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Hi guys Im looking to purchase a GPS app for my iPhone so that I dont have to carry an extra GPS unit. For my research seems like TomTom and Navigon's GPS app are highly rated.

I am looking for opinions (bikers perspective) from tourers that have used any kind of GPS app on their iPhone. Let me know which ones you like, dont like, would recommend. Thanks

Thanks a lot Mr Big! That looks very helpful. I decided to bypass riding thru NY state to connect to the Northern Tier. Im going to ride thru PA using their Bicycle route Y that basically cuts thru North PA and then connect to the Northern Tier near Erie PA.

Classifieds / Wanted: Northern Tier AND/OR Lake Erie Connector maps
« on: May 23, 2010, 02:43:42 pm »

Does anyone have any lightly used Northern Tier AND/OR Lake Erie Connector maps they would like to sell? Partial sections of the maps will also do.

Anyone out here connected to the Northern Tier from NYC
if you were riding West-2-East broke apart from the Northern Tier/Erie Connector route to bike to the NYC area?

I am planning to do a NYC - Seattle trip this summer. My plan to is to ride the Northern Tier for almost all the way to Seattle. Since I will be leaving from NYC, my idea is to link up to the Northern tier around either Buffalo, NY or Erie, PA.

I am looking for route suggestions from NYC to Buffalo or Erie PA if you know anything about them.

Much thanks.

Gear Talk / Jamis Aurora 2009 handlebar bag suggestions
« on: April 26, 2010, 02:30:53 pm »
My 2009 Jamis Aurora has cross brake levers on the handle bar which is making buying a handle bar bag for the bike quite complicated.

For all you Aurora 07, 08, 09 ,10 folks......

A) How did you get around the cross brake levers issue when you got a handle bar bag?

B) Can you recommend me any good handlebar bags for the Jamis Aurora?

If you can post pictures of your rides with a handle bar bags that would be super!

I ended up purchasing the EMS Ramble Down 20 deg. I just liked that the down bag was a bit lighter compared to another synthetic bag I was considering plus Im not much of a camper so the chances of this down bag getting wet during bicycle camping are kinda low.

Thanks for your responses they definitely aided in making my decision.

Gear Talk / Sleeping Bag for Northern Tier + Lake Erie Connector route
« on: April 12, 2010, 01:31:22 pm »
I will be touring NYC - Seattle this summer using the Northen Tier + Lake Erie Connector route.

Im looking for a good sleeping bag to keep me warm on those cold and not to cold nights. Im not looking to spend more than $150 for this. What temperature rating should i look for since I will be encountering some varied temps thru that route? Would a 40 deg rated bag do or should I go lower to 20 degree?

Here is what is available at my local camping stores, let me know if any of these look good.

Much thanks!

Gear Talk / Tool time
« on: April 12, 2010, 01:11:00 pm »
I am looking to buy a few tools for bicycle repair for my tour.

Can you make a few suggestions on the must haves? Also if you could recommend any "kits"ie all-in-one packages with all the tools in them that would be much appreciated. Im assuming that to be a little cheaper than buying things individually.

Thanks a lot for you input guys.

I decided to go with a Kelty Gunnison 2.1. I was veering towards purchasing a Kelty Grand Mesa 2 but after reading about it being slightly cramped for 6'0 and over I decided to go with the longer Gunnison 2.1

Thanks for the vhelpful input guys. I am going touring solo but thought having a large 2 person tent (which what this tent looked like to me) would be a versatile choice in case I have someone go along with me in the future.

I am looking for a 2 person tent, so Ill check out your suggestion and hopefully can find something under $150 ($200 absolute max) thats not only light but also easy to set up. I'm a rank rookie when it comes to camping so the ease of setting up a tent is more of a consideration than a couple lbs of extra weight.

I am in the market to buy a reasonable priced tent that is also easy to set up (Im not much of a backpacker!). I found this tent that is really easy to set up but it looks a bit too big to haul (check out the video provided by one of the reviews).

Do you think this would be too cumbersome to carry cross country?


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