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Just before the intersection of Clay Pike Rd. and Spry Rd./Wolfe Run Rd. work on bridge reconstruction over Salt Creek will close the road. It will be closed from June 26 for 70 days through September 3.

EB detour: At turn C, continue on Chandlersville Rd./SR 146. In 9 mi., turn left onto SR 313. In 5.5 mi., rejoin route at turn E.
WB detour: At turn E, continue on SR 313. In 5.5 mi., turn right onto Chandlersville Rd./SR 146. In 9 mi., rejoin route at turn C.   

On map 39, in Oklahoma City, near turn B, NE 50th St. is closed at the I-235 overpass. Construction is occurring on ramp accesses. Here's a detour:
Eastbound: from turn B, turn left/west onto NE 50th St. In 0.3 mi., turn right/north onto N. Western Ave. In 1 mi., turn right/east onto NW 63rd St. In 3 mi., at the intersection of NW 63rd St. and N. Martin Luther King Ave., turn left and rejoin the route.
Westbound: At the intersection of N. Martin Luther King Ave. and NW 63rd St., turn right/west onto NW 63rd St. In 3 mi., turn left/south onto N. Western Ave. In 1 mi., turn left/east onto NW 50th St. In 0.3 mi., at turn B, turn right onto Shartel Ave. and rejoin the route.       

The I-90 interchange at turn B is under construction. The work is scheduled to be complete at the end of 2016. From the MN DOT: Pedestrians and cyclists travelling on the Northern Tier and the Mississippi River Trail will be detoured along the Apple Blossom Trail during the construction of the new interchange. The detour is to remain in place until further notice and circumvents the current Mississippi River Trail corridor from La Crescent to approximately 5.5 miles north of Dakota.​

The Little Miami Scenic Trail will be closed between Senior Road in Morrow and Route 350 in Oregonia from September 12 through the end of November, 2016. No detour is available. The trail will be open for planned event participants only on certain weekends.
The closure in this area near Fort Ancient is due to erosion of the Little Miami River riverbank as its course has changed to undercut the trail berm. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is responsible for the remediation which includes stabilizing the bank and building a small bridge over the affected area to accommodate trail use while allowing natural changes in the course of the river.
For updates on all trail closures please see the Friends of the Little Miami State Park website:

The Berry fire has closed Grassy Lake Rd./FR 261 from the east side of Targhee National Forest (mile 231.7) through to Flagg Ranch (mile 265.6). For updates go to:

To avoid the fire there are 2 detours and both are extensive. #1: from mile 183.6 you can head north, then east on US 20 to West Yellowstone and go through Yellowstone National Park to the south entrance where you will rejoin the route. But fires within the Park have made the area very smoky. #2: from mile 221.7 you can work your way south on county roads, State Hwys. 32 and 33 through Tetonia, Driggs and Victor over Teton Pass into Jackson, WY where you can join the Jackson Spur.

Ellicott City had a major flood on 7/30/16. Main St./SR 144 is temporarily closed. Follow the posted detour around the town. For more information:

Due to extensive sewer line replacement construction on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive in Albuquerque this road is temporarily impassible in both directions. Fortunately there is an excellent alternative, which is shown in Ride with GPS. Eastbound:

The Franklin Ave bridge is closed till Fall of 2016.
See link for detour routes:

SR 230 from turn A to Riverside, WY is under construction. This ten miles has been ripped up and will be repaved. It's rideable but it feels like riding on a rumble strip. The shoulder is ripped up asphalt that has been tamped down with loose and large gravel. Ride carefully and consider hitching a ride in a pickup if possible. The construction project will be completed October 2016.

On map 14, traffic at the intersection of Grand Ave./US 60 and Bell Rd. will be re-routed due to bridge construction. The road closure begins April 1, 2016 and is expected to last 6-8 months. Here is a detour. It includes riding on smaller residential streets but the larger arterials will have increased traffic:
EB: Ride under SR 303. In 2.4 mi., turn left onto Meeker Blvd. In 0.1 mi., turn right onto W. Summerstart Dr. In 0.9 mi., turn right onto W. Aleppo Dr. In 0.6 mi., turn right onto N. Spanish Garden Dr. In 0.8 mi., turn right onto W. Whispering Oaks Dr. In 0.5 mi., turn right onto RH Johnson Blvd. In 0.3 mi., at light, cross Bell Rd. which becomes N. Nash St. In 0.9 mi., turn left onto W. Santa Fe Dr. In 0.3 mi., turn right onto Greenway Blvd. Cross railroad. At light, turn left onto Grand Ave./US 60 and rejoin route.
WB: At intersection of of 111th Ave. and Grand Ave./US 60, turn right onto Grand Ave./US 60. In 2.3 mi., turn right onto Greenway Blvd. Cross railroad and turn left onto W. Santa Fe Dr. In 0.3 mi., turn right onto N. Nash St. In 0.8 mi., road becomes RH Johnson Blvd. Cross Bell Rd. In 0.3 mi., turn left onto W. Whispering Oaks Dr. In 0.5 mi., turn left onto N. Spanish Garden Dr. In 0.8 mi., turn left onto W. Aleppo Dr. In 0.6 mi., turn left onto W. Summerstart Dr. In 0.9 mi., turn left onto Meeker Blvd. In 0.1 mi., at light, turn right onto Grand Ave./US 60 and rejoin route.       

To get updates here is a link:

On SR 9 between Kremmling and Silverthorne, road construction is occurring between mile markers 126 to 131 (south of Green Mountain Reservoir). Expect delays Mondays - Fridays. Info: 970-724-4724. It is recommended to use the following detour. It has a climb/descent over Ute Pass and 12.6 miles of hard packed dirt. It was reported in 2015 that the surface is fine even for 23c/1 inch road tires:

Southbound, at Parshall on map 66, head south on paved Williams Fork Reservoir Rd./CR 3. In 4.5 miles, the road turns to hard packed dirt. Ride 12.6 miles and bear right at junction onto paved road toward Ute Pass. In 9.3 miles, turn left onto SR 9.
Northbound, at CR 15 on map 67, turn right toward Ute Pass. In 9.3 miles, bear left onto unpaved CR 3. In 12.6 miles, the road turns to pavement. In 4.5 miles, you reach Parshall and turn right onto US 40.   

We received notice that on the U.S. Marine Corps base that the Camp Pendleton Bike Path – the only bike access between Las Pulgas Rd. and Basilone Rd. along Interstate 5 (I-5) in northern San Diego County – is scheduled to be closed for military operations between Jan. 25 and Jan. 29, 2016. Under normal circumstances Caltrans would open the freeway shoulders to bicyclists, however there is a construction project that has closed the shoulders of I-5 in that segment. Caltrans will provide a 24/7 on-call shuttle for bicyclists to pass through the closures in the I-5 corridor between Oceanside and San Clemente. The phone number for the shuttle is 619-385-3267. There will be pick-up locations at the Las Pulgas Rd. parking lot for northbound cyclists, and at the south end of the Old Hwy. 101 bike path at Basilone Rd. for southbound cyclists. Those locations will serve as drop-off locations for the opposing directions of travel. Signs at both locations will include the shuttle phone number.

In Bastrop State Park, Park Road 1C is closed from Alum Creek Rd. (next to Alum Creek) east to Buescher State Park. The detour is to use State Hwy. 71/95. Traffic is heavy so ride carefully.

Due to a major rock fall in Zion National Park on Hwy. 9 before the tunnels the road is temporarily closed, and will remain closed through the coming weekend. Check with the park for more information or go to

CLOSURE: between Sept 28th and Oct 2nd 2015, the S. Fk. Salmon Rd. (FR 674) will be closed between Warm Lake Rd. and Poverty Flats Campground. There will NOT be an opportunity for cyclists to walk around. The reroute is Johnson Creek Rd. (FR 413) to Yellow Pine, then FR 412. Or vice versa.

If you are going this way there is a hot spring to access that is not on the map. I believe it is called Johnson Creek Hot Springs, but not sure on that. To access the spring start at the airstrip located between Ice Hole and Golden Gate Campgrounds. Here are the directions i found online:

 - "There's a trail from the middle of the airfield on the west side, take that about 2ish miles and it'll go right to it. I sat in it for over an hour... nuff said."
 - "The tub is on the east facing slope, aligned north/south. The hike takes about an hour to get to the tub. Roughly 3/4 of the hike is south, then for the last 1/4 you'll make a 90 degree turn to the west, uphill to the tub. It sits in a patch of rock. Nice, easy hike worth doing."

There is also a picture here:

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