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Gear Talk / Ultralite rack and panniers?
« on: April 16, 2004, 07:39:17 pm »
I'm searching for an ultralite rack and pannier system for fast touring on a fast bike. There was a system called the n'Aero Pak and rack, but it is no longer being manufactured. I don't need a lot of volume, but most rack-top packs seem very kludgy and heavy. The n'Aero Pak had a narrow rack and about 1700 ci of volume, with the whole set-up weighing a claimed 2 pounds. Perfect. Does anyone know of anything designed for light, fast touring? The lightest pannier and rack systems I seem to be able to find weigh over 5 pounds, which seems excessive to carry a 10 pound load. And yes, I carry camping gear.

As a tip, from an ultralite backpacker. When I read about "loaded touring", I shake my head and think it needs to be renamed "overloaded touring". Every bike tourist should read the books by Ray Jardine on ulralite backpacking. See Amazon, he has at least 2 out now.

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