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General Discussion / Re: Hypothetical question...
« on: March 17, 2011, 11:44:16 am »
Thanks for all the comments.  I, myself, am doing ok.  I ride a regular 20 miles a day (to and from work and fortunately, we have access to showers and lockers, so arriving at work sweaty is no problem) and usually push for 30 on weekends. I dont feel any pain or soreness. I CANT WAIT to hit that 60-80 mile a day ride! THAT is when I KNOW I'll be ok. What slows me down right now is time. Its hard for me to get in a long ride when the sun goes down so soon after I get out of work. I dont like riding at night. Now that Daylight Savings Time has kicked in here in the U.S., it should give me an extra hour in the evening for a longer ride.  I still have over a year till for my TA ride. I start in last week of May, 2012. I'm sure by then, I will have hit that mark.   

General Discussion / Hypothetical question...
« on: March 15, 2011, 09:25:58 pm »
Ok, I have been doing great on my weight loss. Have lost nearly 70 pounds cycling, running, cardio-vascular work, in preparation for my 2012 TA tour.  But im curious.  If a person wants to travel across the country, at a weight of about 350, with no experience... Is it possible to train while riding? Will he lose weight? Will he have to leave earlier to compensate for the very short rides during the first month? How long will it take before he can ride 60 miles per day? What are the chances of a person with no riding experience (and very heavy) of completing this long ride? This is something that crossed my mind. I started wondering... What if I had started this long ride at my old weight of 350 and never even touched a bike till I got on it the day I started the tour. Could I have made it? 

General Discussion / Re: I was asked a question today...
« on: March 15, 2011, 09:12:10 pm »
Thanks for all the input. I'll make sure to pass all this info over to her. I am still planning my TA tour for summer of 2012. Getting really excited.  But still hvae not found a touring partner. I have already decided to go alone if I cant find one!

General Discussion / I was asked a question today...
« on: March 09, 2011, 11:47:28 pm »
On a long trip, say, the TA, do cyclists usually reach towns frequently enough to allow a female the privacy she needs to use the restroom? I know guys can usually go just about anywhere.  But all that riding requires lots of fluids, which in turn requires frequent stops. Where does the female "go" when the next town is still not in reach?

General Discussion / Re: I don't like dogs! (around my bike)
« on: March 07, 2011, 10:35:59 pm »
I must agree with the airhorn. Our mailcarrier carries it.  There is a house about three houses down that has a couple of mixed breed large dogs. That day, they were both out when the mailman arrived. They attacked but i was impressed at how fast they stop dead in their tracks at the sound of that mindblowing, high pitch squeel! I was about three houses away and that thing blasted MY ears! No needless irritating pain to the animals face. 

General Discussion / Re: How can I find....
« on: March 03, 2011, 06:03:18 pm »
Thanks for the ideas, everyone.  Ihave actually contacted a TV station here in my area and a radio station that puts out public announcements and have both agreed to put the word out.  I just have to get them a written anouncement so they could put it out.  And thanks for the story, ducnut. it is very good to hear of someone who has actually done that much good for himself with the help of a bike.  I will def share that story with newcommers.   

General Discussion / Re: How can I find....
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:55:14 pm »
@Dave... Ya know, I may have been looking in the wrong places this whole time.  I been placing flyers and notices in places where most people that go in there are ALREADY into the sport. Thats why they are there.  I need to be looking in places where people who are already looking to get into shape can be introduced to cycling as a nice addition to their workout. NIce! I didn't think of that. I need to be posting in fitness centers and gyms, NOT in cycling shops.

@Reed...  Good idea to stay with the group. I understand there's nothing that makes a newbie want to quit more than being left behind. Good motto... Leave no one behind.

@cotterg3... Thats a great idea... we can start our ride and end at the IHOP! Ha ha!!!! 

General Discussion / How can I find....
« on: February 27, 2011, 05:26:20 pm »
I'm interested in starting a local cycling club (maybe not a club, but a group) of individuals that may have weight issues or could use cycling as a way to get fit or to help with any other issues. But how do I get the word out to the entire local area that I am looking for them? I know they are out there. Ive tried Craigslist, putting up flyers in bike shops, etc. But I need a strong announcement that will really get to most of the city. There are people out there who want to ride but have no one to ride with or may start but quit very quickly because a lack of a support.  I think that by seeing people who share the same kind of hurdles and still pressing on, they would be more willing to continue because they would have support from their "team".  Who knows? Maybe some of these indivduals would want to complete a cross country tour? I read somewhere that heavy riders are called Clydesdales? Is that term a polite term? Accepted? How about a Clydesdale Cycling Club? I dont know. Would that offend anyone? I could use some help. I have talked to several friends that I have known for a long time and asked them if they would be willing to go cross country with me. They all say they would IF THEY WERE THINNER. Thats the key. Getting people to ride to get fit and beginning a whole new life. Im still not a thin rider, but I am almost ready for my tour in 2012, even at my current weight.   

General Discussion / Re: Mexico Gulf Coast: Is it safe?
« on: February 07, 2011, 03:33:27 am »
I hope no one jumps all over me for this one but I would not consider going thru Mexico.  I dont live too far from the Mexican border and have family there.  I have had cousins who go there and get stopped at "checkpoints" who get their money and equipment taken from them by the "authorities" as they travel even the main roads. Its a corrupt situation there and you cannot PAY ME ENOUGH to travel thru that area. IMO... its a very dangerous area. STAY AWAY. 

In my old riding days, back in the late 80's, I owned a Cannondale ST 1000. Back then it was the top of the line Cannondale for what they called "Sport Touring".  The bike, back then, cost me 1200 dollars.  I put lots of miles on that baby and did a few short tours, 3 and 4 nighters.  I never had any problems with the bike. I wish I still had it but it was stolen while I was in California. I also owned a Raleigh and a Trek, but (and I'm not trying to advertise) the Cannondale always had the upper hand.  Since then, I have been a Cannondale fan. I am purchasing the new Cannondale touring bike next month or early March, then start building around it. 

Hey Steven... Thanks for the nice words and may God bless you as well.  Even though I had always wanted to take this little ride across the country, it was the "celebration" of regaining the use of my legs that was the ultimate deciding factor in making this happen.  That was MY "new life" and to celebrate, I thought I'd take a short cruise from the east coast to the west coast.  I have read that such a late start (late Aug) would cause me to run into lots of cold weather in the mountains.  So, I plan to leave around the last week of May.  I plan to go east to west to keep the morning sun out of my eyes and more importantly out of the eyes of the drivers of the vehicles as they are moving around me. If you've ever driven your car directly into an early sunrise or an evening sunset, you know that sometimes there is lots of squinting involved and trying to dodge a direct hit from the sun into your eyes makes it hard to see anything that may be on the side of the road (that would be me, LOL).  Well, I think I should go with safety first.  Why risk it? But thats what I'm planning on.  And now that I've moved my trip from May of 2011 to May of 2012, that gives me another full year to make sure that my body is ready and my weight is back to normal.  Its going to be lots of hard work getting across the country, but it will be an awesome experience!

General Discussion / Re: Across America: Beginning August
« on: January 03, 2011, 10:07:15 pm »
Hey Steven... You kinda sound like ME! I never really mentioned it here because I think that some people would think that I was a bit over the top or a bit corny but I also have a few posters and pics of cyclists and inpirational quotes stapled to my wall! Ha ha!!!!  They kinda keep my brain moist till I can get out there and get this done! I also, have a lot to accomplish before my tour. I have alot of weight to lose. I had a work-related accident 3 years ago. My doc had already told me that my legs were going to have to come off.  I weighed 180 at the time. I was paralyzed for 7 months and laid up in a bed. I got depressed and all I did was eat. No excercise. I ballooned to 370 pounds, all while laying there in my bed.  By the grace of God, I began to move my legs. I went from a bed to a walker to a cane and now I am walking un-assisted.  My legs hurt sometimes but I can deal with it. However, my weight was still an issue.  To date, I have lost 80 pounds. Im at 290, but the weight is coming off. I am confident that by the time my tour arrived, I would be at a manageable 220 to 230.  I have plenty to overcome.  But, at the end of my tour (God willing) when I am standing in the water, dipping my front wheel into the ocean, it will have all been more than very well worth the time and sweat that I put into my CRAZY idea of wanting to ride across the country!!!  I ALMOST feel like asking you to wait for me till 2012! LOL! So we can go on this crazy thing together. But you got your dreams and your timeline.  I'll just have to wait till 2012. 

General Discussion / Re: Is it ok to travel solo...
« on: January 03, 2011, 09:33:12 pm »
@Alex... First and most importantly, congrats on you're victory over cancer! Thats the best new of all! The NEXT best news is that you completed the TA and had a great time.  I am from the Corpus area.  Not TOO far from you.  And I am prepared, if needed, to go alone... at least mentally. Its great to hear success stories like yours. It helps keep the fire hot under my butt, makes me want to hurry up and get out there! Maybe we can ride together one day. We can take a day off and take a day cruise.

@Steven...  My ambition came from my early days. I'm 44 now, but when I was in my early 20's, I did alot of riding.  I did a few short trips, three and four nighters, but never did the real thing. My riding buddies (at the time) and I had always said that we were going to do this.  But, we all got married, had kids, got busy with life and the ride got put on the back-burner.  Now, those same buddies are jealous because I am planning my ride, but they are still stuck in their busy lives. (I guess sometimes divorces can be a blessing in disguise, LOL) Now, I am determined to fulfill my dream and complete the grand-daddy of all tours... the TA. I was really looking forward to doing it in 2011, but sometimes things dont work out the way we want them to.  So, now I am looking forward to 2012.  I'm about a year and a half away.  Very excited! Just dont wanna wait anymore.   

General Discussion / Re: Is it ok to travel solo...
« on: December 19, 2010, 08:10:08 pm »
Thanks, Tony.

       I still plan on riding, just not so much right now.  But I really cant wait. It sounds like a fun and very rewarding experience. 

General Discussion / Re: Is it ok to travel solo...
« on: December 13, 2010, 12:41:10 pm »
Its been a short while since my last post.  My dream of riding across the country, solo or with someone, just died for me.  I lost my father just recently to heart attack. He left his business to me, hoping that I could eventually transfer it to my mom.  But, I am now having to move my trip further into the future.  I am showing my mom how to handle the business and all of my dads contacts for the first year or so. My plans to ride across the country in 2011 just changed.  The summer will be and has always been the busiest time of the year for my dad. I cant leave my mom to handle it alone so soon.  Its almost Christmas and only a few short weeks away from crunch time.  I will have to be by my mom at least during her first summer of heavy activity in the biz. I must reschedule my ride to 2012.  She should be good-to-go on her own by then. But I have read all of your posts and I am happy to hear that some of you have actually done it alone and had a great time.  I'm sure that I will have a great time too... in 2012.  Thanks, everyone, for the advice. I'll be back soon. I'm not done YET!!!!!

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