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Urban Cycling / Re: Urban Touring
« on: October 13, 2021, 08:59:05 am »
Tucson, Arizona, with 130 miles of connecting paved bike paths, and several campgrounds on the periphery of this smallish city, would be a great place for a one or two-night quick tour, during fall, winter or spring, when it's not too hot. 

Catalina State Park campground and Gilbert Ray county campground are on the periphery.  Tucson Lazydays KOA campground is a block or so off of the Julian Wash section of the big Loop trail, although at more than $50 for a tent site, I'd look for a motel instead.  Unfortunately the local Saguaro National Park (we say "suh WAHR oh") has no campground. 

The Loop is 54 miles around, and has many spur trails leading off it, such as one that goes to Catalina State Park.   

There are also numerous city streets which are designated as bike routes, with special crossing lights at busy streets, plenty of signage, etc.  The 3rd Street bike route is one example, going east and west.  Here's some mapping info:

Gear Talk / Re: BOB cargo trailers discontinued
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:38:53 am »
Thanks for the responses!  There is a BOB knockoff, very inexpensive, which I owned and gave to a family member.  It is the Apex, sold by Discount Ramps. I took it on two easy overnight trips, a couple of years ago, riding a full-suspension mountain bike, and really enjoyed it.  Actually, that mtn bike is the reason I may occasionally use a trailer, if I want to ride that bike due to a route with a lot of dirt roads. 

I also have a Salsa Journeyman gravel bike, but I find I like it better on pavement and very easy dirt roads.  It is set up for panniers.  I'm basically a newb, trying out different things.  Did a couple overnight trips this summer, with panniers.  (I am not a newb to backpacking, and have the ultralight gear already.) 

The trailer might be nice in Florida, where I'll be spending fall and early winter.  Lots of rail trails, etc., and it's pretty flat there!  But I will not use the trailer on a planned loop of SoCal in the spring. 

Thanks again!

Routes / Re: Southern Tier- Calexico to Brawley and Brawley to Blythe
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:08:48 am »
Thanks for both replies- we will end up deciding the day of the ride what to do.  Maybe talk to some locals and see what traffic looks like.  You input is much appreciated!  We are leaving San Diego on Oct. 23.  It'll be here before we know it.
Please do post, especially regarding 78.  I'm planning on a big loop of SoCal in the early spring.  I have driven through Glamis, but I wasn't really thinking of biking at the time, so I wasn't paying attention to the shoulder conditions.  I'm well aware of the RVs, but I plan to time that section to weekdays. 

Gear Talk / Re: BOB cargo trailers discontinued
« on: October 10, 2021, 07:21:11 am »
I had wanted a BOB for some time, then read it had been discontinued, alas!  So, now I have two of them!  Bought the Yak for $200, with drybag, and the Ibex for $100, also with bag.  I have a family member who might use one of them, so I decided to go for it when I saw the local ads.  My bike is set up with panniers, but I've done a couple of short tours with a BOB knockoff in the past, and I think it would be fun to use in some places.  The parts are still available.  I am thinking of buying a few extra parts, in case those also disappear. 

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