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Routes / Re: Southern Tier Camping
« on: December 05, 2009, 11:16:44 pm »
Just happened to think of another in Palo Verde.

This one is kind of hit or miss, but it worked so I'll mention it.

I got stuck with no place to stay in palo Verde, and asked around at the burrito place there - only one.  The lady who runs it suggested i check with the lady who runs the conv. store.  She directed me to the trailer park directly across the street - through an iron arch-way.  Seriously, it worked.  Huge tree at the back of the place.  Even had a shower.  If you're en route to Palo Verde anytime after say 4pm i would suggest it as the Choc. Mtn area is plenty rough.  Also, the trailer park closes after 4pm - I spoke with a few people who lived there full time - seems bicyclist have been staying there - for free - for years.  Like I said, it was last resort, but worked out extremely well.


Routes / Re: Southern Tier Camping
« on: December 05, 2009, 11:04:16 pm »
Just finished the southern Tier last week - east to west.

The suggestions above are spot on.  A few more to consider, which will be outlined in the maps.

1. Del Rio - Elks lodge is free, call ahead and you're golden.

2.  Arrey - man, what to say about the Arrey RV park.  Dick, who owns it, is one of the best people I've met.  $6.00 afte he asks you the following:  "you want to camp on gravel, or stay in the kitchen..."  the kitchen has couches, heat, tv, etc...

3.  Octillio - Check with the local fire department - you can stay at the community center just to the left of it.  nothing special, but the fire department offered me a shower.

4.  West of wickenburg there are plenty of places to camp on the side of the road.

5.  San Carlos Res is decent - $6.00 for a shower and a plot of land.

6.  Campwood - Wes Cooksey is really nice $6.00 your own electric outlet, near the river, etc...  people who own it flat out rock

7.  Three way - definite suggest the option to stay at the Ranger station - beautiful scenery, nice people, etc.

Honestly, you'll have no trouble staying anywhere west of Austin.  Word of caution - Vanderpool.  There's an RV park/lodge listed on the map - it's neither really, more like a resort.  I think it's called Heaven on earth, or something.  Long story short, they market it like it's a campsite, but after you ride 2 miles up a rode better suited for heading to hell, you find that they have "either primitive (no water) or these cabins which go for $120.00 a night..."  I was able to bargin down to I think about $70.00.  If you opt for the state park in Vanderpool - there is one - make sure you call ahead a least two days before arriving, otherwise you'll be out of luck.

If you have specific questions after reading over the map, let me know.  Most everything listed checks out really well.

Routes / Couple of questions
« on: August 08, 2009, 11:00:49 am »
I've spent a good bit of time here lately researching a transamerican route.  I'm currently living in Atlanta, and am entertaining (planning) to make a go for Vancouver.

I'm curious if anyone has made a trip west, from Atlanta.  I assume that I could go from Atlanta to Tupelo, MS on a my own route, then get on course with one of the ASA maps through to vancouver.  Just wonder what would be the best route from Atlanta to MS (or somewhere perhaps better...)



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