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Information sent in today from a cyclist:

Harriman Trail is also currently closed due to high water levels, as is Old Galena Toll Road. Information from the Galena Lodge states that Old Galena Toll Road will be open soon but Harriman may be damaged due to flooding. Valley Road and Decker Flats Road are both open for bicycle traffic.

Routes / Re: PCH. Advice sought...
« on: June 28, 2017, 10:18:19 am »
Due to a bridge out north of Big Sur and a massive slide south of Big Sur a long section of the Pacific Coast Highway is closed, probably until 2018. Please go to this post and read - there is a detour posted that takes you inland. The detour leaves and returns to our Pacific Coast Route maps.

Construction will be occurirng to repair and/or replace three bridges on the Historic Columbia River Highway (US 30) between Mosier and The Dalles. Work includes repair of the historic Mosier Creek and Dry Canyon Creek bridges and a complete replacement of the Chenoweth Creek Bridge.

Work will begin in late June. For repair of the Mosier Creek and Dry Canyon bridges, expect single lane closures and delays up to 20 minutes.

The replacement of Chenoweth Creek Bridge, located approximately ¼ mile north of The Dalles City limits, will require a full closure of US 30 at the bridge from August 1 - 21st. Traffic will be detoured via Exit 76, Rowena.
Construction will be complete by the end of November, 2017.

The Utah DOT has closed Highway 143 between Parowan and Panguitch -
which includes the section traversed by Utah Cliffs.

Details: Fire Affecting Roadway SR 143 between MP 3 and 50 (S of Panguitch) Iron Co.
Closed Both Directions, Use Alt Route
Last Updated: 06/23/17 07:20 PM

A detour is available by continuing on Hwy 14 east from Cedar City to US 89
Then take US 89 north the Hwy 12 turn-off to Bryce.
(Read in reverse for westbound . . .)
You may wish to take a few extra miles to resupply at Panguitch.


Just before the intersection of Clay Pike Rd. and Spry Rd./Wolfe Run Rd. work on bridge reconstruction over Salt Creek will close the road. It will be closed from June 26 for 70 days through September 3.

EB detour: At turn C, continue on Chandlersville Rd./SR 146. In 9 mi., turn left onto SR 313. In 5.5 mi., rejoin route at turn E.
WB detour: At turn E, continue on SR 313. In 5.5 mi., turn right onto Chandlersville Rd./SR 146. In 9 mi., rejoin route at turn C.   

Bicycle Route 66 / Re: 66 in Tulsa is dangerous
« on: June 22, 2017, 05:09:30 pm »
In October of 2017 we updated and reprinted the section 3 map where Tulsa (and Oklahoma City) are located. We changed the routing in both of the cities based on locals' advice due to safety concerns. Pete had let us know last summer about his accident.   

SR 20 remains closed in both directions from eight miles west of the Loup Loup Pass summit at milepost 207 to Rock Creek at milepost 223 due to mud slides, washouts, and road repair work. Currently there is no estimated time for reopening and no local detour available.

Here is the detour for both vehicles and bikes. It adds about 30 miles.
Detour EB - From Twisp Hwy 20 then Hwy 153 to Pateros, US 97 to Brewster, Old 97 to Hwy 20 4 mi S. of Okanogan
Detour WB - Hwy 20 4 mi S. of Okanagan, Old 97 to Brewster, US 97 to Pateros, Hwy 153 to Hwy 20 & Twisp

For information:

Routes / Re: Route advice Boise to Salmon ID
« on: June 13, 2017, 10:58:50 am »
From your description, it sounds like you are looking at following State Highway 21. It is paved but you'll have to climb 3 passes between Idaho City and Stanley. It's possible there might be some snow at the passes but it's melting quickly. The nice thing is you'll pass several hot springs. And there's camping available. This is all shown on our ID Hot Springs main route map. At Stanley you can take State Highway 75 and US 93 to get to Salmon.

Another way to go, which keeps you more in the flats and out of the mountains, is from Mountain Home, take US 20 east to Arco, then north on US 93. There still is one pass to go over. Another nice scenic road is to head northeast from Arco on State Highway 22/33, and then take State Highway 28 north. But there's minimal services on 28. 

Routes / Re: Does anyone still use paper maps?
« on: June 12, 2017, 10:26:33 am »
Every state Department of Transportation has a bicycle/pedestrian coordinator — even if they are not full time in this position, they will know the resources in their state better than anyone else. Nearly every state publishes a bicycle map of some sort they will send out for free. The coordinators or their state website often have more information available right there online or in print. And while the maps often aren't as detailed as ours, they generally offer suggested roads for cycling through their state. The Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center maintains a webpage of contact information for each state:

As far as I know, I have never heard of anyone producing a "Trip Ticket" for cyclists.

We are going to tweet this information every other week beginning now through August on both the TransAm and Western Express routes. Hope it helps.

I apologize that you are still getting calls. Our addenda for the TransAm Trail section 6 and 7, and also Western Express section 4 (which ends in Pueblo) all have a listing saying that cyclists lodging and camping is no longer offered. That information has been available for a year now. It makes me wonder how many cyclists read the map updates and corrections/addenda sheet that comes with each map that is sold.

I'm sorry about this and will try to think of other ways to let cyclists know about this. I understand that this is a nuisance.

Routes / Re: Sag Wagon Advice for GDMBR
« on: May 23, 2017, 10:26:11 am »
There are only 2 places that I can think of where a 4x4 shouldn't follow your riders.

On map 1B from mile 247.9 to approximately mile 249.6 your sag will have to go around. It can follow the Divide Alternate to Jerry Creek Rd., then turn right and go up the drainage to meet where the riders will be coming down that road.

On Map 2A, if the riders follow the Yellowstone Branch Line Trail (main route) there are a few parallel gravel roads but not all the way along the trail. Your sag would need to drive Hwy. 47.

On map 39, in Oklahoma City, near turn B, NE 50th St. is closed at the I-235 overpass. Construction is occurring on ramp accesses. Here's a detour:
Eastbound: from turn B, turn left/west onto NE 50th St. In 0.3 mi., turn right/north onto N. Western Ave. In 1 mi., turn right/east onto NW 63rd St. In 3 mi., at the intersection of NW 63rd St. and N. Martin Luther King Ave., turn left and rejoin the route.
Westbound: At the intersection of N. Martin Luther King Ave. and NW 63rd St., turn right/west onto NW 63rd St. In 3 mi., turn left/south onto N. Western Ave. In 1 mi., turn left/east onto NW 50th St. In 0.3 mi., at turn B, turn right onto Shartel Ave. and rejoin the route.       

We hear that the Chester Bridge has reopened.

Routes / Re: Chicago to NY Maps?
« on: May 10, 2017, 10:24:02 am »
The maps will be available next Tuesday or Wednesday. There was a problem at the printer, which delayed our estimated delivery date. As soon as they are in house, we will have them (maps and enhanced digital data) on the website. Sorry that its taken a bit longer than we thought.

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