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Routes / Great Divide and a lot of questions
« on: January 03, 2006, 07:29:47 am »
I´m planning on riding the GDMBR north to south starting in August 2006.

I´m fairly experienced in doing longer self-supported touring by bike and I have gathered as much information as possible by reading Michael McCoy´s book and everything I could find on the net. But there are still some questions left that are starting to make me feel rather insecure if it can be done the way I planned it:

1. Bears, bears, bears
I know they are somewhere out there ;) but living in Germany I have no idea how dangerous travelling in an area where bears live really is. Of course I read a lot about how to act and how to set up camp but this is really frightening me.

2. Riding alone
As I know noone who has enough time and wants to go on this trip, I´ve been planning to go alone. I´ve done this several times before in very remote areas and always felt fine - but with the GDMBR I´m getting increasingly worried if this really is a good idea (think of bears...)

3. Starting in August
Although Michael McCoy says it´s probably the best time to start, it seems that everyone it starting much earlier. Because of my job there´s no way for me to start earlier so maybe there´s another problem.

If you´ve got any information concerning this (or concerning something I simply did not think of yet) I would be very grateful if you´d share them.


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