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Gear Talk / quick release vrs bolt on hub
« on: November 04, 2007, 12:02:38 am »
what is the general opinion on skewers as opposed to bolt on hubs?
I am building an offroad touring  rig out of my old mountain bike, and have an old set of suzue hubs with bolt axles. heavy loads and rider on rough road/trails.  the only skewer ever to fail me was on a mountain bike, and got me to wondering.
I am thinking about this issue on the other bikes that I put loads on.  thanks, jason.

Gear Talk / touring bike shop in the ozarks
« on: October 27, 2007, 04:15:21 pm »
I live in Eureka Springs AR, sort of the north west corner of the state.  Does anyone know of a bike shop that caters to touring cycles within a few hours of my area?  a funny qustion I know, but every store I have been in, from springfield MO to little rock AR looking for lights, racks, dynos, all the little stuff that you could order but would like to see in the flesh first, has employees who stare in sullen disbelief at the very notion of a bike not made from carbon fiber.  
I don't need a new bike, just want to shop at a place that knows something about rain covers and forty spoke wheels.  thanks for the help.

Routes / Chicago to north west AR
« on: October 30, 2007, 10:15:43 pm »
planning a trip in early april, Chicago to  Arkansas
looking at heading over on the grand Illinios trail to the mississippi river trail, down to ST lois, then hook up with the Katy trail to Clinton MO, from there the Frisco trail(I think thats its name) goes close to Springfield Mo.  From Springfield I know all the roads to home, and some of them are horrible to bike on(no shoulders, blind turns, Branson Mo oriented traffic)but I will deal with it, though if anyone has any suggestions they would really be welcome.
home is in Eureka Springs AR.  any info, experiences on the trails,roads, I have chosen?  should I buy a car?   I have never planned this long a ride before, though I am fairly experienced within a few hundred miles of home.     thanks, jason

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