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Years ago I had my commuting bike stolen off the rack outside my office building. When I finally stopped shouting, and bought a new bike, I lobbied the guards in my building so loud and long, I was allowed to bring my bike into the building and store it in a back room. Eventually other riders in other depts were emboldened by this, and we had a community of commuters happily storing inside. Were I to do it again, and have less persuadable security, I'd either "uglify" my bike [make it look used, beat up, etc., a tip from a "how to be an urban biker" I read once, or spring for a folding bike, like a Brompton, and bring it inside in its lovely little cover bag.

Thank you for the positive feedback. Decision is risk is manageable, no travel insurance, pay attention to the road, and pack in my big Krypto lock.

General Discussion / Re: losing weight and touring weight
« on: May 05, 2010, 12:57:21 pm »
Your post made me smile. I fly to London tomorrow with my Trek 520 touring bike and 41 lbs of gear spread in 4 panniers [if my bathroom scales are accurate.] It's as minimalist as I can manage and still not look too weird and windblown to the locals. Of course I kid myself that I'll lose weight while pushing this around during my 7 week tour. However, I'm going to France, so perhaps all that camembert will simply turn into muscle. One can only hope.

Done! Thanks for the suggestion. I joined CTC today as they have interesting stuff on their website for members only. They kindly offer a rate for unemployed people [that's me!] 22.50 pounds. Not sure yet if their policy covers an American wanting to go back to USA, rather than someone going back to UK in case of emergency. FWIW, So far I have suggestions for TravelEx and CSA from someone in the Adv Cyclist office, [both appear to be very $$$, edging up to upper $400s for someone in my age bracket Sheesh.] I'm now mulling joining the YHA for $28 as they seem to offer something called HostelCare by TravelGuard, which doesn't appear to exclude self-supporting cyclists. I'm trying not to be too 'fraidy cat about all this, and do a rational pro/con decision, but my family is a little worried about me.

Thank you for the prompt reply. Actually my min requirement is air evac coverage. It is really all about risk tolerance, that's true. Unfortunately I have cyclist friends who experienced the nightmare: one of them hit wet cobblestones in Rome. Outcome was a very expensive 1st class flight back to the US, as his broken bones couldn't deal with the rigors of airline sardine class. I'm investigating an attachment to my homeowner's coverage for theft, but that route is probably useless, even if I reduce my deductible, as I've found insurance companies think everyone buys their bike at Costco for $29.95. I'm not worried really about health coverage. I am very familiar with national health as I've lived in other countries that have it. I just thought you have to bundle all this insurance stuff together. So, anyone know who might just offer air evac in case I hit a pothole in Brittany and hit my head on a menhir?

General Discussion / Re: Bears in the Pacific North West
« on: April 28, 2010, 01:08:07 pm »
I am a local and I've hiked a lot in Olympic NP. Bring a rope and stuff sack and always hang your food. At some of the ranger stations, e.g., the Wilderness Info Center in Port Angeles you can rent bear barrels, but the expectation is you're returning it after use on your way out. When you hike in ONP nearly all campsites have bear wires, and very few have bear boxes. I don't think you'll be taking your bike on those wilderness trails right [not allowed BTW]. but you can hike the backcountry. You should check with the rangers for permits if you plan to camp.

My one experience with a cyclist dealing with a bear was in British Columbia. I talked to a cyclist from Quebec who was doing a cross country ride. He pulled into a roadside rest stop somewhere on Vancouver Is. While he was using the facilities a bear tore his panniers to shreds [quite the trip souvenir, folks, you should have seen them!]. Likely this bear was doing what they do best: opportunistically raid the garbage can nearby.

Good day:
I'm doing a solo ride in France soon. I thought I'd get travel coverage [trip cancellation, theft, medical, air evac] from, but when I read the fine print, it only covers someone on an organized ride. Huh?
What do you solo Americans do when you do a self-supported ride like this in Europe? I am female, over 50 and coming over by ferry from the UK in June.
Your advice is most welcome. Thank you

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