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Routes / Re: Direction and departure month on Southern Tier in winter
« on: February 28, 2010, 03:05:00 pm »
Thanks to you both.  Your arguments are valid ones.  But I am still undecided.  As I sit here looking out my window at the snow on the ground (I'm in Wisconsin) I recall the primary reason we chose cycling the ST in the winter.  Having always wanted to cycle x-country, we also really want to escape another WI winter.  We actually enjoy summer here and are reluctant to be gone for the entire season, therefore the call to the ST.  We are in our late 50's (I'll turn 60 during this ride) and have done some distance cycling.  Beginning in San Diego sounds best in late Jan/early Feb, which means we'll be stuck here--yuk--until then.  So as I am mulling this over, I keep coming back to starting in FL in December, which means we'd be gone for the worst 3 months of WI winter, and could even extend by visiting relatives in CA.  So....does this make any sense?  If we leave FL in mid to late Dec, we could delay our arrival in west TX til mid to late Feb.  Would that be late enough to escape the worst of desert winter?  I do realize the prevailing winds are W to E, but aren't those more unpredictable than the temperature?  And we will have time to sit out a day or more if the winds are brutal.  Is it OK in the Southeast in Dec/Jan, weatherwise?  Again, thanks for any input.  Just to note, we do plan right now to stick to the ACA ST maps.

Routes / Direction and departure month on Southern Tier in winter
« on: February 27, 2010, 05:18:12 pm »
Please advise with your experience on using the ST in winter.  I am trying to decide which direction to go and what month is best to begin.  We can leave as early as Dec and plan to take about 3 months, but want to be finished by end of April. I don't mind some days of head wind, but don't want to fight it every day.  Also prefer not to freeze; we plan to camp when we can't find warmshowers or couchsurfing hosts.   Thanks!

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