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General Discussion / 2010 Tour de France
« on: February 01, 2010, 12:35:02 pm »
My wife and I are planning to go to France this summer for two weeks.  We are not bringing our bikes, but will be renting a vehicle and possibly bicycles while we are there.  We are mainly going to see a couple of Tour de France stages, but intend to visit Paris and it's sights, and possibly other places while we are there, not just Tour de France cycling.  We are wondering if any members could give us some helpful hints or suggestions to make this trip more enjoyable?  For instance:
Would it be a good idea to see some beginning stages like the cobbles and early Alps or go to the Pyrennes and then see the finish? 
How is the best way to see a mountain stage?
Can you get anywhere with a car OR is cycling a necessity to get to viewing/spectator locations?
What are some resources (internet/books) to help us with tips on seeing/possibly meeting the racers, what to do & what not to do,etc...?

We would LOVE your help - any you can give.
Thanks alot!

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