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As of Sept 29, 2022 the road was smoothed over for the vast majority of this section. There were not lines painted as of yet, but the lanes are big and the surface is smooth and new. The only small length of rough sections remaining were when you get "on" or "off" the construction area (20' max length each). There is construction ongoing though, so wear bright colors and have your lights on for this section (both east and west bound). When rode through (headed east) I had to stop with traffic while they let the other direction (westbound) traffic go through a 2-3 miles stretch. Then when they let the eastbound traffic go through that stretch, I booked it to try to keep up with the lead car. Luckily, the construction workers all had radios and they obviously radioed ahead to let everyone know there was a cyclist coming. The didn't let the next round of westbound traffic start until I had gotten through that stretch of the construction area. Overall, not too bad.


Hurricane Ian has caused widespread catastrophic damage across the state of Florida. The area surrounding Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Punta Gorda was the most seriously affected, but flooding and wind damage has also damaged infrastructure inland and on the Atlantic Coast. The Florida Connector Route is almost entirely affected. The northern portion of Section 7 of the Atlantic Coast Route is also affected.
The construction is now complete.
Gear Talk / Re: Priority Bicycle
« Last post by dkoloko on October 04, 2022, 10:58:53 am »
Just in response to reach. Stem might be reversed. Bars might be reversed. Bars might be changed.
Thanks, Juan. Yes west-to-east. My stoker is convince she can sweet-talk a pickup driver to take us over. I was pondering the U-Haul option. But a boat does sound like it might be a rewarding option! I’ll have to give them a call.
Do let me know if you have other ideas.
I agree that the DOTs—and the US DOT—should provide a shuttle or other option. We pay our taxes just like drivers do, and we should expect services.
Stevey -

I am working on a detailed reply.
In the meantime, y'all are going west-to-east, right?
East-to-west would be a little easier - i.e. asking at the Mississippi Welcome Center which is at an exit.
The Louisiana Welcome Center is on the interstate itself.
There is the option of begging a ride at one of the large gas stations at US 11 & I-10.

Another option is to hire a boat -
Pearl River Swamp Tours may take you over to La France Marina in Mississippi.
Or Mardi Gras Fishing Charters.
It would be expensive, but a pleasant variation if you can afford it.

Amtrak has not served this route for about 20 years.
You can take the Greyhound bus, but you have to box your bike - not sure about tandems.
Plus Greyhound charges extra for all your panniers.

>> There is a Warmshowers host in Slidell.

But La DOT and Miss DOT should have a shuttle.
Cyclists shouldn't have to fork out $100 or go an extra 100 miles.

Buena Suerte! - Juan
Ah, OK. Thanks for the explanation.
There are three bridges on I-10 over the Pearl River where the shoulder narrows or completely disappears. Even if biking on the interstate was legal here, we do not recommend it for safety reasons. It would be extremely dangerous. I-10 sees a high amount of traffic, and a large percentage of that is semi-trucks.
OP here.
Thanks so much for this work, Amy!
I'm just catching up on this forum, having set off on the Southern Tier with my stoker on the tandem after biking to the Mexican border from SF. Last week, we chanced upon the ACA ST group--and the hospitable leaders Ankur and Tammy--in Alpine, Calif., and again in Ocotillo, and we hit Phoenix yesterday. This detour info will be hugely useful down the road.
One thought: Any chance the authorities (federal? state?) could be persuaded to designate the critical I-10 section as cyclists-allowed? We've just ridden multiple miles on cyclist-approved sections of I-10 and I-8 in section 1 of the ACA ST route, so why not this small stretch of I-10?

Classifieds / FS Sea to Summit sleeping pads
« Last post by bgoodman on October 02, 2022, 05:58:21 pm »
Sea to Summit Comfort Light sleeping pads
$75 ea.  2 pads available
Sea to Summit Comfort light insulated sleeping pads
$75 ea.  2 pads available
All in like new shape, stored hanging up in a dry clean closet.

Barry Goodman

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