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Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Washington Parks Section 2 2009
« on: October 12, 2009, 03:19:50 pm »
A major landslide occurred on October 11 on panel 18 west of Naches. Transportation officials have closed a 47-mile stretch of State Route 410 - from Mount Rainier National Park's Lake Tipsoo to its junction with U.S. Highway 12 at the Y west of Naches. Officials say it could be weeks before State Route 410 is reopened. For more information go to the WA DOT website:

Temporary ACA Route Road Closures / Northern Tier Section 1 2009
« on: July 28, 2009, 05:59:42 pm »
Map Panel #14:
N. LeClerc Rd on the Kalispel Indian Reservation in PendOreille County near Usk, WA. This section, from POC Mp 3.5 - 8.5, is under improvement for the remainder of the summer, with expected completion 8/31/09. Widening, surfacing and paving efforts will cause delays of up to 30 mins. Piloting vehicles will be in use. Cyclists may want to use State Hwy. 20 which parallels N. LeClerc Rd. from Ione (map panel #13) to Usk and then using the bridge at Usk to cross to S. LeClerc Rd.

From mile 84.1 to mile 88.5 the road has become private property so access is no longer allowed. At this point, June 4, 2009, ACA does not have a way around this closure, but we are working on it. We recommend that you use the Chaco Alternate between Cuba and Grants. As soon as we have new routing we will list it on the online addenda.

Routes / Southern Tier Route through LA/MS/AL
« on: September 20, 2005, 03:23:03 pm »
Can any local cyclists in the states affected by hurrican Katrina send
info to me regarding conditions for cyclists riding the Southern Tier
within the next 2 months? How are roads and services? Any advice/
comments are welcome.


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