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Routes / Re: Two Weeks/Early Oct/900 miles max
« Last post by paulsinbc on July 22, 2017, 06:27:50 pm »
Sounds like you know the SW and TX.   Really appreciate the dirt route suggestions.   If you don't mind me asking, do you live in UT or just toured there a lot?
 That's quite a bit of specific knowledge and exactly what I was hoping for.  Thanks. 
General Discussion / Re: Bicycle Dynamo Charger
« Last post by RonK on July 22, 2017, 05:24:51 pm »
One friend said better connect power bank to dynamo charger and than connect phone or camera to the power bank to get more energy for long distance travelling.
Yes, this is good advice. A powerbank will keep charging at lower speeds when smart phones do not. You need one which supports pass-through charging.
Routes / Re: Two Weeks/Early Oct/900 miles max
« Last post by John Nettles on July 22, 2017, 04:51:10 pm »
I would go with UT.  Also, some good dirt/gravel roads are Burr Trail Rd between Boulder, UT & SE to Bullfrog Ferry.  You could then go over to Natural Bridge and then for more dirt and a cool descent is to take UT-261 (OK, mostly paved but still a cool twisty dirt descent) to Mexican Hat, then down to Monument Valley (think western movies) down SE to Chinle National Monument, dirt to Window Rock, AZ.

If then you are rushed on time, take NM-264, R on CR-1, L on NM-118/Main Street into Gallup (Bus, Train but must ship bike separately).  If longer time, head SW via I-40 to Holbrook via Petrified NP, then AZ-377/260 toward Willow Springs Lake then partial dirt via NF-512 to Young, AZ-288 to AZ-188 to AZ-88 (more dirt) to Apache Junction, AZ to Phoenix for transportation home.

Whatever you choose, enjoy!  John
Routes / Re: Two Weeks/Early Oct/900 miles max
« Last post by paulsinbc on July 22, 2017, 03:46:29 pm »
That looks like a good map, thanks.

And I should have mentioned dirt is welcome.  Looks like some potentially nice ones in TX but didn't find much on Texas on bike 

Its a toss up at this point: southern UT or TX.  They both will happen eventually whatever order they happen.

Gear Talk / Re: Need help with European bike
« Last post by Walter on July 22, 2017, 03:29:44 pm »
i shipped my bikes from and to the us/europe many times.
airline charges vary from free to $ 150 one way. (remember a bike is oversize baggage)
sometimes an airline will require you to use a box.

i never disassemble my bike; except for the front wheel.

General Discussion / Re: bike rental, amsterdam
« Last post by Walter on July 22, 2017, 03:25:31 pm »
not many options there; its mostly macbike and yellowbikes; OVfiets that offer rentals. they are either orange; yellow or yellow/blue.

i biked in amsterdam many many times. if you are not familiar with the bike scene and 'etiquette' in amsterdam i would actually prefer a tourist bike. even though the locals are not a fan of unexperienced cyclists (some of the tourist cyclists don't watch out anywhere) they at least are able to anticipate you. if you are familiar with the local bike scene ride like the locals do: fast and sometimes erratic!
you can also buy a clunker at some local bike shop.

General Discussion / Re: Bicycle Dynamo Charger
« Last post by Walter on July 22, 2017, 03:12:25 pm »
i have been using hubs for a very; very  long time; as a bike commuter. i prefer the Son hub. nowadays you can charge almost anything with a hub as well. batteries are heavy; $$; die when you need them most; die fast in cold conditions and are hard to recycle when you're touring.


This week there was an article in the New York Times ( about a bicyclist using a hiking trail to bypass the under-construction Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge and ride Highway 1 in Big Sur:

"Anthony Albert, from Oakland, lugged his bike along a half-mile hiking trail that circumvents the downed Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge and cycled all the way to Paul’s Slide and back.  In roughly eight hours of riding, he said, he encountered maybe 10 people."

My boyfriend and I are planning to do this; we're bringing our camping gear and planning to camp for a few nights. 

Has anyone else done this?  Was it feasible?  Where did you park your car?
Routes / Re: Two Weeks/Early Oct/900 miles max
« Last post by John Nettles on July 22, 2017, 02:15:31 pm »
Like others, I would suggest southern Utah's National Parks.

If you do Big Bend, try to ride from Marfa to Marathon via Presidio and FM-170 directly along the Rio Grande.  Hilly (one is a beast!) but scenic.  Carry LOTS of water.  Low humidity and high temps that could easily top 90*F dehydrate you quickly so be sure that temp is OK for you.  The climb up to Chisos Lodge & CG is not fun but once up, it is nice area to hike.

If you are willing to do dirt, take Maverick Road toward Cottonwood CG is wonderfully shady and peaceful after a long dry day.

Best, John
Routes / Re: TransAmerica - Types of roads
« Last post by indyfabz on July 22, 2017, 02:11:43 pm »
I can think of a very few stop signs for bike traffic between Missoula and Hamilton on the path. Cyclist should be very aware of vehicles turning onto side streets from the highway as they don't always notice cyclists on the path.

Ridden it three times since 2011 and and agree about there being few signs. And while I always looked for turning cars, I encountered very few except in Hamilton itself.
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