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General Discussion / Re: Amtrak Bike Travel
« on: April 28, 2022, 09:36:47 am »
Ok.....trying to book trip sept-nov:

Calif Zephyr: seems fine to book bike
Lake Shore: every journey seems books out which seems unlikely !

Something I don't know about going on with Lake Shore ?

Thanks - that all sounds fine - I have done a trial with the sample gps data from website with ridewithgps and alltrails - with the former I get route and services on two separate maps (attached) and on the latter I don't seem to get services at all; am I doing something wrong or is this to be expected ?

Hi there everyone.....fresh to the whole non paper map bit so just to be sure:

Either: use the Bicycle Route Navigator app which would be on mobile device (iPhone OK ?) hence some possible concerns of battery life (but guess can cart some portable charging packs)  and data only on this app so will not transfer to, for example, a Garmin. some maps not available eg Adirondack in this format

Or: use GPX with either Garmin type thing (etrex 22x ?) or a mobile device with suitable 3rd party app (ridewithgps seems to import services file as separate entity; should I be able to get route+services all together ?; did try Alltrails but could not get services to appear anywhere ?). Any others worth stab ?

Is there any active market for secondhand paper maps ?

All help gratefully listened to ! Planning trip out to US (UK based) Sept-Nov so plenty of time to get myself sorted.


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