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We are looking at options for the closure for our SEA2SAND2023 ride, expecting to be in the area mid-next week.
The latest CalTrans statement "[Highway 1] Is closed from Ragged Point (San Luis Obispo Co) to 14.1 mi south of Big Sur (Monterey Co) - Due to rock slides - Motorists are advised to use an alternate route".  This addresses motorists, but not cyclists.
Google maps for cars routes around the area, but bicycling routes right through.  It may be wishful thinking, but it would be a shame to detour around the area and then find out later that a car free ride through Big Sur was possible.
Has anyone tried this route lately?  Any success?  Any recommendations on who to contact to find out definitively?
Otherwise we will likely go with the previously mentioned PC04 Detour #2 2021 route.

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