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General Discussion / Re: Transitioning from road bike to touring bike
« Last post by HikeBikeCook on May 05, 2021, 08:49:59 am »
You talk about touring and also going on "just a morning ride" with no fancy pedals, etc. This sounds like two different activities and it sounds like you already own your daily ride in the carbon fiber bike. Why not just look for a touring bike that will suit your riding style. As Pat asked, are you going to be "credit card" touring and staying in hotels and B&B's and eating in restaurants or self supported with a combination of camping and cooking mixed in with the hotels. Camping and cooking quickly add weight to your equipment.

Do you have any ailments, like arthritis in your shoulders, as I do, that would make you desire to ride in a certain posture or position?

ACA also runs a number of tours that you may want to look into if you are new to touring.
General Discussion / Re: Transitioning from road bike to touring bike
« Last post by Pat Lamb on May 05, 2021, 08:29:50 am »
I almost fell into the trap of defending classical "loaded touring" bikes for your application, then I paused and asked if that was what you wanted.

Can you expound a bit more on what you're looking to do?  By "medium to long road trips" do you mean bike tours where you're carrying camping and cooking equipment for 500 miles or more?  rides of that length going from B&B to B&B, carrying just clothing and rain gear?  or double century rides?  As far as riding position, are you looking for something more upright than typical road bike posture? 

As far as your easy morning 20-30 mile rides without clips, are you just looking for platform pedals instead of clipless, or something else?  Without further inputs, I'll say that I doubt you'd be happy with a retirement community cruiser bike for that distance; the squishy fat tires and upright posture would rob you of a lot of power, and your 1.5-2 hour (guessing here) ride would likely double in duration for the same distance.
General Discussion / Transitioning from road bike to touring bike
« Last post by maggie3656 on May 05, 2021, 08:05:56 am »
I'm 65 and have been riding a carbon fiber road bike for years. I want to do some medium to long road trips and also want, at this point in my life, something easy just to get on in the morning and put in 20-30 miles; no fancy clothes clips or paraphernalia for just a morning ride. Any suggestions for a good all round touring bike with easy availability in the US.
Routes / Re: Which bike for the GDMBR?
« Last post by thehuntison2 on May 05, 2021, 07:49:17 am »
Thanks, for the feedback. After about 7 or 8 years being away from a loaded trip, its nice to be reminded of the range of gear that can lead to a successful trip.

After a bit of thought, I decided on my vintage specialized -- mainly because I think it will be overall more comfortable, the suspension on my GT to be unnecessary, and I can fit a bunch of stuff in that large frame space and ditch front panniers to save weight.

I think I'm also planning on switching the bars to woodchippers or cowchippers, and then getting some 2.0 or 2.1 tires (I don't think the frame will take any larger size). The mountain bike already has 2.3s that I actually measure around 2.5".

I also just saw a Salsa Fargo for sale on craigslist with brifters and a 1x10 drivetrain. Based on 99.9% of my riding, I'd be happy to buy this bike and sell my mountain bike to subsidize the cost. However, I'd need to turn this bike into a 2x10 to get lower gearing for the elevation with the weight.

I'll definitely update on what I end up doing once I actually do it. Right now I'm trying to focus on riding as much as possible so that no matter what bike I take, it will go up the hills.
Routes / Re: UK rider planning Transamerica, West to East, starting August.
« Last post by jamawani on May 04, 2021, 11:25:31 pm »
Going west-to-east with an early August start really is a good choice.
I've done two late summer/fall trips - best time of year.
Although the days really start to shorten fast after Sept. 21.

I've lived in Wyoming for 30 years.
You will be above 6000 ft. / 2000 m. from West Yellowstone to Canon City.
That will be about the first two weeks of September.
You should plan for freezing weather - even a cold snap, low 20s F / -5-7C.
Also, you will likely have a quick, early snow - but it will be gone in a day or two.
Give yourself time to hunker down - the the skies will be sapphire blue.

High elevations campgrounds and cabins close early - often in Sept.
Esp. in Yellowstone - check closing dates.
Fall season is longer than 25 years ago - but still things close fairly early.
(At least by U.K. and east coast U.S. standards.)

Have fun.
Hello!  I am riding the MRT to support a Minnesota non-profit called StoryArk.   The ride is planned to be solo & unsupported from May 9th thru the end of June.  Wondering if there are any MRT riding groups along the way that may be willing to either ride or share a meal with me?!  Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: Best pre-ride supplement?
« Last post by canalligators on May 04, 2021, 07:27:33 pm »
Most importantly, condition well before the tour.  Eat sufficient carbohydrate in the evening, to rebuild glycogen stores in your muscles.  Hydrate well.  Eat small amounts as you ride.

There is no substitute for proper preparation, hydration and appropriate intake amounts.  Unless you have a particular, unusual dietary need, of course.
Routes / Re: UK rider planning Transamerica, West to East, starting August.
« Last post by staehpj1 on May 04, 2021, 06:03:14 pm »
Planning?  I never do much in the way of planning stops or a schedule.  You will need to look ahead a few days in places where services are spread widely.  It will be important at times to choose a longer of shorter day to set you up for the spacing of services in the following days.  The Adventure Cycling maps have the planning pretty much pre-baked.

Covid...  Tough to say how it will impact availability of services.  I'd guess things will be settling down a bit more by then, but that is just a guess.  I'd say play it by ear and be prepared to adjust to conditions as you find them.

With an August start direction of travel might depend on how many weeks you plan to take.  If you take too long you could well get snow in the mountains going E-W.  As long as you finish fairly quickly you could go either direction.  Typically early season means E-W and late means W-E.  I think that with a 12 week trip I'd go W-E and miss the August heat and humidity in the east and catch the Fall colors in the Appalachians instead.  The first week of October can be really nice in the Appalachians.

Edit: I originally misread and thought you were planning to go E-W.  I slightly edited my comments when I realized my error.
That's true about the bridges in I-90, and the posted speed limit is 80 mph in that area.
Accounts on CGOAB talk about I-90 between ST Regis and Missoula as having little or no shoulders on bridges and truck traffic doing 80 MPH, which is why we are on the RT 200 option that people suggest.
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