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Routes / Re: Feasibility of riding Atlantic Coast in November/alternate routes
« Last post by Barak10 on May 19, 2022, 01:15:11 pm »
I have not done the route, but have lived along it and traveled portions of it by car most of my life.  I'll say that you can typically take the ACA recommendations of when you can ride (see the logistics tab in their ride description page) as accurate.

As far as difficulty...  There are probably plenty of really steep, but not super long climbs.  The climbing per mile numbers (on the terrain tab) do not look crazy hard though.  Your first part looks fairly hilly on average and then it gets very flat after that.  At that point the wind may be an issue at times.

I wouldn't say it is something you should avoid if you are reasonably fit and do some riding in preparation.  Don't skip it due to difficulty unless you are looking for something quite flat then just start farther south.

Camping is a bit more scarce and expensive on the east coast than other places in my experience, but I have not actually toured there other than breifly at the end of a couple coast to coast tours.

Personally my preference has always been to find a cool place to tour and travel to it rather than use a tour as a way to get from point to point.  Probably because I lived most of my live in the mid atlantic region I always mostly avoided touring there (and the rest of the east coast as well).  If you should decide to consider other routes the terrain tab a good way to compare the amount of climbing, just realize the some western routes have long not so steep climbs that are easier than they'd seem based purely on the numbers and some eastern ones have the opposite.  There are steep routes in the wet too though so a route the the Sierra Cascades will be exceedingly hard while the Trans America or Southern Tier may be easier than you might guess by the climbing numbers.

Thank you very much
Routes / Re: Feasibility of riding Atlantic Coast in November/alternate routes
« Last post by Barak10 on May 19, 2022, 01:14:39 pm »
I used to live near Burlington. Snow usually doesn't occur until December, at least snow that doesn't soon melt. I've bicycled the Atlantic Coast Route. I don't see it any more challenging than any other ACA route I've bicycled.

Thank you very much
Jason - From the Ride with GPS links, you can download them as a gpx file.
Routes / Re: Feasibility of riding Atlantic Coast in November/alternate routes
« Last post by dkoloko on May 19, 2022, 11:28:47 am »
I never said Burlington is in southern Vermont.
I'll be using the digital maps for the first time in a month. Are the reroutes updated to the GPS files by chance? Thanks.
Thanks for letting me know. I've corrected the link in the original post.
Thanks Carla! Super helpful! This is why I'm an ACA member!
The Abiquiu to Cuba, NM link I believe should be
It's currently the same as CO/NM state line to Abiquiu, NM link

Thanks so much! I'll be out there in two weeks. Much appreciated.

The Carson and Santa Fe National Forests will implement forest-wide stage 3 closures on Thursday, May 19, at 8 AM. Fire danger remains extreme with record conditions only expected to worsen over the foreseeable future. These closures will be rescinded after significant moisture has been received and overall conditions improve. The Cibola National Forest will issue stage 3 closures within the Mount Taylor, Mountainair, and Sandia Ranger Districts, also on Thursday, May 19, at 8 a.m.

The route goes through the Carson National Forest on #5 map B, the Santa Fe National Forest on #5 map C. It goes through the Cibola National Forest, Mount Taylor Ranger District, on #5 map C and #6 map A.

Southbound, here is a paved detour from near the CO/NM state line to Abiquiu, NM:

Southbound, here is a paved detour from Abiquiu to Cuba, NM:

From Cuba, you can choose to ride the Chaco Alternate to Grants (#5 map C), or you can stay on the main route until you reach turn T, 164.3 miles. The following detour uses CR 75 (a paved road) that crosses a very short stretch of the Cibola National Forest, Mount Taylor Ranger District. CR 75 is open to the public.

From Grants, you will need to ride the El Malpais Alternate to Pie Town (#6 map A) to avoid the Cibola National Forest, Mount Taylor Ranger District.

On #6 map B you will ride the route until you reach turn H, 64.8 mi. At that point you'll need to see this post to avoid the road closure on the Gila National Forest:

We will keep this information updated as we hear more.

Routes / Re: Going to the Sun Road
« Last post by BikeliciousBabe on May 18, 2022, 02:21:31 pm »
I've done an out and back ride on the West side twice - absolutely spectacular.
+1.  I have been up and over once and up the west side and back down three times.  Last time was 2017.

OP: You don't mention any logistics details, like where you coming from, but for the ticket reason noted above, I would really try to leave the car out of the equation inside the park.  Maybe leave it in Whitefish and ride to the park.  It's not that difficult and actually pretty scenic if you go N. Fork Rd., Blankenship Rd, etc. There is a pretty lunch spot by Blankenship Bridge over the north Fork of the Flathead River.  Don't ride U.S. 2 between Columbia Falls and W. Glacier.  There is a section of busy road around Hungry Horse with no shoulder.

You could camp at either Sprague Creek or Avalanche and then ride up and back down the west side the next day.  I prefer Sprague Creek because it is within walking distance of Lake McDonald Lodge, which is a must-see.  If the same host who has been at Sprague Creek for a long time is still there, he and his wife are super nice.  (She gave my some fresh baked cookies in 2017.)  There are several raised tent pads in the hiker-biker camping area, and you can walk down to the lake. There are also two bear lockers.

By mid-June it's light enough to start riding by 5:30, if not earlier.  Start as early as possible for the best experience.  And understand that you have to reach the pass by 11 am.  You can come back down the west side as far as Sprague Creek at any time of day.
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