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For whoever is interested, I'm a geography fan as well a bike tour nut. SO....

I need to put some of my many AC maps to good use if you are interested.
I bought lots of them and have used only a few of them. I'd be happy to loan them real cheap or swap for a set of Western Express for my trip this summer. Just send me a private message or ask in general here. Hope I remember to check back if the forum does not warn me of replies.

Here's the list - most are a few years old  I'm not sure what the L,D and F on the old map codes mean but I think the number is the year they were updated. Tell me if that's not right.

Trans Am Section 5-9 Bought last year, Revised Nov07-Feb08  used only 5,6,7
complete set of Pacific Coast  03L revision , never used
complete set of Southern Tier, 02L revision, used the whole set
complete Lewis & Clark set, 02F revision, never used
Great Rivers South set of 3 , 03L and 04D revision, Muscatine, IA-Baton Rouge, never used
Atlantic Coast section 1-7, bought as a set but revision codes 01L,03L, 04L This set does not have the Florida connector down the Keys.

Edwin in AL

I'm thinking I need to buy an airline, Greyhound, and even cruise ship, friendly folding bike to get me to lots more bike tours in the next 20 years.  I would like to stay with a conventional frame and have never tried a "Friday" type bike. It seems the touring bikes available with the real nice looking S&S couplers all cost over $2500 which is hard to swallow with my current priorities.

Any suggestions of how the small wheel bikes would work for me? I'm tall and have used a basic aluminum  60cm frame racing bike for 6 years that I've beefed up by building my rear wheel with a Mavic CPX rim and double butted spokes. This bike pulls a BOB trailer.  If I had a steel frame instead of aluminum, it looks like (according to the sandsmachine website) I could just send it to one of many custom bike frame shops for a $700 retrofit of the S&S ?

I look forward to what the magazine says about this in the near future since Dan D' Amborosio has a great article this month on traveling with your bike but he says he'll cover folding bikes and S&S couplers in an upcoming issue.

Edwin in Alabama

General Discussion / Is there a good all-in-one clothes/body wash?
« on: October 29, 2007, 12:24:36 am »
I've been on many tours in the last 4 years, but have never asked how to compact one very basic need- washing my body and my clothes. I still carry three separate containers of shampoo, bar of soap, and some Dawn for grease on my bike jersey. Never have experimented to find out if soap, or Dawn, works on my hair, or if Dawn messes up my skin? I'm chicken I guess. The only thing I have discovered is that soap lasts way longer when I started using one of those puffy - girly looking sponges instead of a wash rag. /the only drawback to it is you can't reach all the way behind your back.

General Discussion / Bicyle (no-motor)home
« on: December 19, 2006, 02:04:20 am »
This just in from Portland ! A guy actually travels and lives in his bicyle-non-motorhome.

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