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The Alisal wildfire has forced the closure of US 101 in both directions west of Santa Barbara. It is closed from SR 1 to Winchester Canyon Rd. in Goleta. There is no easy reroute around this closure. We've been told that SR 154 is one of the only ways around it, but the highway is narrow and windy and has heavy traffic, especially if US 101 traffic is rerouted onto it. We recommend renting a vehicle, or finding a ride to get around the closure. For more information see

Traffic will be delayed on Pacific Coast Highway/SR 1 south of Mugu Rock for the next 18 months. Road construction starts 9/21/2021 south of Sycamore Cove Beach, according to the California Department of Transportation, or Caltrans. Work is expected to last until spring 2023.

The project will close a 0.2 mile stretch of the right shoulder of the southbound highway. Motorists will share the southbound lane with bicyclists. The speed limit in the work zone will be reduced to 25 mph. The project will also require intermittent closures.

Construction will take place during the day and night as needed, Monday through Saturday.

Please be advised that due to the Tamarack Fire, SR 89 is closed. SR 88 is closed west of the SR 88/SR 89 intersection. US 50 is closed from Pollock Pines to the California Nevada state line. South Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area is under mandatory evacuation orders. Evacuations are in place for the Woodfords and Markleeville areas.

Cyclists should check with the El Dorado and Alpine County sheriff departments for up-to-date information. This fire will continue to burn into September or longer.

The wildfire information:

Temporary repairs are occurring on the bridge over Cottonwood Wash, 8 miles west of Blanding, and SR 95 is closed until sometime in October, 2021. You will need to detour around it beginning in Hanksville (map 38) eastbound, and ending in Monticello (map 43). The detour is 164 mi. long, and uses 38.6 miles of riding on the shoulders of I-70. Cyclists are allowed to ride on this interstate in Utah. For more information see

You will need to carry lots of extra water with you because there are very few places to find water. From Hanksville to Green River it's 62 miles. From Green River to Moab it's 48 miles, and from Moab to Monticello it's 54 miles. Both Green River and Moab are all service towns with campgrounds.

Please be advised that due to the Caldor Fire, Omo Ranch Rd., Shake Ridge Rd. and Fiddletown Rd. are closed. SR 88 is closed from Omo Ranch Rd. to the SR 89 intersection. US 50 is closed from Pollock Pines to the California Nevada state line. South Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area is under mandatory evacuation orders.

Cyclists should check with the El Dorado, Amador and Alpine County sheriff departments for up-to-date information. This fire will continue to burn into September or longer.

The wildfire information:

The Walpole Algonac Ferry is currently not running due to COVID. Please check for updates.
Because the Blue Water Ferry in Marine City/Sombra is permanently closed, and this ferry is temporarily closed, the only option to pass from Michigan into Ontario (or the other way around) is to call a taxi company in Port Huron, MI, or in Sarnia, ON, to take you over the Blue Water Bridge. The Michigan Transit Authority may or may not be able to take your bike in a truck, but presently they won't take you (due to covid). Some of the cab companies will take you and your bike. It's important to call the companies a day or two in advance so that they can make sure they have someone working that day who has a passport and can take you over the border.

Due to extreme fire danger and ongoing drought, and a concern for public safety, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is temporarily closing all recreational and public access to DNR-managed lands in eastern Washington beginning 12:01 a.m. on Friday, July 23.
This temporary closure will apply to DNR-managed state lands, conservation areas, community forests and any associated roads, trails, campgrounds, recreational sites or recreational facilities.
DNR staff will continually monitor conditions, and a reopening date for recreation access will be determined once these factors improve.

This affects the Leader Lake Campground on map 7, and the Flodelle Creek Campground on map 12.

On Dec. 21, 2020, high temperatures, heavy rains, snow, and seasonal tides forced maintenance crews to close an 8-mile section of State Route 112 in Clallam County near the Pysht River. As rains continued to fall in the weeks that followed, six total slide locations were identified. The detour is to use the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT), accessing it west of Joyce at the intersection of SR 112 and Gossett Rd. For detailed information, see the ODT website, Look at the "West Central Foothills and Lakes" section of the Trail.

Poe Rd. will be closed beginning June 7, 2021 through Sept. 7, 2021. The detour, eastbound, from Poe Rd., is to turn right onto Haskins Rd./SR 64 for 0.9 mi., then turn left onto Wooster St./SR 64 for 4.2 mi. After crossing I-75 the road becomes SR 105. Turn left onto Scotch Ridge Rd./SR 105 for 0.9 mi. and at turn A, rejoin the route. Westbound, at turn A, continue on Scotch Ridge Rd./SR 105 for 0.9 mi., then turn right following SR 105 for 4.2 mi. Cross I-75 onto Wooster St./SR 64. Then turn right onto Haskins Rd./SR 64 for 0.9 mi. and turn left onto Poe Rd. to rejoin the route.

Due to safety concerns, some touring cyclists are choosing to visit Yellowstone National Park by renting a vehicle and driving through the Park to see the sights. The Park has heavy traffic with lots of RVs during the summer, and many of the roads are narrow 2-lanes with minimal to no shoulders. The 139.3-mile Teton Valley Alternate,, begins in West Yellowstone, MT, and heads south and east through Idaho into Wyoming. The alternate ends in Jackson, WY, where you will connect to the Teton Spur on TA Section #5. There will still be traffic, but the alternate uses several separate bike paths in both ID and WY. The ID state highways are mostly narrow, and have minimal to no shoulders. The 33.5 mile Teton Spur rejoins the main route at the intersection of Teton Park Rd. and US 89/191/287 near Jackson Lake Lodge. The alternate, including the Teton Spur, is 80.3 miles longer than the main route through Yellowstone. See this pdf for services on the alternate:

As of March 2021, portions of the northern end of the Brooke Pioneer Trail south of Wellsburg, WV, are closed due to the construction of a new bridge across the Ohio River; once finished, the bridge will offer a new shared-use path for cyclists and pedestrians to cross into Ohio. The trail will be subject to continuous closures during the project; check with the trail manager, or call 304-737-0506, for up-to-date information. The southern end of the trail remains open. Projected time for the trail to be open again is August 2022. To get around the closure, use SR 2, but ride defensively and cautiously; the highway has minimal shoulders and a moderate amount of traffic.

The 2020 Holiday Farm wildfire burned along SR 126 from Leaburg east to past Blue River. Salvage logging operations have begun, and it's predicted that up 200 logging trucks will be on SR 126 per day throughout the summer. Usually logging trucks begin running as early as 4:30 A.M., and taper off after 3:00 P.M. A local member has suggested this detour to avoid portions of SR 126.
It uses the gravel/dirt Leaburg Canal Trail. Services are still available between Walterville and Vida, though all the services in Blue River are gone.

We are posting a significant detour between El Centro, CA, and Peoria, AZ on the Southern Tier Section 1 map. On the print map this affects panels 5 to 15. It is 16.4 miles shorter than the main route. Plan your riding days carefully. Here is the link:
This detour avoids the winding, narrow, and hilly SR 78, and the associated truck and recreational traffic hazards between Brawley and Blythe, CA. Eastbound, it leaves the main route just east of El Centro, at the intersection of Old Hwy. 111 and E. Evan Hewes Hwy./CR S80, passes near the full service town of Yuma, includes approximately 45 mi. of interstate riding, and rejoins the existing ST #1 in Peoria in the Phoenix metro area. Westbound, in Peoria, it begins at the Rio Vista Community Park and follows the New River Trail and city streets south through urban areas to SR 85, then I-8. You will ride on interstate shoulders, frontage roads, highways, county roads, city streets, and the New River Trail.
There are very limited services along the detour, especially along 86 mi. of interstate and frontage roads from Wellton to Gila Bend. The California cities of Holtville and Winterhaven, and the Arizona cities of Tacna and Dateland have partial services. Wellton, Gila Bend, Buckeye, Avondale, and Peoria have all services. Between Tacna and Dateland there are no services for 25 miles. Between Dateland and Gila Bend there are no services for 49 miles. We advise you carry extra water and food with you. Indoor lodging options are extremely limited, and you will likely need to go off route to find them. 
Between Holtville and Yuma there are primitive camping opportunities at several BLM Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA). The amenities available at these locations can be very limited. Potable water, garbage, and restrooms may or may not be offered. If visiting during the off season from Sept. - Apr., a permit (available at is required to camp. Be prepared to share these areas with motorized recreation enthusiasts.
Camping is available at the Mittry Lake Wildlife Area (BLM). It’s located from the junction of Laguna Dam Rd. and Mittry Lake Rd., off route 2.9 mi. S. on unpaved Mittry Lake Rd., 928-317-3200.
Camping is available at the Holtville Hot Springs Long Term Visitor Area (BLM). It’s located at 3700 Evan Hewes Hwy., 760-337-4400.
In Dateland, the Dateland RV Park (pvt.) is located at 1737 Ave. 64 E., 928-454-2772. Register at the gift shop. Arrive earlier in the day so that maintenance can mark a site for a tent. RVs enter the park at night, and might not see a tent set-up.

Cotton Gin Rd., NE of Uhland, is closed for road reconstruction for 3/4 mile. A detour is to use High Rd./SR 127, which parallels Cotton Gin Rd. to the northeast.

The Ticonderoga ferry crossing Lake Champlain is temporarily closed due to COVID.
To detour around it, eastbound, you need to ride north on SR 9N for 11.3 mi. Turn right onto SR 185. In 4.1 mi., cross Lake Champlain on bridge and enter Vermont. Follow SR 125 east for 16.2 mi. to Middlebury, where you rejoin the route.
To detour around it, westbound, at Middlebury, take SR 125 west for 16.2 mi. Cross Lake Champlain on bridge and enter New York. Follow SR 185 for 4.1 mi. At "T", turn left onto SR 9N. Follow it for 11.3 mi. to Ticonderoga where you will rejoin the route.

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