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Routes / Re: Route from California to Canada - WIND DIRECTION?!
« on: October 02, 2012, 11:43:47 am »
The North to South mantra is said so often that it must be true.  The funny thing is that when I rode the Pacific Coast (N-S) there wasn't all that much wind.  Yes there were a few tail winds, but nothing like I was expecting.  There were also days with headwinds.  I am not sure if it was just an anomaly or if it was because I tended to start out at the crack of dawn and finish very early in the afternoon.  Perhaps I was just lucky or the winds didn't kick up until afternoon when I was in camp.

The time of day probably did have something to do with it.  I have ridden N-S three times and tailwinds predominated, becoming significantly more pronounced in the afternoon as inland areas heat up and draw more ocean air.  I felt sorry for northbound riders on a number of occasions!

Of course, nothing is for certain.  Last year I departed San Francisco on June 4.  Now, it almost never rains there in June, and if it does it's just a sprinkle.  Not last year!  A freak storm rolled in.  Not only were there a couple hours of torrential rain, but the rest of the day down the coast was into the teeth of a direct head-on gale.  At one point I passed a sign saying "Santa Cruz, 33 mi".  TWO HOURS LATER I passed another sign "Santa Cruz, 25 mi"  This was on mostly flat ground; the wind was just that intense. 

But yes, generally you will get a tailwind   ;D, and a couple of days later things were back to normal.

Gear Talk / Re: Why internal hubs?
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:11:26 am »
One other thing not mentioned, having a hub gear can allow symetrical spoke dishing in the rear wheel giving greater strength and reliability.
Theoretically, this is correct but modern 135 mm hubs with 8/9/10-speed freehub bodies laced to good quality rims with 32 or more spokes are so strong and durable these days that the advantage isn't worth the weight, efficiency loss and cost of an IGH just for that reason.

Additionally, not having to shift the chain means narrow chains are not necessary and you can use a single-speed (more durable) chain.  Also it allows practically the entire chainline to be enclosed and protected from grime.  Those two are what might eventually sway me to a Rohloff for commuting.  Chain maintenance is my least favorite part of cycling.

California / Re: Pacific Coast Sections 4 & 5
« on: June 27, 2011, 06:51:53 pm »
I've made this trip 2 1/2 times now.  The difference between the 2 and the 1/2 I attribute largely to Bag Balm :)

Check out and you can find a lot of other people's experiences on this and many other routes.

Have fun!

Routes / Re: Ca. state 1 coastal road closure
« on: May 05, 2011, 06:59:57 pm »
Still closed, as of yesterday they are still saying 4-8 weeks.  My June crossing is looking iffy.  Some anecdotal info about locals walking along the "beach" to get around.  Not sure how reliable that is (or will be).

These blogs seem to be keeping a  very close eye on the situation:

Routes / Re: The DUMBEST question <sorry>
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:29:17 pm »
There are a few scattered signs for the Pacific Coast route in California, but nowhere near what it would take to navigate the route unaided.  I noticed some hand-painted road markings at a few key turns that helped confirm my map reading.  Thanks, whoever it was...  Probably the most frequent and consistent "signage" was from "the 3 amigos" from various years.  In any case, the ACA maps were essential and pretty good.  An iPhone definitely came in handy a few times! 

Routes / Re: Good news about CA coast!
« on: April 12, 2011, 01:11:26 pm »
...  Unfortunately, even when the new bridge and tunnel are completed, the steep, narrow, slow, shoulderless section right above Pacifica will remain unchanged.  Sigh...


And in my experience that section is scarier than Devil's Slide itself.  As said, it's slow going with no shoulder, and also it's twisty and cut through a woods so the sight lines are short.  Ride as smoothly and steadily as possible; minimize stopping and try to be visible.  A good tail light is a recommended here and help counteract the shady spots. 

Gear Talk / Re: Mitts or Gloves for extreme cold
« on: November 15, 2010, 07:45:14 pm »
Another vote for lobster gloves.  Each finger gets a buddy to stay warm, but you still have enough dexterity to ride, operate brakes and shifters reliably, and able to vary your grip.

Since there is some independent movement you tend to react as if all 4 fingers have independent movement.  Takes a couple of rides for the new arrangement to get hard-wired.  And then you're all set.  And if you encounter a Vulcan you can give the appropriate greeting.

Routes / Re: Sausalito to Los Angeles HWY 1
« on: June 14, 2010, 11:56:57 am »
I rode down the route in early May -- Sausalito to Huntington Beach, then inland.  I followed the Adventure Cycling Pacific Coast Route.  It is largely Hwy1, but does divert here and there when appropriate.  Road conditions were geneally good but there were a couple of major road repairs going on in Monterey County, just south of Lucia.  One-way traffic in effect.  I timed my lunch wrong and spent about 30 minutes waiting for them to allow southbound traffic to proceed. :)  Other than that, it was fairly smooth sailing.  Can't help with the fixed-gear stuff.

California / Re: Pacific Coast route to Placentia, CA
« on: June 01, 2010, 07:27:21 pm »
The SA River trail worked wonderfully.  A great non-stop ride for the last few miles of my trip!

A few tidbits for anyone else who might follow

- the trail is intended to hook up with the southern terminus of the Huntington Beach trail.  As such, there are no obvious markings or signage for anyone on a bike cruising down PCH.  I guess I was expecting some dramatic signage  :D  If southbound, you need to get off the road and onto the bridge sidewalk, to connect to the beach trail which circles under the bridge onto the river trail.  Or, just get on the beach trail at any number of opportunities prior to reaching the SA river.

-for a while you have a choice of riding on either side of the river.  The south path is paved, north has dirt/pea gravel.

-At one point the south side path terminates thanks to the Riverview Golf course.  There is a rusty iron bridge to carry you to the north side, where the paved trail continues.  The intended turn at the bridge is not well marked; only a bit of striping on the pavement tells the tale.  Miss that and you may be wondering why you've turned off onto a baseball field  ::)

But again, it's a great ride.

California / Pacific Coast route to Placentia, CA
« on: March 29, 2010, 01:33:30 pm »
Riding down from SF in a few weeks.  Looking for the best route east from the coast, to Placentia.  So far the best bet looks like heading south to Costa Mesa and then taking a river-trail northeast; but that is a fair bit of back-tracking.  Are there any decent rides that provide a more direct route?

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