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Routes / Re: Pfeiffer Bridge at Big Sur work around
« on: August 08, 2017, 02:10:03 pm »
For more information along the Big Sur part of the Pacific Coast see this:

and read replies #26 - #28.

Routes / Re: Gravel roads/ alternatives on the Pacific Coast Route
« on: August 08, 2017, 02:07:29 pm »
For more information along the Big Sur part of the Pacific Coast see this:

and go to replies #26 - #28.

Thanks to everyone here who is posting about re-routes and giving ample descriptions and photos of what it's like to follow FR 227. This helps the cyclists who ride after you. We, here in the office, refer cyclists to these posts. Much appreciated.

Hwy. 152 over Emory Pass is now open.

The Peace Bridge spans the Niagara River between Buffalo, NY and Fort Erie, ON. The sidewalks will be closed starting August 8,2017 till June 2019 due to construction. A shuttle van is being provided to help cyclists cross, see all the info at:

NM Highway 152 over Emory Pass is closed from mile post 22 to mile post 40 due to heavy flooding and debris on the roadway. Traffic must seek an alternate route. Update on August 3: due to continued rainfall, the roadway will remain closed until further notice.

Please check here for further updates:

Detour eastbound: From Silver City, ride southeast on US 180. The shoulder is rough but rideable with caution. When you reach Deming ride east on I-10. Bicycles should exit I-10 west of Las Cruces at the Correlitos Exit #127 then ride on the north side frontage road. From the frontage road turn left onto Picacho Blvd./US 70, then turn right into N. Fairaces to SR 28 or right onto Motel Blvd to SR 28 to rejoin the route.

Detour westbound: In Las Cruces, from Picacho Blvd./US 70 turn right onto Frontage Road (just before US 70 merges with I-10) and enter I-10 shoulder at Exit 127. Ride west on I-10 until you reach Deming. Ride northwest on US 180 until you reach Silver City to rejoin the route.

There's a Exxon station/convenience store on the frontage road at Exit 127 that's safer for cyclists to use entering/exiting rather than the Luvs Truck Stop at Exit 132.

The Verdant Creek fire has temporarily closed the route between Castle Junction on map 7 and Radium Hot Springs on map 8. Check this page for updates.

Another update for the detour: FR 4353 is now included in the fire area closure, which we suggested as a detour to reach Highway 83. See the Aug 1 post.

At mile 219.6, turn right onto Clearwater Lake Loop Rd./FR 4370. Follow it to Highway 83 and turn left to reach Seeley Lake. After Seeley Lake, take Highway 83 south. At the intersection of Highway 83 and Highway 200, take Highway 200 east to Ovando.

Construction is occurring on the OTH Walkway at the west end in Highland, NY. There is now a temporary path between the construction fencing and a required bicycle DISMOUNT and construction zone WALK BIKE signs.

This fire has grown in size and burned to within two miles of Cottonwood Lakes Rd. (on map 1B east of Seeley Lake) and within 4 miles of Highway 83. Cottonwood Lakes Rd./FS 477, is now closed to the public.

To detour, southbound, after Seeley Lake, take Highway 83 south. At the intersection of Highway 83 and Highway 200, take Highway 200 east to Ovando.

Please check the Rice Ridge Fire incident page:

The Arrastra Fire is located north of Lincoln along Beaver Creek Rd./FR 4106 and Huckleberry Pass is closed as of July 21. The estimate is that it will be closed for at least 2 weeks. The detour is to ride State Hwy. 200. Some portions of the highway are winding with sharp turns and have minimal shoulders so ride defensively.

For more information see

Routes / Re: TransAmerica - Types of roads
« on: July 20, 2017, 01:57:34 pm »
We have a volunteer who is working on calculating the different road types on all our routes. For the TransAm this is what he has:
State Road miles: 2,134
Federal Road miles: 1,075
Local Road miles: 1,229

If a road shares both state and federal designations it is in the federal category. At this point, any interstate mileage is in the federal category, and any separate paths are in the local Road miles. He is working on separating out the interstate and bike path miles.

FYI - in Montana from Missoula to Hamilton it's now 50 miles on a separate bike path!

Four bridges are due to be replaced on the Big Sheep Creek Backcountry Byway (miles 73.5 - 90.3). The road closure is from Monday, July 17 to Monday, August 14.
Southbound detour: At mile 33.3, ride east for 5.4 mi. on State Hwy. 324. Bear right onto dirt/gravel Old Armstead Rd. (This road stays south of the Clark Canyon Reservoir). In 6.0 mi., turn right onto paved Red Rock Rd. N. In 2.8 mi., cross under I-15 and continue south on the frontage road on the east side of I-15. In 13.4 mi., you reach the town of Dell. Cross under I-15 and ride south on the frontage road on the west side of I-15. In 1.5 mi., rejoin the route at mile 90.3.

Routes / Re: TransAm Halfway Point?
« on: July 12, 2017, 03:44:39 pm »
It is on section 7, map 76, 3 miles east of Ordway.

Routes / Re: GDMBR from Banff to Whitefish
« on: July 06, 2017, 03:26:57 pm »
No, that section is not open. There are detours listed on the map updates & corrections sheet. See Map B.

There is a potential closure mentioned on Map A but we haven't heard yet if they've started the closure.

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