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General Discussion / Re: Need to heal faster
« Last post by Pat Lamb on Today at 09:36:50 am »
As John notes, healing takes longer as you get older.  (Alas!)

Let me make two suggestions.  First, instead of saying you need to heal faster, accept that it's taking longer for you to heal, and adjust your expectations accordingly.  For instance, if it used to take two weeks to heal and now it takes longer, expect it to take three weeks.

Second, don't jump in full force when you do return to activity (either biking or snow boarding).  Perhaps you can start a gentle stretching program two weeks post injury, and after three weeks start doing relatively short and easy bike rides.  You'll have to do the translation into snow boarding -- maybe just a limited number of runs down a bunny slope?  Skip the fun, hard, technical parts (that got you injured in the first place) until you're no longer stiff and sore, and work your way up gradually.

Also, have you tried doing core exercises?  Of course, you'll need to start those gradually as well.
Gear Talk / Re: How many touring bicycles?
« Last post by TCS on Today at 09:12:23 am »
"There are, in fact, distinctly different 'ordinary' uses of a bicycle, and ideally the enthusiastic cyclist needs at least three different machines." - Teach Yourself Cycling by Reginald Shaw, 1953
General Discussion / Re: e-bikes are motor vehicles
« Last post by TCS on Today at 08:56:11 am »
Yes it did and there are now 100+ MPH Electric motorcycles that make no pretense at being anything related to a bicycle.  However, these are definitely classed as motor vehicles  and their use on walking trails and MUPs is not an issue.  The only difference between them and the 45 MPH  "ebike" you describe is the presence of redundant pedals.

And the presence of those pedals would rather definitively make a pretense at being a bicycle, wouldn't you say?
General Discussion / Re: Need to heal faster
« Last post by John Nettles on Today at 07:38:17 am »
Maybe see a sports physiotherapist and/or a reputable chiropractic.  Honestly, since it is snow boarding that keeps re-injuring your back, if you can tolerate it, skip next season and let it really heal.  The road biking (not BMX) may slow the recovering but is unlikely to do the severe injuring you are getting, unless you crash the road bike of course.

You don't say how old you are but I am assuming under 30.  If older, God bless you.  As you get older, it definitely takes longer to recover and heal.

General Discussion / Need to heal faster
« Last post by WindyNava on Today at 01:11:06 am »
Ok, so I'll start off by saying that I strained my lower back by BMX biking 2 years ago, and I think I pulled the muscle snowboarding shortly after that. It took 2 months of relaxing for it to heal. Fast forward a year, my back was fine and I was biking almost every day. This past snowboard season I had one bad fall and twisted my back causing strain. Throughout the snowboard season, I kept re-straining my back snowboarding (doing jumps and such) as I probably didn't allow enough rest time in between (2 weeks usually which I thought was sufficient). Currently, I have been noticing my back slowly healing, and once I feel good enough, I try and bike and suddenly my lower back is sore and feels strained again for another 2 weeks. What should I do? I have tried heat pads, stretching, exercising, etc. I have decided I'm going to put my bike away and finally give myself a good long period for my back to heal.
My question is what stretches/exercises should I be doing to allow my back to heal and strengthen, what are some things I should be doing/shouldn't be doing? Also, should I go see a chiropractic center? Will that help me to cure faster? Need recommendations on that.
General Discussion / Re: Total weight of Ride
« Last post by WindyNava on Today at 01:06:14 am »
I don't think there will be many problems with the weight. As far as you are comfortable with yourself, you can ride. I too had put on more weight as per the guidelines for my last ride and didn't face any problem.
Routes / Re: Utah Cycle route
« Last post by jamawani on October 16, 2018, 09:47:14 am »
1. Not necessarily and not in a clockwise direction. Where you from?
The West has great variations in elevation, temperature, and seasonality.
While Zion NP has average April temps of 72/43, nearby Cedar Breaks has 43/27 with significant snowpack.
April is pleasant in lower elevations, but with a strong chance of snow at higher elevations.

2. From Monument Valley to Cameron is against prevailing SW winds and completely exposed.
Counter-clockwise is better for this stretch and starts with lower elevations, thus less cold.

3. 3 weeks is plenty of time; however, many campgrounds will not yet be open.

4. Don't consider the Western Express of Colorado in April unless you want snow & cold.

5. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon does not open until May and is certainly worth it.
With 3 weeks you could easily do Hwy 67 from Jacob Lake and back, plus a day off at the canyon.
Be aware that the North Rim is at 8000+ feet - Apr 53/27, 12" snowfall; May 65/37, 3" snowfall

I have done a half dozen transcanyon hikes where I rode into the North Rim, hiked across, then rode from the South Rim.
It requires getting the shuttle company to agree to transport your bike and gear. Tricky, but possible. In season.

6. Traffic levels vary greatly. US 89 is a major connector between Ariz. and Utah and has heavy traffic in N. Ariz.
US 89A has less traffic. Hwys 160 & 163 are moderate to moderate-plus. SE Utah highways have light traffic.
Roads around Cedar City and St. George have pretty heavy traffic.,T:,528

Routes / Re: Utah Cycle route
« Last post by BikeliciousBabe on October 16, 2018, 06:56:34 am »
I then took hwy 261 off hwy 95 (just past Natural Bridges) (almost no traffic).  The Moki Dugway has a spectacular view of the Valley of the Gods.  (Moki Dugway takes you down the side of a cliff and it will be the only dirt road - about 1k long.) 
I climbed that in a car back in the day. What's it like to ride? I'd certainly want to go down rather than up.
Routes / Re: Utah Cycle route
« Last post by aggie on October 15, 2018, 10:21:36 am »
The direction of travel is good.  I rode pretty much the same circle a few years back.  April should have ideal weather (although you never know) with mild temps and no rain/snow.  December/January will be cold with temps below freezing and the strong possibility of rain and snow.  I rode from Hanksville to Bullfrog (almost no traffic) on Lake Powell and took the ferry across the lake.  I then took hwy 261 off hwy 95 (just past Natural Bridges) (almost no traffic).  The Moki Dugway has a spectacular view of the Valley of the Gods.  (Moki Dugway takes you down the side of a cliff and it will be the only dirt road - about 1k long.)  I'd take hwy 98 from hwy 160 into Page, then take hwy 89 south to hwy 89A.  This will allow you to go to the North Rim of Grand Canyon NP (if it is open - check web site).  Zion NP is beautiful but you will have to get a ride through the tunnel.  (Not usually a problem - lots of pickup trucks with room for a bike or two in the back.)

Most of the roads have moderate to little traffic.  The road from Mexican Hat through Monument Valley doesn't have much of a shoulder and can be busy with RV's but shouldn't be too bad in April (except spring break/Easter week).

Three weeks should be plenty of time and you won't have to have long days in the saddle plus you will have time to explore or spend time in the national parks.
Routes / Utah Cycle route
« Last post by Andrew P on October 15, 2018, 06:59:01 am »
Hello forum

i am in the process of planning a cycle tour of southern Utah with my wife.   The route (subject to change) will likely start in Cedar City (Flying in from the UK via Salt Lake City) - Highway 12 to Bryce Canyon & Capitol Reef , HW95 to Mexican Hat / Valley of the Gods and down Monument Valley  HW89 to Page & Kanab (details TBC) and onto St George for the flight home.

So a large clockwise almost circular route to be under taken in April and to take about 3 weeks.  So my questions are:
1: Is this a good time of year - it seems as if the spring flowers will be out and quite mild. - Whats it like in December / January ?
2:  Is it a good direction in terms of winds (although I suppose whatever the prevailing winds are we will catch them on a circular) or doesn't it matter.
3: Is 3 weeks reasonable - my and my wife like to take it slow (40ish miles per day - with the odd longer one ) so we can chat to people and stop to look at stuff on route - as well as rest stops at the National Parks (we'll be camping). 
4: I was wondering if 3 weeks in Utah might be a a bit much (as magnificent as it no doubt is) .  Would the Western Express from Colorado and into Southern Utah be better in terms of diverse landscapes? 
5: Given the time constraints and length of the ride we may have to either miss the Grand Canyon (it will add another 200 or so miles on the journey) or book an excursion on route (from Jacobs Lake perhaps). 
6: How busy are the roads (we well be on the paved roads not dirt tracks)

Anyway,  it's still in the planning stage  and any comments or opinions are welcome 

Thanks in advance Andrew
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