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A useful page for updates on Santiam Pass complete closure:

Was just coming to post this link!  McKenzie Pass road is closed until further notice.   

From link:   "April 18th 2018: New update from ODOT, they have closed the road to all users! See photo below. Because of the fire last year ODOT is still assessing and clearing danger trees, the state of the roadway and culverts. Work crews are on the highway with heavy equipment. Once they have completed their work bicyclist and pedestians will be allowed at their own risk. The plan is to open the highway to cars and all users the third Monday in June, June 18th. No date at this time when crews will be done, we will keep you posted. Feel free to call the shop for latest updates."
A useful page for updates on Santiam Pass complete closure:
International / Cycling Tips for India
« Last post by splashrollstumble on Today at 09:12:19 am »

I recently wrote an article on Cycle Tips on India.  It's short but includes necessary basic information on the troubles with accommodation, difficulties navigating, areas to avoid and the types of local gear.

I hope somebody can find it useful, and any feedback is much appreciated!

Routes / Re: Western Express in July?
« Last post by jamawani on Today at 09:02:03 am »
The last week in May is an ideal time.
I cycled across Nevada a half dozen times in late May or early June.
All kinds of various routes from north to south and east to west.
You can still even get a touch of snow or frosty nights.
But the desert is not yet parched from summer heat.
In wet years - not this one - covered with tiny wildflowers.
Routes / Re: Western Express in July?
« Last post by Jdelrio on Today at 02:17:32 am »
I’m doing the Western Express starting last week in May, I too live in Bay Area, can you start then, it will help with the heat, then on with the TA from Pueblo to East Coast! If your okay with leaving in May I would be willing to ride with ya for support and company.

Routes / Re: Current Route 66 Riding Conditions
« Last post by PNWRider92 on April 20, 2018, 03:31:39 pm »
FYI; A TV tower came down in Missouri a few days ago. Travellers through the Ozarks will be unable to pick up National Weather Service NOAA Weather Radio for at least the next 30 days. The link below has alternate stations you can catch the weather on until the tower is fixed.

Also; If you dislike dogs you may want to stay west on SR-96/66 west of Springfield to Carthage. The route on the ACA maps, through Miller/Round Grove is full of dogs. I was chased 6 times today by aggressive dogs. There’s also no services after Miller for 30 miles.
Routes / Re: Northern Tier: West to East or East to West?
« Last post by RussSeaton on April 20, 2018, 02:00:38 pm »
Another non-wind thought is if you are an very early riser/depart to ride, E>W might be better so you do not have the sun in your eyes all morning.

Tying this back to wind direction.  In the middle of the Midwest, the winds start increasing in strength late morning and in the afternoon.  Afternoon and early evening is when winds are generally strongest.  So an early start will mean riding with meager or non existent winds for the first few hours.  No matter whether they are head or tail winds.  On my Saturday 7 AM morning rides with friends, the winds are minor when we start.  But can be much stronger later in the morning when returning.
Routes / Re: Northern Tier: West to East or East to West?
« Last post by jamawani on April 20, 2018, 01:35:32 pm »
According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation, nine vehicles blew over on Interstate 25 south of Cheyenne, while two were toppled on Interstate 80.

Vehicles began to tip over around 1 p.m. Tuesday. More than once, the falling vehicles caused crashes, WYDOT stated in a news release.

Aimee Inama, a WYDOT spokeswoman, said the agency was still working on compiling accident reports and she was thus unsure if anyone had been injured in relation to the blow overs.

Wind in southeast Wyoming topped 60 mph in several places and climbed over 80 mph at two Union Pacific locations several miles from Interstate 80, according to WYDOT.

They were WNW winds - NOAA.
Routes / Re: Western Express in July?
« Last post by jamawani on April 20, 2018, 12:01:07 pm »
If you don't absolutely need to see Missoula, Montana
You can cut off hundreds of miles by heading thru central Idaho.
The Sawtooth Mountains are spectacular - and Stanley is chilly, even in July.

From Austin Junction - stay on US 26 to Ontario -
Then via Hoseshoe Bend, Garden Valley, Stanley, Challis, Arco.
You can either connect back up in Yellowstone NP or Grand Teton NP.

If interested, I'll give you more details.
I agree - Western Express is not a good idea.
Routes / Re: Western Express in July?
« Last post by aggie on April 20, 2018, 11:40:16 am »
In Nevada once you get past Fallon the minimum distance between services (water/towns) is 70 miles.  It would be very difficult if you could only do 60 miles per day.  As John mentioned the heat is manageable if you start early and only ride to about noon.  Keep in mind there are at least two summits you will have to cross between towns.  There is also a long way between services once you enter Utah. 
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