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So if I understand correctly, if I ship the bike to Vancouver from the US, I have to pay customs duties on the bike (even though I can later get them refunded). But if I fly with the bike to Vancouver from the US, I save myself the hassle of the customs duties. Is that right?
Routes / Re: Best/easiest route from the Pacific to Michigan
« Last post by canalligators on April 20, 2017, 12:36:04 pm »
We almost always microplan the first and last days.  One option at the start is to ride to Bayview State Park, it's a short day from Anacortes.

The shortest way  from Michigan UP is to cross Mackinac and use North Lakes to go south around Lake Huron, across southern Ontario, then use the Northern Tier to Palmyra NY, then Erie Canal to Albany and NY Bike 9 to NYC.  The ride into metro NY is actually a decent ride, you don't enter the urban area until you cross the George Washington Bridge, then there's a bike trail down the west side of Manhattan.  Two blocks to Penn Station if you're taking Amtrak out, or consult the NYC Bike Map (online) for routing to JFK or LaGuardia.  Actually Newark is probably a better choice, though riding through Jersey City etc. will take some careful route planning.
Routes / Re: Border crossings on Northern Tier (Buffalo, Niagara Falls)
« Last post by canalligators on April 20, 2017, 12:26:52 pm »
In response to the liquor question, we once told Canada Customs, "Six ounces of rum in a Nalgene bottle."  Agent smiled.  But then again, she was already smiling about the stuffed Marvin the Martian on the handlebars of a recumbent tandem.  Under a certain volume is allowed.
Routes / Re: Best/easiest route from the Pacific to Michigan
« Last post by on April 20, 2017, 12:11:44 pm »
I must report that our plans have changed and we are now cycling from Anacortes across the Northern Tier.  After all of those specific directions and the Palouse Falls.  So, we will be going thru Glacier National Park.  Once we cross the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, we then will need to find the shortest route to the ocean.  With a string on a map it looks like the shortest route is near New York City (not doing that).  My son would love to end in Portland, Maine.
We are flying in to Portland Oregon on June 14 and then driving up to Anacortes (4 hours) the next day to where we will have shipped our bikes.  I'm thinking that starting out on that same day could be complicated so I'm wondering where to rent a room....or should we hit the road for 20 miles or so?  I was not intending to microplan the tour but each day or two make the plans for the next couple of nights ahead depending on how we start.  Is that okay?
We  will not have a support vehicle for the first two weeks so I am gathering tent and panniers and supplies for that time (and possibly 2 more weeks in the middle of the trip).  There will be myself, and a retiring friend, and my 14 yr old son, and then the first 2 weeks will have an additional gentlemen (all of us poor son).
I would love to hear any and all suggestions.
Thank you.
Routes / Re: Border crossings on Northern Tier (Buffalo, Niagara Falls)
« Last post by sdotkling on April 20, 2017, 11:38:23 am »
Crossed the Peace Bridge middle of last summer, Buffalo to Fort Erie, and I was expecting a hassle. But there was none. The American Customs people were completely uninterested in me, since the heavy trucks going into Canada were much more beguiling. The Canadian authorities were almost as blasé, showing my passport and answering a few questions ("Do you have firearms? Do you have liquor?") was about the extent of it. I had to consider whether the 4 ounces of Jack Daniels in my camping gear qualified as "liquor", but I decided it didn't.
One trick to know, though, is how to get out of the Canadian Customs plaza on a bike, which wasn't very obvious: Take the first hard right after speaking to the Customs booth person, and go up the hill to the nearby local street. A couple of local guys showed me how to do it, and I was grateful. The ACA route picks up once you cross the bridge over the toll/customs plaza.
General Discussion / Re: Bike across the US help
« Last post by etsisk on April 20, 2017, 11:03:09 am »
In today's ACA email they gave a link to Cycling About, another website with tons of info, much of which seems to be exactly what you are looking for - check 'em out!

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General Discussion / Re: My question is should I give SPD pedals a re-try?
« Last post by zonesystempro on April 20, 2017, 06:56:58 am »
If you're still thinking of spd only get the shimano click'r pedals. You will never worry about clipping out again. I use them and love them.
Routes / Re: Northern Tier to North Lakes route
« Last post by doughalonen on April 20, 2017, 04:40:01 am »
Thanks for the advice. Believe I'll start with the tent and hammock and see how that goes.
Also seeking recommendations on places to stay along the way, at least from Anacortes to Erie. I did the Erie to Bar Harbor section last year as part of a ride from the D.C. area. I thought the best places I stayed on that section were the Brown Barn in Boonville N.Y. and the White Mountains Hostel in Conway N.H. I liked those well enough that I did rest days there. Evangola State Park in NY was also quite nice.
Umm - - Rams Horn Grade outside Volcano exceeds 10% in places. Only 2 miles but killer.
(not me)

I would suggest a return to the old Mormon Emigrant Trail, except it will probably be snowed in until July.
A better option might be to go via Shenandoah and Omo Ranch Road - -
or the old Omo route as per ACA 2 years ago?

I anticipate that facilities - i.e. campgrounds, etc. will be very late opening this spring.
Given the focus on road repair, any campground damage repair will probably be put on hold.

Classifieds / Transit Metro Trunk Bag
« Last post by Ty Dawley on April 19, 2017, 02:56:28 pm »
Transit trunk bag
Has seen light use but is in perfect condition
Retails new for $30
Asking $10 + cost of shipping
Ships from zip code 97204
Payable via check, money order, PayPal, or SquareCash

The below information is from Performance Bike's website

Perfect for quick trip to the store or a short commute, the TransIt Metro Rack Trunk has just enough room for stashing your lunch, a pair of shoes or your favorite rain slicker. Large zippered compartment holds your gear and dual side pockets carry smaller items. It's constructed with 500 Denier and has reflective details, plus a tail light loop for better visibility. PVC water-repellent finish and heavy-duty waterproof zippers provide ultimate protection against the elements.
Unique, sleek shape looks great on any bike
Zippered main compartment holds essential gear
Zippered side pockets hold small items
Heavy-duty waterproof zippers
Reflective loop for adding a tail light
Reflective details add visibility
Durable 500 Denier construction with water-repellent PVC coating

Cargo Volume:13 x 7.5 x 4.5"
Dimensions: 439cu. in.
Material: 500 Denier with PVC Coating
Number Of Pockets: 1 zippered main/2 zippered side
Video: yFcEpKHNxAc
Weight: 215g
Rating: 4.5

I can't seem to post any photos on here, even stock ones. It can be viewed on the website at

Photos of my actual bag can be sent via email or PM
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