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General Discussion / Re: Boxed Bike on Delta Airlines
« on: August 18, 2023, 11:06:53 pm »
We flew with American in June. They have a generous box size allowance, and a 50 pound weight limit. We had only the bikes in each box. One weighed 44 pounds, the other was 48 pounds. Our boxes were not measured either going or coming. They were weighed both directions. We put panniers, shoes, helmets, etc. in duffel bags.

I've read that American has just changed their included bag policy.  My understand of American's new policy, is that if you are flying economy, you pay $35. per bag (or item within their guidelines). If you have a higher class ticket, then the free bag comes back. I wonder if other airlines will be following this new policy.

It always pays to check the actual airline you are flying on.

Both of our boxes were checked by TSA both directions. They arrived round trip without damage. I spent too much energy worrying about the possible problems with airline transport. Happily, it was for nothing!

General Discussion / Re: cost per day to tour
« on: August 18, 2023, 10:53:44 pm »
I'd like to present another type of touring. We have reached the stage where motels and restaurant meals are appealing. We are self supported, and plan our tours in advance to be sure of a bed at night. We do not carry a tent, etc in case of an emergency. We have gradually expanded tour length up to ten weeks. It can be done, if you are dedicated to the idea of a pillow and walking barefoot to the bathroom at night.

We tour mostly in the western USA. This is either prime tourist territory or the backwoods. As a general statement, we allow $150. a night average for lodging. This will usually give us a hot breakfast included. Lunch is typically snacks on the road. Dinner is occasionally grocery store deli food, but more typically we eat at a local restaurant. Dinner for two is usually around $50., before tip.

Credit card touring is our one indulgence, we enjoy the heck out of it.

It seems most cyclists here prefer to camp, but just in case you are interested in a non camping perspective - here you go!

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