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General Discussion / Must have spare parts/tools
« on: March 14, 2023, 02:14:54 pm »
Hi - I'm preparing for a transcon starting in May and just wanted to gather opinions on the tools/parts most needed for emergency situations. I've got some basics covered - couple tubes, CO2 inflator, spare tire, pump, tire levers. What else would you have for those situations you might need to make a quick field repair? I know I need a good multi-tool and I'd love any feedback on ones you love. I'm wondering if I need a chain tool, spare links, etc. What else?

Thank you in advance!


A few months ago I posted about my intent to do a West to East crossing starting in May. I've spent a lot of time researching and playing and I think I've gotten reasonably close to route that I'd love to toss it out there for feedback. A couple of quick notes before I share the link:

1) I know this doesn't necessarily follow all known or conventional routes. Parts of it mirror parts of the ACA routes, others steer away a bit either because I'm on a slightly different trajectory (for example Wisconsin there are certain planned visits I will make) or for safety reasons.

2) On safety: especially in Washington/Idaho/Montana where I'm hoping for the most feedback as I think they present the most risk, I've opted to stick closer to the interstates. I may even be on them at times but I'm largely hoping to use feeder roads or other roads close by. This is really so if I find myself in a bind I'm not terribly far away from support and was the recommendation from both WSDOT and MDT.

3) On support - this is a largely planned solo ride with the intent to end up in towns with motels/hotels. That is also part of the reason for some of the indirect routing and sticking closer to interstates as well. I know I could shorten the trip a bit but I'm ok with a little extra distance for convenience/safety.

4) The route is mostly for general planning - between segments (once I decide on those but they'll be on average every 70-100 miles) I'll break those down a bit more granularly. Should end up pretty close though.

5) A final note on advice of the last post I've made, I'm intentionally staying away from Yellowstone due to the earlier start. So that is why I've not included it in the route.

Any and all advice is appreciated! Like I mentioned above I think I'm mostly concerned about Washington/Idaho/Montana but I'm open to feedback in any state (except VA - I lived there most of my life so I have that one under control lol!)

Appreciate it very much!

Routes / West to East US crossing beginning in May
« on: January 02, 2023, 07:57:22 pm »

I have been contemplating a West to East crossing for a while now and since I'm going to be on the West coast pacing a half marathon in May I figured it might be a good opportunity. I'm looking at launching around May 8th and I want to finish in Virginia Beach (where I moved from before moving to Colorado Springs.)

I'm contemplating a higher route - starting in Oregon ideally I'd stay high enough where I can pass through Minnesota/Wisconsin (places I've never been) and then making my way Southeast from that point. Main driver here is just because I think there will be more natural beauty this route and it'll generally be cooler. I am open to suggestions though. I'll actually be in California for the half marathon but I also know that if I choose Cali I'm bound to more mid to southern routes (unless I add a bunch of miles.)

I am thinking I can handle 100ish miles a day give or take, I'd probably mostly rely on hotels/motels for lodging and establishments for eating (this one isn't as important I can always survive off pb&j or sandwiches or something) and in an ideal world I'm near breweries 90+% of the trip (I'd actually like to theme the ride around that.) I know the further East I go the easier that'll get.

My main concern would be launching in May the conditions I may encounter getting over the Rockies. I know living here in Colorado May can go either way. But I'm also looking for any other advice or route information (aside from the ones published by the ACA as I can following some of that but I'll have to deviate a bit to get down to Virginia Beach.) Pokes holes in my plan please!

If the equipment situation matters, I plan to pack fairly light but I have a Felt Broam 30 I'll be outfitting with front and rear racks, Ortlieb panniers and then a few bottle carriers.

Appreciate any advice as I begin planning!

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