wonder, in the areas near the rivers/ cottages, have heavy traffic in the summer. Those areas were mostly quiet for us.
Getting back into Austin at the north was again very busy. We pulled off to the side a couple of times so trucks could pass, as there was no shoulder. We again got on the sidewalks as soon as we could. On a several mile stretch on the sidewalks we saw one person walking, 2 people on electric scooters, 2 people on skateboards and 3 or so on bikes. So we stayed on the sidewalk until there was a bike lane.
We didn't go to TX to ride in the big city, and we stopped in the northern part of Austin (planned) for the night. Austin has many bike paths, but getting to the airport isn't relaxing, as first mentioned, so we got an Uber and got our car.
Riding close/ in Austin is not horrible, just busy.

Classifieds / FS: Topeak trailer w/ dry bag
« on: July 15, 2023, 06:12:21 pm »
For Sale: Topeak trailer w/  dry bag, used once (for a week).  No flag: the bike shop didn't give me one, somehow, and I didn't know.
Very good condition.
Comes with skewer (not a thru-axle) to attach to bike. I think it WILL NOT WORK WITH A THRU-AXLE.
The trailer big and somewhat heavy to ship (so $$) ; so I'm hoping to sell it to someone near Dayton, OH.
New ones ae over $500. I am asking $400. Cash or Paypay. I can send more pictures if needed.
Buchmark (at)

General Discussion / Re: Texas Hill Country question
« on: January 30, 2023, 01:42:12 pm »

General Discussion / Texas Hill Country question
« on: January 28, 2023, 07:45:42 pm »
Hello all!  Hubby & I have the ACA maps for this route but trying to figure out how to ride from airport parking to route.  There’s a brief description but looking at Google streetview, it looks impossible to avoid riding on shoulderless divided hwy.  Help appreciated.

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