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Gear Talk / YAK Plus Trailer vs. IBEX Plus Trailer
« on: January 07, 2004, 09:18:58 am »
Hey, I used my BOB (non-suspension) for a bunch of trips and had so many problems I have gone back to LowRiders and a rack.  WAY BETTER!
Last trip I was on with my "BOOB"  (Which is For Sale by the way ,,, (Improved and in perfect condition, 'cept for a few scratches, $195)  Again, last trip I used it, my "BOOB" bent one of my rear drop outs.  Plus the "BOOB" QR was bending all the time.  Oh yes, I have two slightly tweeked "BOOB" QR's that go with the BOB Sale.  Also have a 16x1" extra wheel with two 1" tires for $$75.

If any one has interest, and will share your email address, I'll send you pix of the LowRider Rack I made that is "BombProof" and not welded together.  Made of aluminum channel, Hardware store stock.  Light, inexpensive, and easily repaired.  LOVE it!  
Camper Daver

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