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At this point I've decided that following the entire Northern Tier route is not a good idea at that time of year (thanks very much indyfabz).  Instead, my route will probably remain the same from Mass. to Buffalo, NY (even though it may include a lot of waiting out snow storms)
1) I wouldn't recommend riding through Buffalo, NY.  Either get south of it by the time you get to the Alden area, or cross into Ontario at the Queenston/Lewiston bridge. 
2) Someone mentioned difficulty getting past Rochester.  It's doable, but I don't know how well it is documented.  The canal trail itself is crushed stone, so not recommended, esp. that time of year, but any time if you want to move fast, it will slow you down.  From somewhere around Pittsford to the other side of Rochester proper, it is paved, and will get you through most of Rochester without much in the line of hills. 
3) Weather.  We (western NY) usually, but not always, have one snowstorm in April.  It typically falls on clear roads/grass, and may or may not cover it to the point of being unrideable.  And typically it is gone in 24-36 hours.  But you can expect rain.  The far south of Ontario (along the north shore of Lake Erie) is about 1-2 weeks ahead of us in terms of the arrival of spring, so you may or may get rain, but you will have no risk of snow once you get past Ft. Erie.

Your greatest risk of snow is actually closer to the Albany area, since you have more altitude there.  Some kinds of (light) snow you can ride through, but the big wet flakes that stick to your sunglasses are a problem.

Routes / Re: Northern Tier-ish
« on: February 03, 2010, 10:53:15 am »
Goal is to avoid high vehicle exhaust areas.

Northern Tier-ish -Late Spring/Early Summer
Fort Erie (I am thinking this is going to be the busiest area?)
Lake Erie Connector
As far as the Fort Erie part - there are three places you can cross the Niagara river - the bridges' names are Lewiston/Queenston Heights, Rainbow, and Peace, in order from north to south.  I don't know what the ACA map suggested as I don't have one.  However, I can tell you that you are best avoiding Niagara Falls NY and Buffalo.  The route up the river on the Canadian side is quite picturesque, although quite winding.  The only serious urbanization is the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario, and if you stick to the river you will go through the nice, as opposed to nasty, tourist section (a few blocks away from the river it is all touristy stores and traffic but right by the river it is parkland with one main road).  If I had to choose a bridge to cross it would be the Rainbow bridge, but the trouble is Niagara Falls NY has been economically depressed for too many years and the roads are in very bad condition.

To really avoid exhaust you could take rural routes from Queenston Heights, and head well west of Niagara Falls, but then you'd miss the falls themselves, and they are really worth a look-see.

I live in Webster NY, which you will find a little west of Wolcott NY on your map.  If you should choose to go off route as you pass through the general vicinity of Rochester, I can help with specifics.

Routes / Re: X-Country Route w/ the Easiest Grades
« on: February 03, 2010, 10:33:28 am »
A Pacific to Atlantic route that involves the least climbing would probably start in Prince Rupert BC (you can get there via Alaska Ferries from Bellingham WA) then travel on the Yellowhead Highway to Jasper and Edmonton, Alberta. From there do a diagonal route through the Prairies and connect with the Northern Tier route to upstate NY, across on NY 5 to Albany, then down the Hudson Valley to New York City.
If you do choose a route through Upstate NY I can help you route through the portion south of Lake Ontario. 

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