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Routes / Ticonderoga NY to Western Mass.
« on: November 05, 2005, 09:07:03 am »
I just finished a journey from Ft Ticonderoga this past summer. I would suggest that you exit the ferry, take SR73 (right turn), then SR30 south to SR4A. Take SR4A to Rutland (lots of bike shops there). Take 103 South/East to Bellows Falls (SR5). Take SR5 south and cross into New Hampshire at any bridge. Follow SR12 south along the CT river and pickup SR63 South into MA and continue down along the CT river until you want to head east.

I found this a very scenic and low traffic ride (except in Rutland). There is a small place that makes fresh donuts daily along SR4A. It was a pleasant treat.

Routes / NY State Bike Route 5
« on: August 30, 2005, 02:35:58 pm »
Several years ago, I rode from Niagara Falls to Massachusetts on a route that I had planned. Recently, I have discovered SBR5. Has anyone ridden all or part of this route? If so, any suggestions on terrain, road conditions, or your personal preferences?

I already have the maps for NYDOT.

Routes / Katy Trail
« on: August 30, 2005, 02:25:14 pm »
Actually I was glad to see your post about the Katy Trail, especially your comment about riding Natchez Trace.

I am considering such a ride in the near future and would like to know where I can find more information about riding the Trace. Other than the NPS that is.

Routes / Quebec Tour on La Route Verte
« on: December 02, 2004, 12:30:51 am »
I am planning a route from Montreal to Central Massachusetts for the summer of 2005. I would like to use some of the La Route Verte. My initial route is from Montreal to Enosburg Falls, VT. I am looking for a copy of "Take a Ride on the Green Side" for planning purposes. The 3rd Edition is sold out so I am looking for used copies or older additions. I would even appreciate a loaner copy so I can make plans. I would return a loaner before I tour.

Routes / Rhode Island to New Jersey
« on: June 26, 2004, 10:26:55 pm »
I live 35 minutes north of Providence and have ridden RI, CT, and MA extensively. I would suggest taking RT 1 South from the Airport, right on RT113 (becomes Wakefield St) to RT115 North in West Warwick to Fiskeville (becomes Main then Seven Mile Rd). Take a left on RT12 West and ride RT12 to RT102 (left) then right on RT94 to Foster Center. Continue across RT6 (very busy) and make a left on E. Killingly Rd. In East Killingly pickup RT101 and head west through Dayville, CT. About 5 miles outside Dayville, turn right on RT169 and follow this road into Woodstock, CT. Riding through Woodstock you will hit RT197. Turn left and now you are on the Adventure Cycling Atlantic Coast Route on Section 1, MAP 13.

Camping is sparse in this part of the country. There are some private campgrounds but few and far between. You might ask locals in Woodstock, CT for some suggestions. After leaving West Warwick, RI, dont plan on seeing any motels until you get to Dayville, CT. (or possibly Danielson, CT which is 4 miles south of Dayville. After leaving Dayville, then the next reasonable place to motel is Windsor Locks.

You will be urban until you get to the North and West of West Warwick, RI (which will not take very long). Then you will be among some of the most beautiful rural parts of Rhode Island and Eastern Connecticut. There will be many miles between services when you are not near an interstate highway. Traffic will be heavy around the airport and West Warwick, but smooth sailing afterward. Roads are in exceptional condition most of the time.

You will be riding some of the hilliest country in southern New England. The grades are steep 6-9%, but typically short (<1/2 mile) in length. I road cross country last year and used these hills for training (which they were ideal). There will be plateaus and deep valleys, lots of ponds and lakes, and many miles of the rollers I referred to earlier. You will enjoy this area.

If you have specific questions, would like a cue sheet for the area I spoken about, or maybe a riding companion for a part of this leg, then email me at

Have a great trip.


Routes / WDC to the Eastern Shore
« on: February 22, 2004, 12:04:28 am »
I am planning a group tour from Washington, DC to Massachusetts for the summer. I solved the Bay Bridge problem by adding 1-2 days. I am travelling to Reedville, VA then taking a ferry to Tangier Island (Smith Island is another possibility) then another ferry to Crisfield, MD. From there you can ride up to Asseteauge or Ocean City or wherever. I found the idea in Bicycling the Atlantic Coast by Donna Ikenberry Aitkenhead. She also suggests hitching a ride across the bridge as an alternative.

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