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General Discussion / Hudson Valley RT
« on: September 27, 2010, 04:37:31 pm »
RE:Hudson Valley RT town of Lloyd Highland NY (ACR section 2)

the rail trail is now paved! There is now a ribbon of asphalt extending 1.3 miles from the west end of the Walkway under Mile Hill Road,under rt 9W,
 and over Vineyard Ave., past the newley paved parking lot at Commercial Ave. to the east end of the old phase 1 original 1997

there will be a ribbon cuting ceremony Oct. 2 ,12:30 PM at the new Haviland Rd. parking lot - the new eastern trailhead of the RT

the old section of the RT .4 miles from the pavilion on C12 New Paltz Rd remains closed as does CR 12 New Paltz Rd. - the ACR/USBR1

aparently there was some sort of bruha over who was responsible for the moving of the utilities in the area of the closure - work has resumed
but I don't expect completion until at least Thanksgiving


over the Labor Day weekend I went for a bike-train (single day) cycling adventure south of here (Pok.) in Beacon - it was there I got to ride the
Klara Sauer rail AND trail - this trail was previously know as the Beacon Riverside Trail - it was renamed and dedicated to Klara Sauer June 2009
for more see my Hud Val cycling adventure blog at:

I would return to Beacon (with my bike of course) to get some tires for my bike at Beacon Cycles - it was during this second visit to Beacon I had met fellow ACA members Rod and Jenny - they were on a day ride bike-train adventure as well - they were about to ride up to Poughkeepsie and were going to visit the Walkway once there. I had forgotten to give them my contact info.They went north as I explored more of Beacon and went to the aforementioned bike shop. I had just gotten off the train in Poughkeepsie on my return and was riding up Main St. when I had spoted Rod and Jenny going down Main St. -they were easy to spot, each were sharing a 1/2 pair of Arkel panniers and they both had lights on their helmets -they were comuting cyclists - I turned around and met them again at the transportation center (bus stop) section of the RR station I gave them my contact info

Bikecentennial / Re: Wish I was there
« on: July 20, 2010, 02:25:10 pm »
to hoosher - wow! I don't think I remember and / or having been told by John Rakowski that he led a Bikecentenial group - he may have mentioned that but I may have forgotten - I should explain that I had lived in NJ just a few relatively short miles from Middletown NJ where he had lived - I did not know of John Rakowski at the time I did my Colonial Virginia trip east to west in June of the same year - 1 month after your trip

John Rakowski was my "mentor" my "Obi Wan" for bicycle touring

yes I am quite familiar with the PA bike routes (check the and beyond section of my site) - have not ridden route Y yet at least as far as you are going - I think I tech rode a section of it when I was in Port Jervis NY a few years ago - but how are you planning to get to BR Y? this route is near the tri-state border of PA - NY - NJ - would you be ridding the ACR up the Delaware - also I have the PDF files for most of the PA routes - BR Y is basicaly US rt 6 - but follows like town roads (in PA the local roads are like high number PA state roads - the big / main state HWYS have the keystone signs) from the Roebling bridge in Lackawaxen PA - on the other side of the Delaware is NY BR 17 and SR 97 - a designated scenic hwy. (it is!) - I saw somebody make a coment about bike route J - there may have been a detour - I have family that lives in central PA I was unfortunately down there for my sister's and also my mother's funerals (2 dif years) - I saw the BR J sign in Shamokin Dam - this is a very busy section BUT.. I also saw the route to the north in Milton? (I think that is the name of the town) and it was very nice - 2 lane country hwy. Amish or Menonite (lots in this area)

the county does have a detour - in the NB direction in twn. of Lloyd (just outside village of Highland) the hwy. dept. detour and detour for the ACR NB would be to turn RIGHT on So. Chodike Rd. then LEFT onto SR 299 CAUTION! high speed traffic no TCL - follow SR 299 to OLD New Paltz Rd. the existing route NB

in the SB direction after the left onto SR 299 CAUTION! no TCL here INSTEAD of turning right onto CR 12 New Paltz Rd. as per the ACR would CONTINUE on SR 299 to So. Chodike Rd. - I think this is the official hwy. dept detour HOWEVER... cyclists in the SB direction could CONTINUE on the existing route CR12 then turn LEFT onto CR 15 Riverside Rd. off CR12 New Paltz Rd.  - after CR 15 New Paltz Rd. is closed NOTE: the Hudson Valley RT is ALSO CLOSED - follow this road to SR 299 then RIGHT onto SR 299 then RIGHT onto So. Chodike Rd. (should be about 1/2 mile from last turn) then LEFT onto CR 12 New Paltz Rd.

the above MAY be the hwy. dept. detour from the North IE: New Palttz - in the NB direction would be better to ride SR 299 to Old New Paltz Rd. (old 299) - ONE left turn without a TCL on this busy hwy. would be more than enough - to follow the above SB route in reverse would require a SECOND LEFT turn across the hwy.

I had read on the Hud Val RT site newsletter that the expected completion of the work will be in July? - but I don't think so figure on untill Labor Day weekend to be sure

(Ulster) CR 12 New Paltz Rd. town of Lloyd is CLOSED {NB ACR} 1/2 mile west of So. Chodike Lake Rd. - near the Hudson Valley RT
pavilion {SB ACR} south of CR 15 (section:2 map19 old/new route) - the old bridge over the Hudson Valley RT is being replaced - as per the HudVal RT newsletter the expected completion is July of this year (2010)

note: the RT is closed as well .4 miles west of the pavilion

PS: you DO know that NYS bike route 9 goes from the GW bridge in NYC across the bridge then up 9W (in NJ at first) etc. to here in Pok. and beyond? I had just checked to see where bike route 5 goes - this route should connect with the Northern Tier route - BR5 goes all the way to Niagra Falls - does not go to Buffalo but near - also there is a NYC spur of the Atlantic Coast Route from NYC to western NJ / Delaware river

BR9 connects with BR5 in Columbia county I think? or a bit north on the east side of the Hudson

here is the NYS DOT cycling main page link:

here is another option via the Hudson Valley/Catskills:
follow BR9 to here in Poughkeepsie
then follow the NEW ACR route across the Hudson via the Walkway Over The Hudson then old/new ACR into village of Highland
CROSS rt. 9w FOOD Subway Dunkin Donuts
onto Tilson Ave. HIGHLAND
L onto CR 12 - basicaly follow all the way to New Paltz

NEW PALTZ FOOD numerous * Gilded Otter brewery/restaurant * at Walkill Rail Trail several bike shops
should be about 11 mi (from Pok.) to here
THEN would LEAVE the ACR route and would go NORTH to the village of ROSENDALE
} A - follow the unpaved rail trail north to Rosendale or...

} B follow the county road along the Walkill River
CONTINUE on Main St. SR 299 WEST (toward the "Gunks" -Shawangunk Ridge 2000' above sea level)
CROSS the river 200' above sea level
CAUTION! narrow bridge
R (Ulster County) rt. 7 Springtown Rd. follow all the way about 7 mi to Rosendale
CAUTION! extremely steep down grade in this direction just after crossing the RT northern terminus
CROSS Espous Creek to Main St. SR 213

FOOD several caffes/restaurants and a bike shop -
Stewart's (conv. store) in OPPOSITE direction to route at EAST/SOUTH end of Main St.

L Main St. SR 213 NORTH/WEST to High Falls note:section may be closed follow detour up Binnewater Rd. 14% grade
* D&H Canal museum and remnents of canal *
expect to spend some time exploring all the sights
CONTINUE on SR 213 to US rt. 209 south of the village of Stone Ridge - the 2 hwys. merge
follow US 209/SR 213 NORTH toward Marbletown
L TO CONINUE ON SR 213/CR 4 in STONE RIDGE (not sure of services along SR 213 north of High Falls)
follow ALL THE WAY TO OLIVEBRIDGE AND SR 28 A (note A) and the south shore of the *Ashokan Reservoir* - this reservoir is
part of the NYC (yes NYC)reservoir system 15 miles to here aprox
R SR 28A EAST/SOUTH follow ALL THE WAY TO SR 28 (no A) Stony Hollow - just south of WEST HURLEY
should be several good views of reservoir and mountains - these are the western high mountains of the Catskills - some of the
 higher peaks are like that of Virginia - 3,500 ft. or higher
there is a state CG north of the hwy. just after WEST HURLEY (from Kingston) on Ulster cnty. rt. 40 - the Keneth Wilson
state CG - turn R just after West Hurley on CR# 41 for a bit then left onto CR 40 Witenburg Rd.
 then r onto SR 42 through a gorge all the way up to SR 23A - west/north on 23A to PRATTSVILLE
there might be a comercial CG near here - as this area is still mostly in the Catskill Park - there is very little commercial
- just outside of this village R onto Greene
County rt. 7 to begin a ride along the east side of the Scoharie Reservoir becomes a differant county rt. number as route
goes into Scoharie County - continue along reservoir to left near Conesville then a left at Gilboa to SR 30
R SR 30 NORTH to Mav V Shaul SP camping (due to state budget crisis this park may be closed)
BREAKABEEN just before state park
FOOD grocery store ?? (may or may NOT still be there) this would be last chance before camp ground

then continue north on SR 30 and may be able to connect with BR5 west to Northern Tier route

well.. with a $5.00 MTA bicycle permit you could "cheat" a bit and take the train up here to Poughkeepsie on the Hudson line - great train ride - this will get you out of NYC and save some miles - then you could "cheat" even more and take the UCAT LINK bus from the Poughkeepsie RR station to Rosendale in Ulster county - there is a campground near the village and there are some other overnight acomadations nearby - then ride into the Catskills from there - note: I understand a part of SR 213 was washed out near Rosendale so will have to go up the 14% Binewater hill - for more route info etc. contact me via my Hudson Valley cycling site at


single lane - construction CR 41 Crum Elbow Rd. town of Hyde Park (section:2 map19 - NEW route in Dutchess county) NB just after Cream Street - SB after crossing CR 16 and Victory Lake camp - in effect 04/12/10 to 09/13/10 as per road sign

 the Hudson Valley Rail Trail is being extended eastward to the west end of the Walkway OTH - a construction vehicle advisory for  Haviland Rd. and Vineyard Ave. in the village of Highland town of Lloyd NY (section:2 map19 - old and new route) extra caution is advised in this area for the remainder
of the year 2010

sunken manhole cover village of Hyde Park (section:2 map19 - old and new route) NB side US rt. 9

rough shoulder advisory US rt. 9 village of Hyde park (section:2 map19 - old and new route) - there is also a gap caused by erosion - stay to right - the
rough shoulder area is on the SB side and is from just after the intersection of CR 41 (post office) to just north of the FDR home NHS

Routes / Re: Atlantic Coast route, best time for weather?
« on: November 07, 2009, 02:44:22 pm »

IMHO you should depart from Fl - if going south to north - so that you may arrive up here, the Mid Hudson Valley (Poughkeepsie NY) and New England around mid October in time for the fall foliage etc. and will be treated to a view like above - the above pic was taken from the Walkway Over The hudson (the new primary bike-ped river x ing between Pok. and Highland NY ACR sec 2 map 19) typ. the weather can be quite nice - however in between the Colorado-like days of blue skies and sunshine there will be days of rain and maybe snow - a couple of weeks ago we had a winter preview with gray skies temps in the 40's and several days of cold rain here in the mid-hudson valley - today (11/07/09) is sunny temps in the upper 40's and tomorrow will be a bit warmer than norm with temps in the mid 60's

General Discussion / new Hudson River crossing
« on: October 06, 2009, 05:50:04 pm »
hello Missoula... we have a walkway..

the NY state park Walkway Over The Hudson opened to the public at 3:00 PM local time on Saturday - on Sunday there was a ride acros the walkway and...
today Tuesday 10-06-09 I saw the first long dist touring cyclist using the new Hudson River x ing - he was from France!

General Discussion / Walkway Over The Hudson
« on: September 30, 2009, 05:04:59 pm »

 A 2.4 mile section of the Dutchess rail trail - phase 2 - had been completed here in Poughkeepsie near the end of June. The pahase 1 section, at the southern end in Hopewel Jct.,was completed last year. And that other trailway under construction,the "biggie". In the early 1990's, an organization was formed by Bill Sepe. Bill Sepe's dream was to convert (with volunteer workers and private donations) the old Poughkepsie-Highland RR bridge into a linear sort of park with a boardwalk, or walkway, so that people may go out onto the bridge and enjoy the awesome view etc. That organization waould be named"Walkway Over The Hudson". In the late 90's, after I had moved to here in Poughkeepsie, I had the oportunity during a public "open bridge" day at the west end in Highland, to go out on the bridge up to the first support, or "bent" in RR trestle parlance. It was indeed quite awesome, but was also a bit precarious.The track was still there and so to my left I could seen down through the RR ties, and to my right the only thing to prevent me from plunging 212' down to the river, was a somewhat flimsy looking wood rail. Once on the bridge I could also get a scale of just how big of a project it would be to convert this bridge into a "walkway" This would be no job for a bunch of amateur volunteers. Bill Sepe's dream would have been a nightmare. Over the next 10 years both the Dutchess RT and the Walkway seemed to fade into a wishful dream by a small handful of visonaries. During this period, unbeknownst to the public, a rift in the Walkway OTH organization had developed between Bill Sepe, and those that realized that to make it happen would require very serious money from the government, and also corporation with. These "rebels" within the organization were led by Fred Schaeffer. He had been on a couple of my bike rides I had led for the Mid Hudson Bicycle Club. I had also been on one or two rides he had led. In 2004 he became the chairman-of-the-board. Bill Sepe had a dream,but Fred Schaeffer had the practical business plan. He also has a vested interest as well, like myself and other cyclists, he would like to be able to one day ride across that bridge. And so there I was, on a short ride within the city of Poughkeepsie last year during the late summer, and as I rode along Parker Ave. I had seen that something was going on with the old RR siding to the main Maybrook line ROW. The track was being removed. Then a bit later I was on a ride across the river for an early apple picking ride. On my return, as I rode past the power sub-station along Haviland Rd. in Highland, I could see a construction area fence-gate and a construction office trailer. There was also a large Walkway Over The Hudson sign which also had the logos for the various contractors. It was finaly hapening after all these years, the old RR bridge was being converted into a walkway. The actual walkway would consist of 974 pre-fab concrete deck sections.

And so, on this last day of September 2009, the big day is almost upon us ....

The grand opening of the Walkway Over The Hudson, will be over the first weekend of October - Friday 10-02,Saturday 10-03, and Sunday 10-04.

The actual  opening ceremony will be on Saturday. The ceremony for officials, dignitaries, and other invited guests will be between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM. It will be during this formal ceremony that the ownership of the Walkway will be handed over to the state to become a state park. On Sept. 16 the Walkway had gained status as a National Recreation trail - like the Appalachian Trail  At 1:00 PM there will be a parade across the walkway. There is suposed to be a jumbo screen in Waryas park. The walkway will be open to the public at 3:00 PM.

 On Sunday the Walkway will be open for the first full day for the public. Fred Schaeffer will be leading a mass ride across the walkway at 10:00 AM

 The Walkway OTH site has a full schedule of the grand opening events over the weekend. The city of Poughkeepsie will be providing additional parking and a shuttle bus. Hopefuly they will sacrafice one of the new diesel-electric hybrid buses, with the bike racks, for this special event
shuttle. This will be much apreciated for the "topographicaly chalenged" cyclists coming up here, via train, as the east entrance on Parker Ave. is at elevation higher than the RR station.

note: the weather forcast for the weekend is not looking good - showers on Friday, and Saturday  Sunday seems to be the best day for the weekend with partly sunny
(or cloudy) conditions On Saturday I may take the shutle bus as pedestrian to the walkway and just walk the section in Poughkeepsie - Friday was suposed to be just cloudy but showers are now predicted - this could pose a problem Frday night - there is suposed to be a lighted lantern release and fireworks

Bikecentennial / Re: Wish I was there
« on: August 20, 2009, 05:05:00 pm »
I was there too - during ACA's 30th aniversary in '06 the focus was on the long distance trans am groups but Bikecentenial had broken up the trans am route - then called the "Trans America Trail" into shorter triips doing sections of the much longer TAT - some of those sponsored trips were suported with a "sag" vehicle (I think they were Datsun PU trucks with tops) I did the Virginia section from Yorktown to Waynsboro - they called this section "Colonial Virginia - I think the official designation was CVE618 - I think the numbers are correct - I had sort of kept in contact with at least some of my CVE group through the mid '80's - I had met some tour group members at several of those GEAR rallies - GEAR '79 was hosted by the club of one of my tour group - the Potomic Wheelmen and it was there I had re-united with John Renninger (I think that is how his name is spelt) I had taken the Amtrak train to DC then rode to Harisonburg VA for the rally - it was at this rally I had sort of met albeit briefly,Fred DeLong

it was on a biz trip a few years latter on my way down to FL with the company van - I had stoped outside DC and gave John Renninger a call - next thing you know he was inviting me to stay at the bsmnt apt./rec area of his relatively new house! I tried to tell him I was on a biz trip and I could stay at the Watergate if I wanted to - the company was paying - John is therefore the only member of that group I still remember - I had unfortunately lost all of my contact info for the group and have not been in contact

one member of the group was from LI NY - he was the oldest at like 70? so I am afraid he has passed - the youngest member at 16 would be not quite 50 - John Renninger would have to be in his upper 70's? by now and me? well....  I am now well into my middle age "geezerhood"

I did not actualy meet the now famous "cookie lady" but I think other members of my group did - I think the group got split on the climb and I was in the lead group - the KOM group as it were

to moderator - thanks for info - I kind of figured you had updated map 19 of the ACR -  (I had lost the ACA ACR maps I had gotten 5 yrs. ago) and now you will have to update the maps again when the walkway opens - sorry for all the extra work but will be worth it - PS: I have (hopefuly) just sent you via e mail a document showing the route deviation to use the Walkway OTH - also some pics 10 MB in all

and.. on the subject of route revisions - the ACR from MA to at least MD is like per-batum the 1976 East Coast Bicycle Trail - 33 yrs. old - the route near Phila PA is the same zig-zag crazy route from 1976 - the Schulykill trail in Phila goes all the way to Valley Forge - did not way back when - actualy there are a whole lot of trails,trailways,bicycle paths etc. in Phila. - and here in Dutchess county we are catching up with the recent opening of phasw2 of the Dutchess Rail Trail

one day I would like to see a spur? or as the main route the ACR going up the very beautiful Harlem Valley here in Dutchess County NY - prerhaps using the Harlem Valley RT

Routes / Re: Bicycle Across New Jersey ?
« on: August 16, 2009, 03:00:45 pm »
it would seem from the posts what everyone means when they say travel "across" NJ is the LONG way north-south around 200 miles - but there is the actual ACROS S NJ east-west - I had lived in Mounmouth county at the east side of NJ's "waist" (that pinched part in the midle) I wanted to ride to the Trenton area - Trenton State College (I think is a University now) for one of those long ago GEAR rallys - GEAR '86 - at this section of NJ it is only like 40 mi. from where I had lived at the time to TSC


in regards to the LONG way - I see a lot of references to various diferant organizations/resources etc. BUT none are for THE source for this trip - the Central Jersey Bicycle Club they were doing this WAY back when in like 1970 when they were known as the Metuchen Bicycle Touring Society - I had done sections of this trip with the club way back in the early 80's or maybe the very late 70's

RE: FDR MID Hudson Bridge vs. Walkway - "I presume the walkway will be wider..."

yes it will - MUCH wider (25' to be exact) - as I lve in Pok. I am able to watch the construction of the walkway - currently ON the completed decking there are 2 big cranes, a smaller crane - a large flatbed truck drives out to vicinity of where the decking is being placed - also way up there there are other pieces of construction equipment as well - a large welder on wheels, something like a back hoe, a construction 14 ft. box truck, a small crew bus and of course the 2 crews - the "west" crew and the "east" crew (they are now almost together) - there's a whole lot of stuff up there! and... it is kind of weird to have to look UP at a big crane!

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