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Hello, I have a Garmin 60CSx and have the Garmin North America NT on a stock Garmin micro sd card.  I was wanting to put the NA sd card onto a bigger sd card so I can add routes from the ACA maps and be able to toggle between whatever is on the bigger sd card without changing out sd cards while on my trip.  Is this possible?  Hate to buy another version like a disc or download when I already have the N America maps on a micro sd card. 
Thanks for your help.

Have a Garmin 62s which holds 2000 waypoints.  I deleted most of the info like hotels, etc. to narrow waypoints to under 2000.  I loaded the entire route on my Garmin but can only view the last loaded map even though I downloaded all the maps to the Garmin.  Not sure what's going on, I used Map Source and the ACA Divide gps waypoints and routes.  I do have an NT North America in the sd card slot, but the internal memory should handle this entire route without affecting the sd card.  What the heck am I doing wrong?
Thank You for your help...

Hello to anyone, I have a Garmin GPS60CSx with a micro sd card that has the North America maps.  I have the paper maps from AC and I have downloaded the GPS data for the Northern Tier route from the AC site.  My questions is.. Since my gps can only load 1000 waypoints and Section 1 map for this route has 365 waypoints, there obviously would not be enough room to load the entire route onto the gps.  I will not be taking a laptop with me to be able to upload the data along the route.  Can I download each map seperatly onto multible micro sd cards, take the cards with me on my trip and download each maps waypoints onto my gps?  If so will this system work and will it overlay onto the NT American maps from Garmin?  To better explain let's say I've downloaded all the waypoint data onto multible sd cards.  I would need to pull out the North American sd card and insert the waypoint sd card that I've previously downloaded and download that onto my gps unit.  Then reinstall the NA sd card so that the waypoints overlay onto the NA maps?  Not sure if I'm explaining this properly.  Basically I want to be able to see the waypoints on the North American maps that I already have knowing that I cannot load the entire route onto my gps.

Any help would be appreciated, I'm sure I'm making this more complicated than it is but I am not that familiar with the whole gps system and not the smartest person computer wise.  I do have Map Source from Garmin already loaded onto my computer.

Thanks for your help,

Classifieds / FS Koga Selgo touring handlebars/ trekking bars
« on: December 12, 2011, 11:31:38 am »
Hello, I have a slightly used Koga selgo touring or trekking handlebars for sale.  I used these for about 2 rides until I sold my touring bike.  These are the best touring/trekking bars I've ever seen, multible hand positions, plenty of space for gps, lights, computer, flat screen tv, etc.  They also have aero bars for getting low in the wind.  Aero bars can be detached in 30 seconds.
email me and I'll send some photos.  My photo's were to large to send through the post.  These bars retail for $320.00, selling for half price at $160.00
Thanks to everyone...

Classifieds / 09 Northern Tier Maps 1-11 full set for sale.
« on: September 23, 2009, 10:59:21 am »
Full set of the Northern Tier Map route 1-11 the full set in unused condition.  Sell for $75.00 with free shipping.

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