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Gear Talk / Re: Headlight Recommendations for use w/ handlebar bag
« on: December 27, 2009, 03:02:31 pm »
I have had good service with the Minoura Besso Mount that Russ illustrated. I like the Niterider Minewt 200 light.

General Discussion / Re: older riders
« on: August 26, 2009, 03:22:38 pm »
I am 68 and started riding and wrenching in 2004 to help me beat cancer. Have been cancer free since I started riding--so I better not stop. I ride every day and use the touring bike I built up from a frameset to run errands, shop, etc. I also have three road bikes. My wife and I are currently caring for her 86 year old father---so getting away to go touring is out for the time being. To keep my mind off caregiving, I started a bike repair shop. I have almost every Park Tool in the catalog. People here donate unwanted bikes and I restore them and give them to the Y. They always seem to find a person who can use a bike. I have done 30 bikes in the past two years. Am now working on two 3 speeds--a Raleigh and a Free Spirit. Finding people my age to ride with is hard. We have a bicycle club here that I belong to, but can`t do their rides--they run pacelines and average 18 to 20. They are also in their 30`s and 40`s.

New England / Re: Facilities in Maine
« on: August 26, 2009, 02:37:05 pm »
Jay, You sound familiar as well. There are LOTS of campgrounds available all over Maine, but they charge a fortune. One that I checked out on the way to Stockton Springs, charges $15 a night for a patch of dirt, the use of a shower, and a water faucet at the site. A 40` Motorhome pays the same price. How widespread this gouging is, is unknown to me. We must have a bunch of Adventure Cyclists here in Maine who could offer a place to tent, a shower, even a guest room---anything to make the bike trip memorable. Since we last communicated, I have opened a bicycle repair facility--Heck, I`ll throw in a free tune up and lube along with a shower, tent site, guest room, and a washer and drier. It has to start somewhere and somehow catch on.

General Discussion / Re: Cycling jobs ?
« on: August 15, 2009, 10:29:01 pm »
Am an older rider 68, Not a woman. Started riding in 04 in order to beat cancer (I did) I ride at least 100mi a week and have my own bike shop--not your average shop. People donate bikes which have been in their attics and cellars for years, and I restore them. The bike then goes to the "Y" and is given to a person in need of transportation, a youth who wants to ride to school, etc. Since 05, I have done 35 bikes. I love the work. Who says you have to be idle when you retire? I just love bikes and love to restore them. They built some beautiful machines years ago. I found a 45 year old Univega Competitzione at a lawn sale for $15. That bike turns heads when I ride it. It is hard to miss those beautifully hand braized lugs and that beautiful metallic silver paint job. It now has modern components which make it perform better, but those classic lines and the feel of steel go beyond description. Maybe someday, I will find a chrome Schwinn Paramount to restore.

General Discussion / Re: Why SPD pedals?
« on: August 15, 2009, 10:11:34 pm »
I agree wholeheartedly. On my touring bike, I have SPD on one side and platform on the other. I wear a MTB shoe and can walk around in that shoe to my heart`s content. I use my touring bike to run errands in town when not touring. On my three road bikes, I use LOOK pedals. Used LOOK ski bindings when I did ski patrol years ago and found them to be great. Their pedals are just as good. I won`t use anything else.

New England / Facilities in Maine
« on: August 15, 2009, 10:02:32 pm »
Read Cycling Yellow Pages and concluded that facilities for touring cyclists in Maine are dismal to say the least. I will "Buck Up" and offer the following: You can pitch your tent in my yard. If the weather is lousy, we have a nice guest room and we have room for your bike in our garage/shop. We have a shower available along with a washer and drier. I have a complete bicycle shop so if your bike needs a tuneup we can do that as well--free. If we need parts we get them from the bicycle shop three blocks away. We are located in Belfast ,Maine. 45A Lincolnville Ave (Rte 52) If you look at your bike map, you will find that Rte 52 forms the horizontal in the "H" between Rte 1 and Rte 3 which run parallel in Belfast. Feel free to call Alex and Diane at 207 338 3105. I used to be on this board as "Sailariel" but since things changed and I changed E mail server, it was easier to reregister as Maine Biker.

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