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I rode last year in the Algarve region from Faro - to Lisbon.  I am a very experienced bicycle tourist... and I loved bicycling here.  2 things to note: 1) I rode in Late September/Early October...  something weird  - while the weather was perfect (80F/65F and mostly sunny)  - many campgrounds were closed as the "season" for camping was over?  Ok! - a couple time I rode in and found out the campground was closed - and realized I would have a long ride in the evening to get to the next place)  The few campgrounds that were open were mostly empty.  The youth Hostel I stayed at in Porto Corvo  - Awesome Hostel named: "Mute Port Corvo" - was sold out - but it's pizza restaurant closed for the season.  2) I recommend very large volume tires, as the recommended bike roads are at times very sandy, rocky, bumpy, hilly.  You can always instead ride on the highways - but then you will likely miss some of the better views at the ocean, and you will get to deal with traffic. In the city most places speak English, in the countryside - you will encounter many people who don't).  In the city beware of the placement of butter and bread on the table ....  they charge a lot for slices of butter (which look like they gave it to you for free)

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