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Routes / Trying to remember the name of...
« on: November 03, 2017, 11:23:37 am »
An RV park in (I think) Mississippi (along S Tier.).

I keep telling myself it's Washington's RV park, but I can't seem to find d it...

Anyway, I was sharing with some friends the story of attending a squirrel (on a stick..) cook-off at this place, graciously put on by retired Hell's Angels... 

If anyone has the AL/MS/LA section of S Tier map handy and can come up with the name, would be awesome...

I'm typically an early riser.   So, no later​ than, say 6:30.

That would afford me a solid 4+ hrs of riding before the heat started to climb.


Just to add another (layer of sweat) to everyone else's comments, a few yrs back I left out of VA, heading west, in late June (don't remember the exact date) but holy, so so so hot through into Missouri.  Enough that I seriously considered riding at night.  It's doable, and every bit the adventure, so enjoy (and stay hydrated.)

Gear Talk / Re: 700X40 on LHT?
« on: April 03, 2017, 02:58:42 pm »

You *should* be fine

Currently, I'm running Schwalbe Mondails (in 40mm) with SKS P50s on my 700c LHT.

You'll read around the web that Schwalbes general over states the width of their tires.   I used Marathon Pluses for years, and can attests to them being narrower than the sidewall label.


Routes / Re: Practical camping advice for Route 66
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:48:24 pm »
Perfect.  Exactly what I wanted to know

Thanks John

Routes / Practical camping advice for Route 66
« on: August 01, 2016, 05:01:14 pm »
I'm looking for real world info for camping along Route 66
   Most of what I've read on the route references hotels, etc.   (I've yet to order the ACA maps, so I'm assuming options are available.)

« on: June 27, 2016, 06:58:12 pm »
As follows

Hand built Touring Gravel Cyclocross wheelset


Velocity Dyad Silver
Wheel Smith straight gauge spokes, silver
Brass nipples
Shimano LX front hub. 36 spokes

Velocity Dyad Silver
Wheel Smith straight gauge spokes, silver
Brass nipples
Shimano 105 5800 Hub. 36 spokes

Rear wheel includes Shimano 105 5800 Cassette
11-32 tooth

One owner
Very limited use. Less than 3 months
No damage to any part of wheelset
Rims are true and round
Spokes and nipples in excellent condition
Hubs roll as smoothly
Very limited chain wear on cassette
(Wheelset was custom built by Universal Cycles in Portland.)

Note:. As per the original custom build, the front hubs comes with LX silver skewer and rear hub comes with Black 105 skewer.

Gear Talk / Re: Touring with hammocks: any other Pros & cons?
« on: May 09, 2016, 10:42:37 pm »
I too found the same with hammocks.

The size and their relative light weight convinced me before leaving (TransAm) that all would be good.  In truth, not so much.  I was creative (as i could be) with setting it up; bridged between piknik tables (basically laying on the ground) tied to poles @ parks, etc, etc.  In the end, it was far more trouble than any potential weight savings.

I'm sold on using either a bivy sac or a tent only.

Classifieds / SOLD: Trans-Am Route Maps
« on: September 11, 2013, 06:27:33 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Tales of Calamity and Woe
« on: December 01, 2012, 05:16:31 pm »
Ah, the calamities...

My worst was just this past July.  Rolling through the Ozarks (MO) early morning in an effort to beat the POUNDING heat that was summer 2012, I got a little out of sort and control - and went down a grass embankment, oh, and into a cement drainage ditch...  ha....  not terribly funny at the time, as I was left with a broken front wheel and two-cracked ribs (plus some pride issues...) 

Trans Am tour ended right there.  But, was my first (road bike) crash in 15,000+ miles of touring, so not too bad.  The people of MO flat out rock, especially the two random guys in a mini van that wheeled me into the next town.

There's always the 2013 season.... :)

J rules

thought I'd chim in

I'm from Atlanta (currently on the Trans Am); have ridden from Atlanta to San Diego, via the S. Tier; and also the East Coast, from Atlanta..  Here's my suggestion:

I would take the Atlanta Coast Route to Statesboro, from there, head west.  Part of the reason is you'll be in rural GA, where services/camping should be better.  Too, you can make a stop in Athens which is a pretty cheap town for a lay over if need be. There are good bike shops in Athens too, if you need one by that time.

If you end up in Athens, there's the MS 150 ride every year, from Athens to Atlanta - which is mapped.  The routes not perfect, but it's out of the way of 78 or 316 which are both main stretches to and from Atlanta/Athens.  By taking this route, you'll end right downtown Atlanta - at the capital.  If you up for staying in Atlanta - there's a hostel there which is awesome (not well advertise in the US, strangely, but it's a good place -

This should give you an idea of the MSA 150 route - again, the route was updated for 2012:

Once you get into to Atlanta, I would suggest heading south west - toward Columbus.  There are a ton of back roads - grab a state road map, find anything that borders 85 (more services.)

When I left for San Diego in 2009, I took the silver comet trail to Alabama.  Was fine, but, only after which, I had to cut through Alabama south to Graceville FL.  Alabama's an awesome state (people are amazing - seriously) just that you'll end up doing the state-park tour (provide you want to camp) which isn't the easiest.  Although, too, in thinking about it, rural Alabama is super fun.

By heading southwest toward Columbus, you'll be out of the metro-Atlanta area fairly quick, but too, can pick up the S. Tier in Florida faster south of Columbus, than you can taking the silver comet trail west, then south through Alabama - if that makes sense.

After you hit Florida - say in or around Defuniak Springs, you can follow the South Tier direct to Lousiana.

I'll try and check back in a few days.  If you need specific info, or have specific questions - so me a private message,



Routes / Re: Atlantic coast - statesboro bike shop rave!!!!
« on: June 09, 2012, 10:30:58 am »
Yup this shop is super good.  Paid an unplanned visit there a few years back; nice bunch of people.

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