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The highway is open again.

Routes / Re: Adirondack Park Route - Need advice
« on: July 18, 2013, 10:00:06 am »
I don't think so. The reason we included a spur was to connect it to the Albany/Schenectady airport.

This is what we heard 10 days ago from a local cyclist:
The lower flathead and wigwam are fine. The Upper Flathead Rd. just below Flathead Pass is missing. Corbin Rd. is reopening to mining traffic but closed to public traffic.

If you look at my post on July 5th it gives directions on how to reach the Lower Flathead from Fernie.

FR 150 is now open.

SR 152 is now open but all the campgrounds along there east of Mimbres remain closed.

Here are specific directions if you want to ride the lower portion of the main route in map B:

If you do want to ride the part that's open (look at map B). At mile 60.6 on the Fernie Alternate you can use Lodgepole/River Rd. to Wigwam Rd. south to join the route at mile 112.6. Or you could continue east on Lodgepole Rd. over a pass to join the route at mile 74.2, then continue southward.

If you are flying into Calgary and can't reach Banff you can ride Hwy. 22 south to Hwy. 3. Go west over Crowsnest Pass which will take you to Sparwood where you can use the Fernie Alternate to Roosville. Hwy. 22 does have some washouts but a cyclist riding this was able to get through. Most of the highway has shoulders.

State Highway 89 is closed due to the Yarnell fire on maps 16 and 17 from mile marker 283 north of Peeples Valley to Date Creek Rd. south of Yarnell (about 14 miles). Here's a link to more info:

We are strongly advising that, because of the extraordinary flooding and flood damage throughout the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia on June 19 and 20, cyclists should not attempt to ride the Canadian section of the route this year.

I understand that this is an unusual warning, but in all my years at Adventure Cycling, I have never seen such a complete washout of a route. We are receiving many reports of washed-out bridges, destroyed roads, and fast-moving rivers and creeks, which could compromise a cyclist’s safety. In our judgment, there are also no viable alternatives to the route. It would be much wiser for people to wait until 2014 to ride the Canadian section.

FYI... Going from Banff to Radium Hot Springs and down to the border at Roosville is mapped on the Great Parks North #1 and #2 maps. You will still need to check on the roads to find out if they are open. From all the reports we're hearing you don't want to follow the GD Canada routing at all - there's too many bridge closures and road washouts and damage.

The roads on the Great Divide Route through the Santa Fe National Forest between Abiquiu and Cuba are closed to all travel. See this link for more information:

The easiest detour: from Abiquiu, go west on US 84, continue west on SR 96, then south on SR 96, then SE on US 550 to Cuba.

FR 150 was closed June 23 due to the Silver Fire. It's closed from just south of the Beaverhead Work Center (mile 99.1) to Hwy. 35 (mile 146.2). There's lots of fire vehicles on the road and the fire, which is east of the road, is heading north and west so that's why it was closed. It'll be closed anywhere from 7 -14 days.

The easiest detour would be to take Hwy. 12 west (mile 39.0), then south on US 180 to Silver City.

For information:

You can try contacting the state bike/pedestrian coordinators for IN, OH, KY and WV. They might be able to suggest something. Whatever way you go I suspect it will be hilly. Here's the link to the coordinators:

Routes / Re: Pittsburgh to Columbus, OH
« on: June 19, 2013, 11:41:47 am »
Here is a link to the states' bike/pedestrian coordinators. They might have information for you:

Routes / Re: Southern Tier timing and direction
« on: June 19, 2013, 10:59:32 am »
ACA has run a fall Southern Tier for many years beginning in Sept. and ending in Nov. This year it goes W-E beginning Sept. 14 and ends Nov. 17. So there is a precedence for going in the fall.

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